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Monday, June 3, 2013

“If you want Me…Earn Me”… Shawn Rants about That Damn Scandal TV show

A couple of weeks ago Black women were abuzz when their latest hero Olivia Pope told the White President “If you want me earn me!”

It became the catch phrase among sistas at the water cooler on those high-paying office jobs of theirs.

Sorry, only a SIMP would fall for that game. Then again, the President in this show is a Grade-A SIMP pussy begging a mistress demanding she come to see him.

Seriously, there’s nothing for him to earn. Olivia Pope (aka Sally Hemmings 2.0) has no leverage in the relationship. How can a man earn something when all Olivia Pope brought to the table was sex? And how can a man earn something when he already gotten what he wanted from her?

Clearly Shondra Rhimes and her merry band of writers know nothing about Real Men or Real manhood, or how males who are involved in affairs conduct themselves. When a woman is a side piece, the man holds all the cards. He has the leverage. He has the power. Everything is on his terms.

And the general rule for side pieces is that the relationship can end at any time for any reason.

Basically Olivia Pope played herself.

If I had written that scene The White President would have laid down the pimp hand after she said “If you want me, earn me!” Then he would have looked down at her contemptuously and told her:

“Earn you? Bitch, fuck you!” and gestured for Secret Service to toss her ass out to the curb like yesterday’s garbage.

Because when you act like a hoe, you usually get treated like one. And a side piece is nothing more than a hoe who is just selling the pussy to one customer on an exclusive basis.

Usually when side pieces start making demands of the men they’re having affairs with that’s when they get dropped. Again, side pieces don’t control the terms of the relationship.

Only a SIMP allows a side chick to gain control over the relationship and dictate the terms of it. Remember, a side piece is not a wife. She has no ring and no papers on a man. She was the one offering up exclusive pussy in exchange for money, gifts and trinkets. She can’t ask for more from a man when all she’s doing is selling pussy at bargain basement prices. It’s not his fault she sold herself short and settled for an affair instead of looking for a marriage.

Bascially, the President in this show is a SIMP. Getting emotional over a side piece? Come on, that’s Bitch-Made™ behavior. Most dudes charge a side piece to the game and keep it moving. Especially guys with money and power. They understand that hoes come a dime a dozen, and to never love a hoe because all a hoe will stab you in the back. Street rules 101.

But on this show I guess he’ll be putting on a cape and the Woody Woodpecker galoshes and trying to Earn Olvia’s heart next season. Man, TV has gone downhill from the days of Pete Malloy and Jim Reed on Adam-12, Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man, or James Evans on Good Times. Now those were Real Men.

Seriously, Sistas you need to stop watching stupid shows like this. Because they don’t match the realities of life. Any woman who tries to play the Olivia Pope game will be selling themselves short. As they say on the street, side pieces come and go. Why should a man buy a cow if he’s getting the milk for free?

Don’t be a dope. Understand there is no hope in Olivia Pope.


  1. ok i did chuckle at sally hemmings 2.0 however i think the entire scene went over your head shawn. olivia was telling the president that she is tired of being a mistress and or a plaything. thats why she said EARN ME!! and the president has real feelings for her thats why he didnt react in the manner that you suggested. the president loves olivia she isnt just a "sidepiece" to him. but she feels differently thats why she cut him off. it should have been very obvious honestly. how many episodes have you actually watched??

  2. Never watched an episode but I know game. And I saw game in that scene. That's why the scene never went over my head.

    Most Real Men like myself know the president in this show is a damn simp. Once he showed he got emotional over her, she used that leverage to get control over the relationship.

    Oliva Dope is a cold calculating gold digger. She's not tired being a mistress, she sees the power her pussy has over this simp, and is using that to get control over the relationship.

    What she doesn't understand is that when you start being a Hoe for a man, he'll keep you in the Hoe position. There's nothing to earn, because he's already got what he wants.

    What's happening here is that she's trying to re-negotiate the terms of the relationship like many side peices do when they get involved with a SIMP. Thinking she can get promoted from Hoe to the role of a house wife.

    But as we all know YOU CAN'T TURN A HOE INTO A HOUSEWIFE!

    In real life Hoes usually wind up with a rude awakening when dudes like Mr PresiSIMP realize they control the terms of the relationship and cut them off. In real life Hoes like this get broomed to the curb bitter and broken because they play themselves. That's when they go looking for the good brother (Simp #2 like the light skinned dude who proposed to her TWICE) to marry.

  3. Oliva Dope is a cold calculating gold digger. She's not tired being a mistress, she sees the power her pussy has over this simp, and is using that to get control over the relationship.

    ^^^ LOL you aint lying you really DONT watch the show....

  4. Who needs to watch the show to know game? The sad part is that a generation of Black women are watching this mental garbage and will think they can apply this crap to their lives just like all those White bimbos who took Sex and The City as something to emulate a decade ago.

    Any Real Man will tell you Olivia Pope is a Dope. And how you start in a relationship is how you end up in it. Sally Hemmings 2.0 started like a hoe, and will be treated as such. Ain't no man gonna turn a hoe into his housewife. You start out a side piece, you go out a side piece.

    I'll just sit back with a glass of lemonade as the third generation 70 percent of Black female sheeple make a complete wreck out of their lives by promoting this whorishness in their communities, then complain they can't find a good man.

  5. Any Real Man will tell you Olivia Pope is a Dope. And how you start in a relationship is how you end up in it. Sally Hemmings 2.0 started like a hoe, and will be treated as such. Ain't no man gonna turn a hoe into his housewife. You start out a side piece, you go out a side piece.

    ok i dont agree with fucking married men. let me just say that first of all. and secondly olivia cut him off sexually a long time ago. you would know that if u watched the show. she is done fucking him until he leaves his wife and if he doesnt then she will be ok with that. she isnt sitting around thinking about him. HE SENT FOR HER! rewatch the scene honey. he was cravin her pussy! but anyway she isnt [hopefully] gonna fuck him anymore until he gets a divorce. SHE CUT HIM OFF!! and if she is a hoe then what is he?? he is the one cheating on his wife. why dont you type an entry on that!

  6. Still proves my argument, that the President of the United States is a SIMP.

    And this game has been run a kajillion times by more seasoned hoes than her. Thinking that if they cut the supply of pussy off they'll get that man to wife them up.

    Read about a woman named Amy Fisher, the Long Island Lolita. That's where this is going

    Only a SIMP allows a hoe to get control over him like that. Here's my point: Why buy the cow when you're getting the milk for free? And you as the leader of the free world have an access to an unlimited supply of both cows and milk? Again, only a SIMP would see some low-grade chick as the only game in town when it came to side action.

    As I stated before when hoes start pulling stunts like this they get charged to the game. There's nothing to earn when all you bring to the table is vagina.

    And this also reinforces my argument about her selling herself short. What woman waits around for a married White man when she's gotten TWO offers from a decent brotha but a pathetic desperate chick?

    Sistas got to stop watching junk like this.

  7. you sure know ALOT about a show you supposedly are not watching. why do you always bring up RACE?? what does that have to do with anything?? that seems to be your main issue with the show. you keep ignoring the fact that olivia and fitz are in love but you dont ignore their ethnicities though. that says alot about your mentality.


  8. I know what I've read on Facebook. I do not watch this show. Olivia doesn't love anyone. If a woman will cheat with someone she'll CHEAT ON THEM. Any Real Man will tell you that if a woman isn't loyal and supportive of you, she's not someone you want around.

    She's using Fitz's simp ass to get ahead.
    I'm not bringing up race, it's a major element of this show. Why do you keep defending this hot mess of a program?

    This show sells Black women short. White women Julia Louis Dreyfuss and Geena Davis can play the president and Vice president in TV shows, but a Black woman has to be a Negro Bed wench to a president ? Why can't we have a show with a Black Woman president? Why does the Black woman have to be a whore on Television? Why can't she be a strong leader too? Sistas sell themselves short.

  9. I'm not bringing up race, it's a major element of this show.

    how so? maybe its just a major element to YOU.

    She's using Fitz's simp ass to get ahead.

    ahead in what?

  10. For a "Real Man"??? you seem to have an eery obsession with the moral character and unpleasant demise of the Sidepiece. I suspect you were a victim in a 3 way romantic relationship involving a sidepiece and continues to suffer from the residue of his/her wicked ways. I suspect you have therefore become a bitter and sad real man ever since. Aww! Hence why your articles reek of salty venom towards Sidepieces with every chance you get. Maybe if instead of ranting and projecting onto the Sidepiece your inner pain and angst you and these SO's in relationships should do some self evaluation and soul searching to see what their role could have been to cause their partners to seek happiness outside of them somewhere else. Possibly ditching the pride and delusions woul help as well. Truth. I'm in a Sidepiece position and me and my "Simp/man" has milked this cow for all its worth, and yet he's non-stop asking me to have an all inclusive committed relationship with him. It seems his main cow has run dry. Her value quotient has depreciated with time along with his happiness. Pretense and endurance has it's limits and will eventually bottom out. Many SO's like himself have reserved their right/option clause in the relationship to seek happiness in greener pastures if deemed necessary, and some are going for it. Unbelieveble as it may seem to you Sex is not the only desired component in many of these Sidepiece situations. The heart and mind has a way of transcending beyond the physical playground into the rim of something much greater for those involved.

    So to you Mr Real Man... STOP your relentless woman bashing no matter what their station in life or love (mysoginist much). Every human being has the right to have and give love to whomever they choose in thier lifetime regardless of yours or anyone else's negative and/or judgemental stance. I GIVE PROPS TO THE SIDEPIECES out there because I'm sick and tired of reading biased and sinister character assassinations about these woman/men as written in your articles and others on the Internet. I'm willing to bet that you too have some dirty little secrets and skeltons hanging in your color coordinated closet that would register well below the moral barometer if checked.

    Oh,if by chance my comment has in anyway seemed harsh, defensive or shaming to you (as you've stated about another comment I made on this site about the same bleeping subject) Great! Then I've succeeded once again in rattling your premise.

  11. In an attempt to refute my argument they prove me right. I just love when these chicks do my job for me. It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Shaming language and deflections don't help make your case. You are so WRONG it's not even funny. I'm no misogynist, just a Real man who speaks truth.

    I am and never been a victim of a 3-way relationship. I know to watch a female's ACTIONS before getting involved with her.

    I find it sad you take pride in being a side piece. It pretty much shows how little self-esteem you have. Moreover, it shows how little you value yourself that you'll settle for be a man's sloppy seconds instead of his first choice.

    You may think you've beaten this other woman and this man will commit to you, but you're only fooling yourself. I've seen many women go down this road and wind up broomed to the curb bitter and dejected.

    Again, if he's cheated with you, he will CHEAT ON YOU. The sad part is you're so delusional that you can't see that Mr. Simp is just using you for sex and once he gets tired of you, he'll move on to the next pretty piece of ass that he'll cheat on you with someone else. What you reap is what you sow; Don't call me when Karma kicks you in the butt.

    If you're tired of reading my observations of male/female relationships, then why do you keep coming here? There are three trillion webpages you can go visit, you don't have to come here.

    I do these blogs so that the brothers (and some of the sistas) can learn something that will make them better men and women. It's obvious to me you don't want to change. But thanks for showing all my readers why they shouldn't be side pieces.

  12. And they say single black WOMEN are bitter. Smh.

  13. That Anonymous comment at 1:18 is definitely fake.

  14. Find it funny that the comment stating that the 1:18 comment is fake when I post on Facebook that I'm going to write a blog where I roast up this fish smelling whore Amateur Film Critic Style.

    So someone in my FB network must be the Side piece.

    Still putting charcoals on the grill...

  15. Definitely not in your FB network but know a fake comment/post when I see on ;-)

  16. I know they say "sex sells", but whatever happened to plain old entertainment?