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Friday, June 28, 2013

When You Think With Your Dick…All you get is SCREWED

What do you call a guy who thinks with his dick?

A Baby Daddy.


Most Men usually have two brains. One between their ears and one between their legs. And when they use the wrong one to make decisions regarding their relationships with women they usually wind up ruining their lives.

Guys who think with their dicks usually wind up getting FUCKED. And in more ways than one.

When a guy thinks with his dick regarding women he usually winds up becoming target of predatory women like gold-diggers, neighborhood hoes. Women who are looking for a chump to take advantage of and use like a Kleenex.

Most guys don’t understand that not all sex is good sex. And most guys who think with their dicks wind up having bad sex with bad women. Women who don’t have their best intentions at heart.

Guys who think with their dicks oftentimes wind up becoming fathers to illegitimate children they have to pay child support for over the next 18 years. Or they wind up getting fleeced out of their hard-earned money. Or they wind up getting incurable veneral diseases like Herpes and HIV.

Worse, the wind up having sex with women on their terms. And sex on the woman’s terms usually leaves them in a bad position as men.

When a man has sex with a woman on her terms, it allows her to gain leverage over him. And predatory women will use that leverage to get control over a man. Sure they may offer up their bodies for a night of hot sex, but they know that most weak guys like Simps and Manginas will want more. And that’s when predatory women start playing hard to get, dangling their pussies in a man’s face like a carrot and leading him around like a mule.

And that’s how a Simp becomes a Trick, spending his money on a woman desperately hoping, wishing, and praying that he’ll get another whiff of a pussy fart. And the more money he spends on her the more things the more she does to keep his dick out of her pussy. Stringing him along until she gets everything she wants out of him and he gets nothing but fucked in the wallet.

That’s what happens when a man thinks with his dick. He gets a one-way trip to the pussy trap known as the TRICK BAG.

Which is why a Real man never thinks with his dick.

A Real man deals with women on HIS TERMS. He chooses when he has sex with a woman and who he has sex with. He understands that every opportunity to have sex doesn’t mean that he’ll have good sex, and that it’s okay to turn down sex with a woman if the terms for that sexual encounter don’t benefit him in the long term.

Because sometimes the women who want to have sex with him don’t have good intentions. Sometimes women are using sex as a gateway to implement a nefarious scheme.

Guys, you have to get control over your sexual urges. As Bell Biv Devoe said in the classic song “Poison” never  trust a big butt and a smile. Just because she looks good doesn’t mean that she’s good for you. Real men don’t focus on what’s between her legs, they focus on what’s between her ears. A man who watches on a woman's actions will have better relationships than one who looks at her body.

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  1. Once again, another hard hitting post on avoid the dangerous pitfalls of not thinking with the bigger head between the ears. I love what you're doing writing these insightful blogs and Ive following them since last year. Again thanks for doing what you are doing on giving young brothas like myself out there on not to end up like a weak captain save a hoe, mangina & simp but instead to value and respect yourself as a man and I thank you for that