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Sunday, June 24, 2012

More Thoughts on the Halle Berry Baby Mama Drama....SMH That I Have to Write a Part 2 to this Nonsense...

More thoughts on the Halle Berry Baby Mama Drama

Last week, Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry was ordered to pay $20,000 a month in child support to Gabriel Aubry, the father of her four-year-old daughter Nahla.

$240,000 a year will be deducted from her earnings and given to her baby daddy to maintain her lifestyle while she spends time with him.

Gabriel Aubry is now in Halle’s pocket like a basketball wife.

Now some women will bring their shaming tactics in here saying Gabriel Aubry is not a man for taking child support, but this is how the court works: If one partner makes more than the other, then the court believes they are accustomed to a certain lifestyle. And the court will grant the other spouse that money even if it busts the other spouse regardless of their sex

Women have benefited from that system for over 40 years, to the chagrin of many working men. But this is the system working fairly and justly.

Anyway, Halle Berry could have avoided this altogether by not being so greedy and so selfish.

All of Halle Berry’s current troubles with this custody battle are due to one person: Halle Berry.

Like most strong, independent Black women, Halle Berry wanted things HER way. She wanted to have a baby on HER terms. Damn the father and his needs. Damn the man and whether or not he was the right man to be a father to her child.

She was going to have HER baby.

Damn the father and his parental rights. She was a strong, independent Black woman who didn’t need a man.

She just wanted some sperm to make her child.

Now she could have just gone to a sperm bank and none of this drama would have occurred. But as I stated before, the belligerent strong Independent Black woman had to have her baby her way and on her terms.

So she went looking for a SIMP to skeet up in her to make the baby she wanted to have. Having exhausted her cred with Black men like Michael Ealy, she went looking for a White dude to take advantage of.

And she found Gabriel Aubry at a photoshoot.

And after finding her Simp, Halle tried to turn a jumpoff situation into a relationship. As she stuck up a middle finger at Black men and built up a world around her Great White Hope™, She moved Gabriel Aubry into her home and made plans for their future with him.

A future on her terms made to go her way.

Here’s the truth about Halle Berry: From jump street she has never wanted a good man to start a family with. No, she’s been looking for a SIMP who will just kowtow and worship her. A man she could control, dominate and subjugate to her will. She was going to be the Strong Black woman in the relationship who raised her daughter Nahla her way.

And Gabriel was going to be her BITCH.

And she thought she had her White Man emasculated and cuckolded. She arrogantly made a statement to that when she grabbed Jamie Foxx’s crotch on live national Television during an awards show.

Then Halle’s usual pattern of insecurity and paranoia sabotaged the relationship. Then he stopped being her Great White hope™.

When he wouldn’t have a relationship with her on HER terms, then he magically changed from a Great White Hope™ to a white racist who called her a nigger.

It’s the same pattern that repeated itself with David Justice and Eric Benet.

Only they were smart enough not to have a kid with her.

Now that she has a child by a White man Halle Berry tries to play the victim.

But no one’s buying it this time.

Why? Because in America, the White Man is ALWAYS RIGHT. AND HIS WORD IS ALWAYS TRUTH.

Halle Berry was a fool to think that White Supremacist America was going to sympathize with her. If she understood American institutional racism she’d understand that the victim game she ran with those Black men like Eric Benet and David Justice, don’t run on White men.

Any attempt a Black woman makes to discredit a White man in White Supremacist America leads to the Black woman being labeled a liar a whore by American society.

Like that chick who accused the Duke Lacrosse team of raping her. Cost a District Attorney his job.

In her attempt to smear Gabriel Aubry she’s gone from the poor little victim of bad men to a crazy domineering Black bitch in the eyes of America.

Funny how she’s gone from the Jezebel to the Sapphire in 0-60 in the eyes of America.

Silly little Halle Berry thought she could enter the American Court System, a White Male stronghold and play the victim. She thought it’d make Gabriel look bad with her when she told them he called her a nigger.

Big deal.

Like that would make White men in America turn against another White man. White men have been calling Black women niggers for over 400 years. That ain’t nothing special.

Halle had no understanding that the American court system was NEVER designed to get justice for Black people. The salty tears of a Black woman may get a Black man emasculated in front of a White judge, but all that’s going to lead to is indifference from those same racists when a Black woman tries to go to court with a White man.

Even the Most beautiful Black woman in the world is just another nigger in White Supremacist America’s court system.

That’s why the media has portrayed Halle Berry like a ghetto hoodrat baby mama in the press. It’s why she’s seen as a joke all over the world.

In her attempt to thumb her nose at black men, she got the finger from White America.

But this is par for the course when dealing with the belligerent, arrogant, strong Independent Black woman.
Five years ago, Halle Berry thought she had a fool. But Gabriel Aubry was smart enough to know the courts. And he was smart enough to know his position as a White Male in White Supremacist America.

And that’s how he turned the tables on Halle Berry.

Gabriel was smart enough to get a case, and then he took Halle to court for child support.

And here’s the thing about the Courts in America regarding Black people: If a White man says it, it’s TRUE. If a white man who makes very good money wants money to support his daughter and maintain her lifestyle with child support, then he needs the money.

$20,000 a month sounds about right to them. And $240,000 a year means money out of a Black woman’s pocket back into the White man’s hands.

And with this custody battle Halle Berry is going to get a hard lesson in White Supremacy. The White men at the top of this country who run things are gonna make sure they CRUSH HER ASS for thumbing her nose at the White Establishment like she did at that awards show. White America is going to make an example of her. That child support order was a MESSAGE from White Supremacists in the court system to Black America.

When these White boys are through with her, she’s gonna be put in her place.

Halle Berry has just had her NIGGER moment.

But will she wake up to see it? I don’t know. At 46, she continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. Even after this disaster of a relationship with Gabriel Aubry, she’s engaged to washed up White actor Oliver Martinez and making delusional plans to move to France where she’ll live happily ever after.

After promising in 2004 that she’d never marry again.

I keep waiting for Halle to wake up. To take responsibility for her life. To make changes for the better. To break free of the vicious cycle of self-destructive behavior.

But she seems determined to follow in the footsteps down the tragic road of her idol Dorothy Dandridge. Hell-bent even.

Watching Halle Berry is like watching a snuff film. You know she’s going to die in a tragic and horrible fashion, but there’s nothing you can do about it. All we can do is sit back and watch the carnage and hope and pray for her daughter Nahla. Poor kid didn’t ask to be born into this hot mess. 


  1. Ms. Berry has her "n word" moment. She has already been trashed in the white supremacist media. Hollywood blackballed her long time ago. So she only have revenue from Revlon and from her past movies to fall back on. Mainstream media will continue to destroy what little reputation is left of Halle just as they have with Dorothy Dandrige.

    La Reyna

  2. I can not STAND Halle. She is always blaming her Men. She is always the victim. She needs to STFU.