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Monday, June 17, 2013

Isis: Death of a Theta Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I’m taken aback by the words coming out of the mouth of one of my oldest and dearest friends. As kind and compassionate as they are, they still feel like a knife going through my heart.
“You want me to step down as Senior Grand Mother?” I bristle.
“There’s no way you can continue on as Andrea Robinson Isis.” Alma continues. “The pledges are starting to get suspicious.”
“What would make them suspicious?”
“Come on, Andi, you’re supposed to be 98-years-old. But when you’re with the kids you use slang like an eighteen-year-old.” Edna says.
“And you eat like a sixteen-year-old.” Alma jabs. “At my age I can’t eat half the stuff you scarve down. Heck, I can’t even digest half the spicy stuff you scarve down anymore.”
“Hey, I just don’t want to come off as a stuffy old lady-”
“I’d say you’re doing that too well.” Edna continues. “Not that many senior citizens your age have the dexterity to drive a Mustang convertible.”
“Edna, you know that Lincoln Continental convertible I bought just doesn’t handle as well. Powder blue piece of crap-”
“But that’s what dignified older women like you are supposed to drive.” Alma says.
“Come on Alma, I still have a good forty years left in me-”
“But if you stick around The Thetas won’t have another forty years left in it.” Millicent says. “Some of the pledges are eventually going to figure out that you’re more than human.”
“You only figured that out because you walked in on me lifting up my dresser with one hand when you were little-”
“There were other tells.” Millicent continues. “But the point is someone else may walk in on you doing something a 98-year-old woman wouldn’t be able to do.”
“And there’s a chance that one of them may slip and reveal that fact to someone outside of our sisterhood.” Edna says. “Now we’ve made efforts to keep your secret so that you can continue to do your philanthropic work.”
“But none of us can guarantee what the next generation of Theta sisters will do.” Alma says. “And we’d all hate to see all of your good work compromised.”
I hate to admit it but they’re right. If I remain here as Andrea Thomas Robinson I could wind up destroying everything I’ve built over the past seventy years. If my cover is blown, it could have a ripple effect throughout the Black community.
“Guess I have to take one for the team.” I sigh.
“It would be for the best.” Alma replies.
“I just wish I didn’t have to leave now.” I continue. “You really need me to help you fight those feminists-”
“You have to have faith in us to preserve your legacy.” Edna says. “God sees all the good work you’ve done. I know He’d want it to continue.”
“And we’d all make efforts to keep teaching our daughters what we learned from you over the years.” Millicent says.
“So when do you want to announce my retirement?”
“We’ll let the other Theta Sisters know in a few weeks.”

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