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Sunday, June 30, 2013

How The Image of Men on TV Has Changed For the Worse

When I take breaks from writing, I usually take some time to watch TV. Most of the programs I watch today are on networks like Antenna, BOUNCETV, and COZI TV where they run old classic shows. Over the course of a year of watching the old favorites I grew up with as a kid, I noticed a difference between the way men were portrayed on TV 40 years ago and the way they are portrayed today. The image of Men on Television has changed. And it hasn’t changed for the better.

On older programs like Good Times, It Takes A Thief, The Six Million Dollar Man, Dragnet, Adam-12 and Marcus Welby M.D. men were depicted as strong, confident capable, leaders. They weren’t afraid to express an opinion or to disagree with someone defending their points. And if they disagreed, they agreed to disagree. They did what they wanted to do when they wanted to do it. They lived life on their terms and they solved problems on their terms.

And when they weren’t focusing on solving the problems of an episode they focused on pleasing themselves. Guys like Steve Austin, Alexander Mundy, Joe Friday, Pete Gannon, Marcus Welby, Steven Kiley, Pete Malloy and Jim Reed all had their hobbies and other personal interests they pursued. While they often pursued women, or were pursued by them, they weren’t a top priority for them. Accomplishing their goals in life was more important than anything else.

Moreover, I noticed a clear difference in the way male/male relationships were depicted in the media. On older shows like Adam-12 s and Marcus Welby M.D. there was a heavy focus on older men mentoring younger men. The relationship between Officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed on Adam-12 or Marcus Welby and Steven Kiley on Marcus Welby M.D. focused not only on solving the problems of an episode but on how the older man taught the younger man the life skills he’d need to become a better man.

In between the lines of these programs I began to see there was a clear message about how men were to be socialized. Men were shown to be the leaders of their families, their homes, and their industries. They were shown as intelligent and hardworking. When they were on the job they were often depicted as problem solvers who used analytical and critical thinking skills. A man was considered a valuable asset to his family and his community.

In addition to these strong management and leadership skills, Men were often shown as masters of their craft passing down their skills and knowledge to the next generation of younger men and boys. Any boy or man watching these programs got a clear understanding of what manhood was and what it meant to be a Real man in society.

Fast forward forty years later to today. Men on Television today are depicted as weak, cowardly and incompetent. Incapable of solving problems. And considered disposable and expendable by the women in his family and his community.

Male Characters on shows like Cheers, Home Improvement, Married…With Children, Friends ,The Drew Carey Show, Seinfeld, Two and a Half Men, Everybody Loves Raymond, and How I met Your Mother spend most of their time chasing women or looking to please a woman. They spend most of an episode afraid to express an opinion or disagree with a woman. When faced with conflict, they usually cave in and do things the “right” way which is usually the woman’s way. They do what a woman tells them to do. They live life on a woman’s terms and solve problems the way she wants them solved. In some ways they’re almost like children.

What’s worse about these programs is that the men give up the things that make them happy to please women. In many a TV show over the last 40 years a man can be seen abandoning his goals or his dreams to make a woman happy. He is often told that making a woman happy is more important than meeting his own needs or even life itself. In most shows made after 1987 or so men are shown sacrificing their own happiness just to make a woman happy.

It’s no wonder why we have so many Simps and Manginas today. A generation of boys grew up watching Bitch-Made™ guys like Ross on Friends, George Costanza, Alan Harper, Ray Romano, and Ted Moseby.

After watching older TV shows and some of the new ones made today It’s clear that over the last 40 years how feminism has corrupted American media. Thanks to its destructive influence, the American Male on television has devolved into an emasculated Bitch-Made ™ Sensitive Guy without the backbone or the BALLS to do what’s right for himself.

Any boy watching this media will not get a clear image of what it means to be Real Man. What he will get is a clear image of what it means to be a SIMP or a Mangina. He will grow up to become an emasculated, weak, co-dependent man who will not be able to function without the approval of a woman. He will eventually become the type of male who is used by females as a tool to meet her needs then discarded when another more valuable tool becomes available.

Worse, he will spend his life thinking he’s doing the right thing living his life to pleasing a woman. Giving up his hobbies, his personal interests and his goals to make a woman happy. Dedicating his life to making someone else happy and not himself. That’s a pathetic way to live.

Because a man isn’t responsible for a woman’s happiness. That’s HER JOB.

And what’s more disturbing than the submissive images of Men on TV today is how they’re shown expressing female traits. Men being catty with other men. Men forming cliques. Men gossiping against other men. Men being jealous of other men. Men being emotional and throwing fits. Men shown being concerned with things like hair, clothes, shoes and excessive grooming like a woman. Men wearing clothes like low-rise pants and low cut T-shirts that look either asexual or feminine. And in some cases men wearing dresses.

The image of the American man on Television seems to be changing from a confident capable leader with a clear sense of his gender identity to an emasculated caricature of a woman today. And what’s even more disturbing than these twisted male images are that most of the masses of men imbibing this media have no problem with their image being twisted into this inhuman abomination. That doesn’t bode well for the next generation of males. They’ll never grow up with no understanding of what it means to be a Real Man. For them, that’ll just be an archaic image.

Since its inception, Television’s images are a reflection of American society. And when I look in the mirror of the TV screen it shows me men are fucked up. Thanks to forty years of feminism, men are growing up without a sense of what it means to be a man or a sense of their identity as a man. Imbibing too much of this media can have a man believing that it’s okay to be soft, effeminate and weak.

Fathers, if you love your boys, turn off the TV. Those programs will only lead to your sons growing up to become dysfunctional and in some cases homosexual. Show them what it means to be a Real Man by presenting them with a real image of Manhood every day.

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  1. ...and how do all these people, on both soap operas and 21st century primetime shows, survive without getting killed by people with claims of justified homicide? I don't know about weakening male and female self-images, but I do know this: if you want to survive and become healthy, DON'T do what these people do and you'll do well in life.