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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shawn Responds to Sonya Miller

Recently I got a comment from Sonya Miller on my I don’t need no man…God Says Different Black Woman Blog. Sonya was so offended by the commentary presented in my piece that she said while she enjoyed one of my books, she wouldn’t buy another.

This has been the second time I’ve been threatened with not getting a sale for a paperback or an eBook because of statements I made in a blog. While I’ll miss Sonya Miller’s money in my royalty statement, I still stand by everything I wrote in that blog.

Standing by God’s Word means more to me than money. I’ve been out of work for close to five years. I only have $300 in the bank. But I will not compromise my beliefs in God for any amount of money.

In the Proverbs it states there is a way that seemeth right unto a man that leads to his destruction. From what I see, American Black women are following down a road that seems right to them that’s leading to the destruction of themselves and the Black community.

Now Miss Miller believes I was being racist and bigoted when I spoke of White Jesus and his relationship with the Black woman. As a White female and a practicing Pagan, she has no understanding of the dysfunctional nature of the Black Church and how it’s destroying the Black community.

As Black women follow the false teachings of White Jesus, Black people suffer. 70 percent of Black babies are born out of wedlock. 60 percent of Black pregnancies end in abortion. 50 percent of herpes cases and 60 percent of all new HIV cases are Black women. And in New York City we have a 70 percent dropout rate among Black boys and 50 percent dropout rate among black girls. 80 percent unemployment among Black men and a growing rate of unemployment among Black women. Crumbling schools, dilapidated housing and generation after generation of poverty.

All while there is a church on every corner teaching the false religion of White Jesus. A hodgepodge of pop culture and entertainment loosely framed around quotes of bible verses. A religion currently used to pacify Black women and politically and socially shame, bully and intimidate anyone who refuses to agree with the unwritten mandates of pimp pastors and the Black women who control the Black community. A religion that has nothing to do with Christianity.

What is preached in Black Churches today is not the true Word of God written in the Bible. If one just reads their own Bible daily, they’ll see that the religion of the Black Church is out of order with the Word of God.

Black women profess to love God in church, but don’t do what he says. Jesus clearly stated it’s doers of the word that follow him not hearers. Clearly He wants Christians to take action.

And as a Christian, I feel I have to take action to show Black people where they’re going wrong. When a Black woman says that she “Don’t need no man” but professes to go to church every Sunday and professes to love the Lord, that’s hypocritical. How can a Black woman love the Lord when she refuses to do what He says regarding men?

God in his Word from Genesis in the Old Testament to Corinthians in the New Testament clearly states that a woman needs a Man. Moreover He states that a woman is made for a man. A help meet He made for him because he shouldn’t be alone.

But thanks to forty years of feminism in the Black community the order of God has been reversed. Instead of women believing they were made for men as God intended, the men believe that they were made for women. And because Black men have been miseducated by the Feminist dogma embedded within the religion of White Jesus, they think that it’s their job to defer to the leadership and authority of women. Trying to cater to the wills of the women who are looking for a “good” man.

The only women who “don’t need a man” is a lesbian. And most feminists are let’s face it…Lesbians.

God made women for men. But Black women taught the false doctrines of White Jesus believe that men were made for them. This is why 70 percent of them are single. Because they’re following a religion that teaches them something that totally contradicts the Word of God written in the Bible.

The religion of White Jesus taught by Black Pimp Pastors tells Black women they are the leaders of the community when in actuality they are supposed to be the Help Meets who support Black men. Black men who they refuse to support. Black men whose leadership they refuse to follow.

Now con men and hustlers like Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey make millions of dollars off these miseducated sistas selling them snake oil in stage plays, books, movies and DVDs. They take a Single mother’s rent money the same way false prophets used to steal widow’s homes in biblical times.

I could jump on this bandwagon of these charlatans and deliver myself out of poverty. But I values the souls of my Black Sistas more than money. That’s why I take the time to present the truth to Black women.

Growing up in a strict Christian home, I was taught that God punishes those who knew and did not tell others about his Word with more stripes than those who didn’t know. And I know if I stay silent and let Black women continue go on in their false religion and don’t say a word, God will punish me for not saying anything about the wrong direction they’re going in.

I don’t want to see Black women lose their souls. It’s not God’s will that any of us perish.

When I look at the sad state of affairs in the Black community I can’t stay silent. I have to say something. Maybe a sista or two will be offended. Some may be insulted. But I’d like to think I’m opening up their minds and making them think for once. I may not make lots of money, but I may save their souls.

All I’m trying to do is to show the Black woman how illogical her approach to religion is. How she’s trying to worship God and Mammon. And how the Mammon of White Jesus is more her God than JEHOVAH, the Holy Almighty Living God. God can’t bless the Black community if the Black man can’t be the leader He established over it and the Black woman doesn’t support him in doing God’s work.


  1. This was a very good post, Mr. James.

    I do think that many people who are outside of the community don't really understand the impact the church has on the Black community.

    Historically speaking, the church has always been one of the most (if not the most) powerful institutions in the Black community. However, in previous years, it helped people and united them, in a way.

    Now, you the church does nothing but pander to Black women's emotions and con money out of them, all the while communities are in disrepair.

    I used to be religious, and though I'm not now, I agree with what you said here—many people who are Christians now don't follow God's word, and are very quick to say "Only God can judge me" when you point it out to them, though they can criticize others.

    I also think the image of White Jesus is very toxic to Black people. It, in a way, tells Black people (particularly women) that the man they must rely on is a White man, more so than anyone else. I believe Tariq Nasheed touched on this in his "Hidden Colors" documentary.

    You have a good blog, man. Keep up the good work!

  2. Gotta love how men always think they know what's best for women, no matter what race.

  3. Gotta love how women think they know everything but don't no matter the race.

  4. "But don't no matter the race"<-- Huh??

  5. The arrogance of American women no matter what race they are goes beyond color. This is why the American woman is becoming the least desired for marriage in the world. Feminism has taken her so FAR from the order of God that she is LOST.

    God makes man the LEADER for a reason. But these Belligerent females think they are born to lead and they AREN'T. Everything a woman is in charge of TURNS TO SHIT.

    1. But what happens if man doesn't have a brain installed at birth?