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Saturday, June 8, 2013

“I don’t need no man”…God Says Different Black Woman!

Many Black women say “I don’t need no man” like a religious mantra. But these same Strong Independent Black women will go to a Christian Church on Sunday.

To worship and praise a God who says in His Word in both the Old and New Testament that they need the leadership of a man.

Moreover, The God they say they serve says that He made woman for man. And He made woman to be the Helper of Men. That He made woman to be the perfect mate and companion for a man.

When it comes to Black women and Christianity, something doesn’t add up here. 2+2 is coming out to 5.

The Black woman goes to a Christian Church to worship a God that tells her she needs a man to lead her. Then she professes to the men in her community that she doesn’t need them.

Again 2+2 is coming out to 5. And the sad part is that the Black woman who professes to be a Christian who believes that God is real and that Jesus Christ is his Son who came into the world to die for her sins and redeem her with a ransom, doesn’t see anything wrong with this logic. She thinks it’s perfectly fine to belittle, mock, ridicule, and denounce the very man God made for her to follow and TOLD her to follow as her leader and defy his leadership and authority.

And isn’t Obedience better than sacrifice?

What we see here is Black female hypocrisy regarding the religion they practice. Worse, most alleged Christian pastors won’t make a single effort to correct these Sistas when they preach their sermons. No, they want to continue making money off the economic institution established by White Supremacy known as The Black Matriarchy. Like the preachers Jesus mentions in the Bible, these charlatans use his Word to take Widow’s homes.

Or in this case the Single Mother’s rent money.

This is why I don’t go to church. And why I read the Bible for myself.

The Black woman goes to church. She professes to believe in God. She testifies in church. But over the past 40 years she’s been following a false doctrine.

The Doctrine of White Jesus. That’s right, The Black woman’s God is the White Man.

The Black Woman has been outside of the Order of Holy God I’d say since the late 1960’s. It’s clear from the state of the Black community that Black women have walked away from God and taken her children with her. As the transmitter of culture, The Black woman has taught her children this false religion for two generations.

And not a single Black male pastor has made an effort to correct her. Because telling that truth would take her money out of his pocket.

With over 80 percent of Black people professing to be Christians, and a Church on practically every corner in most Black neighborhoods that I’d like to think God would be pouring out his blessings on Black people for being so loyal to Him. But the Black community remains blighted in poverty. Because it’s a cesspool of corruption and sin.

There’s a reason God can’t do His work in the Black community. Because the Black community doesn’t serve God.

No, they serve White Jesus.

From what I read in my Bible, it’s not hearers of the Word, but doers of the Word. And what the Black woman does by not letting the Black men in her community lead her is a clear action that she’s not following the Word of God.

But the doctrine of White Jesus. (AKA White Supremacy) One of many false Christs who plague the Earth in these perilous times. His church doesn’t teach the Word of God. No, it teaches a religion that looks like the Word of God and sounds like the Word of God. But it’s NOT the true Word of God written in the Bible.

What most Christian Black women don’t understand is that the phrase “I don’t need no man” was made up by White feminist lesbians. They’re the ones who don’t need a man. Because they’re OUTSIDE OF THE WILL OF GOD.

But a Heterosexual Christian woman needs a man to be a part of God’s Order. To do His Work. There’s a reason Jesus said that when a man marries he is to leave his home. Because when he becomes one with his wife it’s to create his own household and his own family under God’s authority.

God made woman to help man to do His Work. To support him in building a strong family. When women support their men in managing the day-to-day needs of the family it helps in building strong communities. Communities of people ready to do the Work and the Will of God.

The only person who needs the Black woman single is the False Christ known as White Jesus. Or better known as Uncle Sam. He’s the one that doesn’t need a Black man with a Black woman. Because the leadership of Real Black men over his family threatens his control of the Black community. He’s the one who needs these single mother female headed households. Because single mother female headed homes provide him with the consumers to take 97 percent of Black dollars out of the Black community and put it in his pocket.

And break off the remaining three percent of the Black community’s wealth as a commission to those preachers for helping keep the Black community oppressed, ignorant, and superstitious.

With the help of pimp pastors, White Jesus teaches a false religion with NO ROOT in God to pacify the Black female. These scavengers pervert the Word of God so they can pander to the Black woman and take ten percent of her welfare, her food stamps, her Wic, her Section 8, or the little wages she makes from her entry-level corporate jobs every Sunday.

And then as a Holy man in the Order of White Jesus, he then makes sexual advances on these “Good Christian” single Black women who he sees as sexually attractive. This good pastor sees nothing wrong with having sex outside of marriage once church is over.

All while the Bible he preaches from clearly states that fornication is a sin.

But all of this is fine for the minister in the Black Christian Church to practice. Along with numerous other sins.

Ever since the Black woman has walked away from the true Order of God the Black community has fallen into a shambles. Without the leadership of her Black man to show her how to follow the true Will of God, drugs, crime gangs, and all sorts of debauchery have become norms in the Black community.

All while there’s a church on literally every corner of inner-city neighborhoods. Neighborhoods that get poorer and poorer with each generation economically, morally, and spiritually.

God was can’t lead the Black community as long as the Black woman continues to worship White Jesus. Sistas, stop following the perverted doctrines of pimp preachers and Read your Bible and see the truth for yourself that’s hiding in plain sight in that Bible you own. God has said from Genesis that you need a man. And without you to support his leadership your community will continue on a road straight to Hell.


  1. Why is everything so White and black with you? The covers of your book don't have a black skinned person on them...So are you too making money of the "white jesus" mentality. I really liked one of your books; and was thinking about buying another one but after reading your crazy Black/White rant I think I will pass. Write fiction books brother that is what you are good at, and leave your religion and bigotry at home

  2. Why is everything so White and black with you? The covers of your book don't have a black skinned person on them...So are you too making money of the "white jesus" mentality. I really liked one of your books; and was thinking about buying another one but after reading your crazy Black/White rant I think I will pass. Write fiction books brother that is what you are good at, and leave your religion and bigotry at home

  3. Sonya, Almost all of my books feature Black people on the cover. What you don't seem to understand is that Black people come in hundreds of shades and their hair color comes in numerous textures.

    These are my views on American Christianity in the Black community; if it offends you then I'm sorry.

    The concept of White Jesus has been something debated in the Black community for decades, and the way African-Americans women teach the Christian religion to their kids leads to them being confused, misguided and lost.

    In the Black community people don't follow the true tenets of Christianity, but a pseudo Christianity (White Jesus) that keeps them from forming a close personal relationship with God.

    I go into this very subject in my new novel The Thetas.

    I may lose your money, but if I enrich one person's soul with this blog, I believe I have done my work.

  4. to sonya miller, "why is everything so black and white" because that's what he wants to address- likely because that's what he knows.. should he address the white, hispanic, or asian church which he is likely to be less familiar with?

    like what kind of question is that

    i am a black male and i see racism daily.. just today in tennessee i saw black men being beat up by police because their white neighbors filed a noise complaint

    but THERE WAS NO NOISE.. the "NOISE" only came when the police started slamming young unarmed black men on the ground

    if you don't see or understand how racism pervades our society i suggest you at least watch the movie "good hair" which will give you an idea of how deeply rooted racism can be and how it affects every aspect of the black experience

    i didn't think Shawn's talk here was bigoted at all, i THINK what he means by white jesus is the popular opinion type of walk as opposed to really following the bible in a legit way


    cool topic here

    i can see what you're saying.. a lot of the church is out of line today unfortunately

    a lot of christians listen to popular opinion doctrines instead of God's Word

    i am a christian and i'm not perfect but i'm trying lol

    i don't have sex and little by little God has been helping me get rid of other things like first He helped me get off this espresso addiction i had (it was getting bad lol) and now He is helping me stop lusting.. I know it's God helping me because I really love women just like any other guy

    also, i am getting back into going to church (i didn't go for a long time)

    i personally know what you mean about churches sometimes being out of line with the Word of God so what i did was i prayed that God would lead me to a church and then like a week later i went to this pretzel place in the mall and the guy suggested a church to me out of nowhere so i just started going there

    i think when we do His basic will then He will reveal more of His will to us which will have our specific purpose, people we should meet, opportunities, etc.

    i think if i do praise and worship and tithes and offering and service then God will be able to open the windows of heaven over my life (read Haggai if interested) and i could use it right now because i graduated college and i am looking for a job lol

    i've been plagued with a lot of fear and i know in my heart that the only way to make it go away is to get closer to God

    i was always praying that God would keep me safe because i didn't know where i'd go if i died but the more i ask God to help me stay away from sin, the less i fear

    these are just some things i wanted to say in addition to your post

    i like your post btw.. i think we could use wake up calls like these sometimes.. like a lot of times we are out of order and then we wonder why God isn't bringing blessings

  5. James, I was really uplifted and inspired reading your comment. I'm not a great Christian, but I was try.

    I'm really glad you're growing in your relationship with God; he's going to guide you to what's great when you trust him.

    About a year ago when I was writing The Thetas, God opened my eyes to the troubles with Black women and how they were out of his order, following a false doctrine of popular opinion and feminism.

    I don't want to see Black women lose their souls to bad doctrine from false prophets and false Christs. I take everything I posted here straight from my Bible and the Word of God.

    When I hear Christian Women saying things like "I don't need no man" I realize how out of line that is. That's not a part of God's Word. That's feminist dogma created by lesbians. God's Word from Genesis to Paul's letters in Corinthians says women need men. Moreover, it clearly states that women are to follow the lead of men.

    God can't lead Black women if they won't follow his Word. How can he Bless Black people if they won't follow his instruction? We have churches on every corner in the Black community, yet our community doesn't grow in any way shape or form.