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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shawn’s Father’s day Message.

To all the Fathers out there who are teaching your sons and daughters what they need to grow up to become Real Men and Real Women, This blog is for you.

And to all you fathers who are out there that are out there putting in overtime on these jobs, going to work sick, and sacrificing the money you spend on your man stuff so your kids can have things like notebook paper, school supplies, clean clothes, three meals a day and some spending money, I salute you.

I wanted to take the time to give the fathers out there the credit they don’t get. Many decent men today don’t get the credit for making the effort to stay with their children and have relationships with them. Especially those men who hang in there with their kids in a hostile situation with a baby mama or a divorced mother.

If you’re in a single parent home, kids, don’t believe everything you hear from your mother. Your father is not the monster she makes him out to be and she’s not the saint she makes herself out to be. Chances are, he’s contributed in some way towards helping you improve your quality of life. You just don’t see it.

In today’s American society dominated by feminism, most men don’t get the credit they deserve for supporting their children and taking care of them. The hard work of decent, caring fathers is often minimized, dismissed and ignored by angry feminists, bitter single mothers and their Mangina and Simp supporters. He is told to sit down, shut up, and fade into the background.

Some Women are quick to call a man a “no good deadbeat” but are eager to take ¾ of his paycheck in child support and spend it on the latest Gucci bag or payments on an SUVher and her girlfirends can ride around in, then tell the kids that their daddy doesn’t take care of them when they ask for things like new shoes or a coat.

Some single mothers are quick to say “he doesn’t see his kids” But won’t let him come to see them when he has time to. They don’t understand a man doesn’t dictate the hours on his job. And sometimes he has to work overtime on these jobs. Nor do they understand that sometimes he can’t take off work because he has to work two jobs not only to keep a roof over his head, but theirs. That’s right, some men not only pays his own rent, but the mortgage on that home the mother enjoys staying in for free with those children.

Some divorced mothers do everything in their power to deny a man his right to visit his kids. Even though he makes every effort to come see them, they stop him at the door and refuse to let him in. They don’t show up at the place where they’re supposed to be dropped off.

In their world they are the victim of this EEEEVIL man and all the wrong he has done them. When this is not the case. Many times decent fathers want to be involved in the lives of their children. But they either are driven away by hostile single mothers or they’re attacked by Simps and Manginas who the mother has shoehorned into the role of a father because she’s jealous of her children having the relationship with this man that she couldn’t have with her own father.

Many of these same women are quick to say they’re the mother and the father. There was even a set of cards out last year making this insulting statement. But they can NEVER do the job of a Father.

No matter what any feminist or single mother tells you, Fathers make a difference in the lives of children. As the leader of the family, he’s the one who gives children the stability and emotional support to grow up to become functional Just him being there every day has a direct impact on the growth of a child.  Again, with his help, a boy grows up to become a man and a girl grows up to become a woman.

I take this blog to say thank you to all the fathers out there who are stepping up to the plate and working behind the scenes to improve the quality of life for your families. Thank you for sucking it up when berated by a hostile boss and enduring that shitty job so your kids can have a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs and spending money for things like video games and toys. Thank you for biting your tongue in the face of verbal abuse from baby mamas or divorced moms so that your children could know that you had enough character not to take an argument into the sewer. Thank you for walking away from that Simp who is eager to stick himself in your place and talk trash about what you don’t do while eating food you paid for with the money deducted from your check for child support. Thank you for not saying a word when your kids give your mother a card on father’s day saying she’s the mother and the father. Even though you contribute just as much to their well being. Thank you for putting the needs of your children ahead of your own. Thank you for standing up and being Real Men.

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