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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Washed-up single Black women over 30 often reinvent themselves with new personas. Many often parade around with over-the-top personalities like the artsy Boho chick, the Afrocentric Mother of Earth, The dedicated single mother and the Born again™ Christian. 

But these new identities are just a deflection to keep people from seeing the truth about how ugly these women really were in their late teens and twenties.

The Washed-up single Black woman is oftentimes an over 30 woman who has been run through by all of the successful men in her neighborhood. She’s often the former hottie from high school or college, or the stuck up chick with the great body who thought she was too good for anyone but a man with money, a high profile career or a high-status job. At this stage in her life she’s gained some weight, had some kids or went through a nasty divorce. Sometimes she’s recovering from alcoholism or a substance abuse problem. Quite a few are bogged down in debt.

Washed-up Black single Women are a sepulture to good Black men. They look beautiful on the outside, but are filled with dead men’s bones on the inside. Many are carrying emotional baggage from previous failed relationships. Some are dealing with mental health issues. A few have kids from multiple fathers. And in a few rare cases she’s got incurable venereal diseases like herpes or HIV.

A Washed-up single Black Woman can easily be identified by her over-the-top behavior. She’s often the one to be a bit too passionate about things, even overzealous. For example, a Born Again™ Christian is the type to profess her love for Jesus loudly. She’s the type of woman to attend church every Sunday and is the one to be on all the committees. She’s never seen without her Bible. She ministers and witnesses to just about everyone she runs into telling them about Jesus.

However, when someone pushes her buttons (or just has enough money), she’ll quickly revert to her old behavior showing all how sinful she really is.

An Afrocentric Mother of Earth is usually one to talk passionately about how Africa is the Motherland and how Black women are the Mother of all the World. She’s the type to be a vegetarian and talk about health and spiritualism. She’s the one running around always wearing dreads, a dashiki, or other afrocentric wear. She’s the one talking about going back to the motherland even though she’s often carrying all her wonderful American creature comforts like ipods, cell phones and talks about cable TV shows like Sex and the City.

Offer her a ticket to a land like the Sudan or one of those starving African homelands and she’ll protest that she’s needed here in America to make people aware of the plight of her people.
A Boho Chick is the type to talk about the arts with all her soul. She’s the type to be into acting singing, or dance, sometimes all of them at once. Some will even paint too. She’s the kind of chick who likes to wear vintage clothes from different eras that don’t go with each other. Or she wears all Black; it’s a form of artistic expression.

Boho Chicks are known for being pretentious and artsy. They’re love to use big words and are very well cultured in literature and art. Some are so intelligent that they can tell you all about the nuances in a story or be so deep that they need a translator to figure out whatever they’re saying. They usually have hustles like art shows, one-woman shows and poetry jams. Or they’re working on financing an independent film or a stage play that never gets finished.

The use of these unique looks are cues are to get a man’s attention. Since men are visual, many are often caught up in the distinct appearance of these women that they don’t listen to what they say or even pay attention to the small details they get wrong.

When a man pays attention to those minute details he soon finds that while the outside has changed the inside is still the same. Watch their actions because it defines how little has changed about their character.

A washed-up Black woman can also be identified by her use of shaming tactics. She’s the one to vehemently point out the wrongs of others while placing herself on a pedestal as the paragon of virtue or a Guru of great knowledge. She hopes that by projecting her guilt onto other people they won’t see her flaws.

Most children can see through these washed up chicks. And most savvy adults if they pay attention to them.

Once one breaks past the false fa├žade they soon find that these washed-up Black women are just the same old gold diggers looking for a new mealticket. With all their prospects of snagging a high-profile man exhausted they’re settling for a new guy at the bottom. Preferably a thirsty SIMP with nice fat wallet and a pension that will take care of them in their old age.

Which is why good hardworking Black men have to watch out.

Good Black men have worked too hard to build themselves up to have all they’ve established torn down by these female scavengers. All these parasites are going to do is leech onto a man and suck the life out of him until he dies or runs out of money, whichever comes first.

Brothers, remember that these were the same women told you that you weren’t good enough to deal with back in the day. They aren’t worth your time right now. Don’t settle for being some washed up old Black woman’s second choice. You deserve better than being second best. Keep on walking and don’t look back.

Brothers, remember that She made the mess of her life. so let her put on some coveralls with her run over Jimmy Choos and let her clean it up. You worked too hard to achieve success in your careers to be some woman’s Pullman Porter. Life is too short to deal with someone else’s garbage.


  1. A lot of women are like this, white, asian, hispanic but I tend to agree that there are too many black women who fit this description.

  2. Mr.James you've done it yet again :-) very informative.....The underlying correlation I see in this blog,along with the "why real men avoid single mothers" blog is, as Men,we have to have STANDARDS.When you have STANDARDS,you just dont settle for anything regardless of "physical beauty".....Good Looking Out for directing a brotha to this blog

  3. All you do is repost the teachings of Tariq Nasheed.And you call yourself a writer

  4. Someone is jealous....
    No, didn't learn anything from Tariq Nasheed. I grew up in the ghetto of the South Bronx and came to my own conclusions observing and experiencing. I've been writing since 1983, and professionally since 1994.

    You on the other hand show how immature you are. If more than one source is telling you the same thing, then maybe there's some TRUTH to it. Maybe instead of whining you should LEARN something.

  5. Very disturbing. The fact that this is more likely true than not is upsetting, but the fact that you would take the time to profile black women in such a manner when 9 out of ten an arrogant know it all such as yourself is the cause of half of her baggage is even more disturbing!!!! The most interesting thing about this post is that you appear to be a washed up black man, and in this case that would be defined as a man who ran into a washed up black woman and got his heart broke. Make better choices, and realize these type of women come in all shapes and sizes. Sincerely,
    Washed-up black woman........The single mother type!!

  6. Shaming tactics galore in the previous comment.

    Never ran into any women. Haven't been in a relationship for 25 years by choice. All I know is what I see and hear on the streets.

    These butthurt women do my job for me.

  7. What a ridiculous judgemental post. So what about black men over 30, are they washed up too...or do they get a
    pass because they are men and allowed to live life and make mistakes like humans? How is someone washed up just because they are over 30? There are many divorced black men and women in their 30s, are they also washed up? Many of you black men were raised by hard working single your mother was a washed up ex-druggie HO? oh, are you referring to every black woman except your mother and sisters...?
    Ignorance upon ignorance upon ignorance. Here is a news flash: it is not a requirement for women of any race to be boo'd up in her teens, twenties, thirties, or ever. It is not a requirement of Jesus or buddha or the president or America or God or anyone. It is a PERSONAL choice that has nothing to do with you. In other words, it's none of your fucking business!! Stop pointing fingers and do some self examination. Anyone who loves or respect themselves would not be tearing other people down and calling people they don't even know washed up. Maybe this is why many Black women choose to stay single. I mean, who would want a man who goes around insulting people he doesn't even know?? If this is the prevailing attitude, it's no wonder that some women choose to stay singke and SANE.

  8. I like Shawn. He has outed himself as a closeted homosexual over and over. Notice the drawings of white women DL men love to floss ww? Notice he hasn't been in an relationship for 25 years Notice he doesnt big up BW but doesn't come out and say, exactly, what sort of women he desires.

    Closeted gay men are very creative but Shawn really. Come on out, mane. You'd most certainly sell more "books".

  9. I like Shawn. He has outed himself as a closeted homosexual over and over. Notice the drawings of white women DL men love to floss ww? Notice he hasn't been in an relationship for 25 years Notice he doesnt big up BW but doesn't come out and say, exactly, what sort of women he desires.

    Closeted gay men are very creative but Shawn really. Come on out, mane. You'd most certainly sell more "books".

  10. Nope not gay.

    I love it when these females throw out the charge of Homosexuality it shows that I'm speaking the truth about something they don't want to hear about.

    I've had that charge thrown at me since I was 12 and I laugh it off these days.

    And none of the women I draw are White women.

    Very heterosexual and Very happy.

  11. Keep on preachin' the truth dude!
    Let the females get mad all they want,you are uncovering the truth.White females as well, wearing all that "fakeup" to cover
    their pitiful a$$.
    Anyway they can deceive, distort,complain,but one thing foe
    "They ALL still want the sausage"!