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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shawn Clowns a Side Piece

In most of my blogs I try to give people lessons they can learn. And sometimes the people who post to the comments section prove my points for me. Like the Hoe who tried to Justify Olivia Dope's adulterous behavior on Scandal in a previous blog.

I want you SIMPS out there to know what kind of crazy you enable in women when you do dumb shit like making them a side piece. It’s just easier to stay single and date whoever you want. Why pay a $400 month to lease a cow for five years when you can get milk for free from a dozen others? But that’s what you SIMPS do when you have a side piece. Paying a woman to give you exclusive dibs on her pussy. With those fucked up terms, you may as well just get married to a second woman. Because you’re spending just about the same amount of money to take care of this other woman as you would your girlfriend or your wife. And just like a car lease, you don’t see how you’re getting ripped off until the lease is up.

If you smell fish, that’s the smell of a bustdown hoe being roasted EXTRA CRISPY on Shawn’s barbecue. Her comments are in bold, mine are regular text. Enjoy! 

Her comments are in bold, mine are regular text. Enjoy! 

For a "Real Man"??? you seem to have an eery obsession with the moral character and unpleasant demise of the Sidepiece.

Nope, Just trying to inform the women out here what happens to them when you become a ho like you are.

Any relationship I involve myself in is a two-way street. Shawn doesn’t share himself with anyone else when he’s exclusive with a woman. Nor does he tolerate it when a woman shares herself with other dudes when they say they’re committing to him. If they do ratchet stuff like that, that I charge them to the game and keep it moving.

I suspect you were a victim in a 3 way romantic relationship involving a sidepiece and continues to suffer from the residue of his/her wicked ways. I suspect you have therefore become a bitter and sad real man ever since.

Nope. Just trying to inform the women out here what happens to them when you become a ho.And a bad ho at that. If you're gonna make a career out of sellin' ass, then get top dollar for your pussy. Selling pussy to one customer shows you're horrible at what you do.  

 Aww! Hence why your articles reek of salty venom towards Sidepieces with every chance you get.
Nice try. My Venom is more of the sugary kind. Gets a nice char when I’m roasting up bustdowns like you. 

Maybe if instead of ranting and projecting onto the Sidepiece your inner pain and angst you and these SO's in relationships should do some self evaluation and soul searching to see what their role could have been to cause their partners to seek happiness outside of them somewhere else.

No ranting here, that’s you. I merely presented the facts to everyone. However, in your pitiful attempt to refute my argument, you ironically prove me right. 

 Possibly ditching the pride and delusions woul help as well.

No pride or delusions here, that’s your department. Just one hundred percent irrefutable truth coming from me. Delusions are your department.

 Truth. I'm in a Sidepiece position 

So you admit you’re a HO. Thanks for letting everyone out here in cyberspace know that. 

and me e and my "Simp/man" has milked this cow for all its worth, and yet he's non-stop asking me to have an all inclusive committed relationship with him. 

Still makes you a HO. And the fact that he’s pussy beggin like Ronald Regan isn’t a plus for anything except sating your fragile ego.  Guys non stop ask to make you feel better. Keeps the free pussy flowing. 

And it you think he'd  commit to you if you got him you're a FOOL. If a man will cheat with you, he will CHEAT ON YOU. Actions speak louder than words, and if he's cheating on his current woman with you, he'll cheat with someone else with you. As I stated before, You reap what you sow, and Karma can be a bitch when it kicks you in the ass.

It seems his main cow has run dry.

More like she got tired of his crap. Or he’s got the seven year itch. . You better get tested for  to make sure you didn't get it from him. 

Her value quotient has depreciated with time along with his happiness.

And yours won’t? Hey, come back to me when you turn 40 or you pop out that first bastard kid in a desperate attempt to keep him when he’s tired of you. You’ll find your value will drop lower than an 1989 Yugo with 300,000 miles on it. That’s when your value quotient will depreciate just like hers has.

 Pretense and endurance has it's limits and will eventually bottom out.

So will your Vagina.  And when your body isn’t as sexy as it is now in a couple of years his “pretense and endurance” (Whatever the heck that means) will meet its limits with you. And you’ll bottom out. Then after you reinvent your washed up ass as a boho chick, an Afrocentric Mother of Earth, or my personal favorite the Born-Again Christian™ you’ll head to the slut graveyard called Online dating.

 Many SO's like himself have reserved their right/option clause in the relationship to seek happiness in greener pastures if deemed necessary, and some are going for it. 

That’s what you think. Read the fine print. That’s where you’ll you’re the one getting screwed over.
What you don’t understand is that these Manginas want their cake and want to eat it too. They’re too scared to go up to the woman they’re with and tell her to her face he’s just tired of her and would like a divorce. So he sneaks around with hoes like you because he isn't man enough to face the woman he's with. 

Twenty years ago here in New York, Joey Buttafuco went for it with Amy Fisher. Then after Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo, he still went back to his wife. Amy Fisher on the other hand did a year in jail. But I guess there are greener pastures on the way to the penitentiary. Unfortunately, the grass still tastes like shit over there.

Another example is the Robin Character in Waiting to Exhale. Like a good loyal Sidepiece She waited years and years for Russel to keep his promise to leave his wife.And while she desperately waited for her "good" man to divorce his wife and marry her she got OLD. Finally she tried to trap dude with a baby. And when that didn't work, she wound up a baby Mama.

Unbelieveble as it may seem to you Sex is not the only desired component in many of these Sidepiece situations. 

Nope, that’s the only reason. You’re just like a prostitute. Only cheaper. He only has to pay you a tenth of what he’d pay a quality escort service for some clean, disease free pussy. Those ladies charge a minimum of five grand for their services. Plus, he doesn’t feel as dirty with you as he would if he went to a streetcorner in the seedier part of town to pick up a meth head for a $5 blowjob. You do know men talk to prostitutes too about their problems before they have sex with them do you?

The heart and mind has a way of transcending beyond the physical playground into the rim of 
something much greater for those involved.


Sounds like a lot of philosophical bullshit to me. But if those delusions keep you warm at night, keep believing them. Just like the promise he makes to leave his wife or whoever he’s with when he begs to be with you. Just him running game to get you to drop those panties so he can stick his dirty dick in.

You sound like the typical female who has invested her emotions into an adulterous relationship. Just because you break him off some pussy does not mean he cares about you. Men can fuck a woman, bust a nut and  forget your name 45 minutes later. There is no emotional connection for most men when it comes to sex like women. 

In real life, action speaks louder than words. And if this guy was serious about committing to you like he begs you to, he’d have dropped her a long time ago. You’re just being strung along like lights on a Christmas tree. 

So to you Mr Real Man... STOP your relentless woman bashing 

Good Gravy lean some grammar!
I love it when people tell me what not to do on my own blog. Like they have power over the content I produce. 

Nah, No woman bashing here. Just honest truth constructive criticism. Something most ratchet American women out here can’t take.

no matter what their station in life or love (mysoginist much).

Me a misogynist? Nah. I love women. That’s why I wrote the blogs about the Side Piece. So they wouldn’t make a mess of their lives and waste their valuable TIME pining for a loser who isn’t MAN enough to make a serious COMMITMENT to them.

The saddest part about Side pieces is that they waste their best years wishing, hoping, and praying for some Bitch-Made™ SIMP or Mangina ® to leave his wife and marry them. Seriously, that’s time they will never get back. Time they could have spent doing things like, going to college, starting their career, or just having fun with Real people in Real places where they could meet their own man instead of sharing some loser and settling for some other woman’s leftover dick.

Every human being has the right to have and give love to whomever they choose in thier lifetime regardless of yours or anyone else's negative and/or judgemental stance.


That’s not just my stance. I take that directly from the Bible. But in your eyes The Almighty Holy God who created you is wrong too.

In the Ten Commandments God Says Thou shalt not commit Adultery. And he says not to covet thy neighbor’s wife.

And in the New Testament Jesus he says to love thy neighbor as thyself. If I love my neighbor I respect the boundaries of his relationship and I don’t make a move on his woman. Because I would want him to do the same for me with my woman.


Good Gravy. The Stupid! It burns! She's proud to be a HO! I was proud to graduate at the top of my class at Monroe College, but for her being a HO is an accomplishment. But when you set the bar low, the sky is limited by your lack of imagination. 

because I'm sick and tired of reading biased and sinister character assassinations about these woman/men as written in your articles and others on the Internet.

What's biased? All I'm stating are FACTS.

Who's assassinating your character?  You do that  every day with your ACTIONS. You're the sinister one.

And if you've read articles across the internet? So I'm not the first person you tried to shame into agreeing with your position? If anything, it  sounds like you're feeling guilty  about your ratchet behavior.

 I'm willing to bet that you too have some dirty little secrets and skeltons hanging in your color coordinated closet that would register well below the moral barometer if checked. 

Yeah, Shawn has read his share of Playboys. (The articles are good) And he’s watched an occasional Isis Nile or Milf Hunter video.  So he's no angel. But he doesn't go sticking his dick in pussy that another man has exclusivity is on. That's just a violation of the Man code. And I just paid to renew my Man Card.

Oh,if by chance my comment has in anyway seemed harsh, defensive or shaming to you (as you've stated about another comment I made on this site about the same bleeping subject) Great! Then I've succeeded once again in rattling your premise.

Nope, All you’ve done is prove the points of my argument. Thank you for letting my male and female readers know the truth about how delusional and gullible you Side Pieces are. After listening to you, I can honestly say you Homewrecking tramps deserve all the vitriol and hostility sent your way. I approve of any ass kicking you and women like you get when you get caught.  

Like the male SIMP Captain-Save-A-Hoe and the White Knight Scumgina, you’re too cowardly to step to a man face-to-face and deal with the cycle of rejection that is life in the dating scene. So you dumpster dive around other peoples’ relationships waiting for a body to drop in so you can pick it up, dust it off and take it home.

Or you get in the dumpster and hope, wish and pray some Simp or a White Knight Mangina dumpster diving for pussy will find you like the one-legged Barbie with soy sauce smeared on the face and see you as valuable enough to trick money on cleaning you up.

But you and that chump you get involved with don’t understand what’s in the garbage is there for a reason. And you’re there lying in that garbage because you have NO CONFIDENCE and YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN YOURSELF enough to get out of that dumpster and GET YOUR OWN MAN.

It’s sad that you sell yourself short and take some man’s leftovers out of the garbage can and think they’re gold. No woman with a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-worth wants to be a man’s side piece. That’s like saying they want to be second best. And what woman wants to be second best taking scraps and leftovers from the garbage when they can be the main woman and get served at the table?

:Ladies, don't be like this delusional woman. Value yourselves as women and let God give you the very best out of life. If you enjoy life you'll raidiate the positive energy that will attract decent brothers like myself to you.

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  1. Knew that there would be a post response to that alleged comment so couldn't resist. Still stand by my previous comment; something's not right about that post- just doesn't ring authentic at all.