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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Would YOU watch an All About Nikki Sitcom if it were on TV?

It’s one of my most popular eBooks.
An international best-seller with sales in the US, UK, Germany, Italy and Austrailia.
It’s got dozens of facebook likes. People tweet about it whenever I offer up the free sample episode eBooks.

But I have to ask: Would people really watch a real All About Nikki sitcom?

In another case of Art imitating life, the All About Nikki eBook has overshadowed its source book All About Marilyn in popularity.

Kids love Nikki. Adults love Nikki. Black people love Nikki as do White people and people in foreign lands. It has the potential to be a worldwide hit.

Nikki has all the elements of a great African-American sitcom like The Fresh Prince or The Cosby Show. A great concept, positive multidimensional African-American characters and great jokes. I could easily see it being on Disney or Nickelodeon like Big Time Rush or That’s so Raven.

I even see it elevating a struggling network like NBC or being part of CBS’ powerhouse Monday or Thursday lineups. It could even easily be used to be a leadoff for a new TGIF on ABC.

One of my goals this year was to put on a test episode from one of my scripts on YouTube. I’d love to see how a Nikki script would play out onscreen.

But before I make any efforts to pursue that goal I have to ask again: Would you watch an All About Nikki Sitcom? Does America and Black America want to watch a Black sitcom at this time?

I know lots of Black people talk about getting the lack of Black programming on the air, especially positive Black programming. That brothers and sisters are starving to see people like themselves onscreen. But the big question is will they take the time to watch it if I produce it?

A quality 5-10 minute teaser costs over $25,000 $50,000 to produce. And putting together a full 22-minute pilot is a tremendous effort. Fund raising alone on both efforts would be a challenge for someone with money.

For an unemployed brotha with a lot of dreams and no real experience with film it’d be an even greater one.

But I’m up for the challenge.

Having an established audience would persuade investors towards risking their money on the project. It’d make them feel comfortable about putting their money down on investing in an All About Nikki sitcom. And all your feedback would influence their decision.

There hasn’t been a Black sitcom on any of the major networks in years. And there hasn’t been a Black sitcom with the potential to be a breakout hit with universal appeal in over a decade. Personally, I feel All About Nikki has the potential to be that big breakout show with cross-over appeal among a wide range of tween, teen and family viewers all over the world.

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So tell me America: Would you watch an All About Nikki Sitcom if it were on TV? 


  1. Shawn, I loved the original Marilyn and loved Nikki. I'm delighted that you went into deep background on this. I certainly would watch it, although I don't watch much TV. I think it's an admirable project and I wish you the best of luck with it.

    Keep on keeping on.

  2. Why not ask a drama student at a college or high school to do it?

    I'm sure some drama Senior at a school needs a play for their final project could do it.

  3. I'd love to ask those kids to give my script a try soon. But I need some cash to get the cameras and the costumes to shoot it and the venue to shoot a scene or two in. My Macbook Pro should be able to handle the video editing.

    There's still a lot I have to learn about film at this stage. I did take some video classes WAY back in high school, but I'm still a novice when it comes to storytelling in with pictures.

    Right now I'm trying to feel out if there's an audience for it before I invest time and resources in a project. But I'd love to do this soon.

  4. Have you tried asking for money from the city or join forces with any organization that does plays?

    Some of that stuff you are asking for can be received without costing you much.

    You want to learn how to use cameras? If you go to church and they have an AV department-try working with them. My church uses volunteers and we have our stuff broadcasted.
    One even does it for the local school district and the Dallas Cowboys. And she got the job because she was doing it at our church.
    Check the local PBS & Public access stations too-they use volunteers.

    Outfits-you are in the outfit capital of the USA. GO to those folks who are majoring in costume design and let them go at it.

    Venue-No place like home or the school auditorium.

    And you can ask for grants-so I've heard. Or join up with someone who is already trying their own film. There are at least 2 guys doing a Static Shock film in New York. I'm sure they can use help.