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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Trojan Horse- A Mangina Tactic to Eliminate Men from the Dating Scene

Men, beware other men bringing over women for you to date.

Any guy who offers to “hook you up” a guy with a woman is a man to be looked at suspiciously. There’s always something behind it.

Seriously, no man worth his salt is going to offer you an opportunity to make a connection with another woman worth anything. He’ll take that opportunity to date her himself before he offers you a chance to get close to her.

Usually, men who offer to hook a man up with a woman will talk up how great she is. How beautiful she is. How she’ll be great for you.

But a man has to ask: If this woman was so great why isn’t he dating her himself?

The reason he’s talking up how great she isn’t to help a man make a love connection. It’s to get another male off the playing field so he can have a chance at some women he sees off in the distance.

I call it the Trojan Horse. A man offers to set up a man with a good looking woman on a date. On the surface he looks like a good friend trying to help out a guy with weak dating skills. And on the surface the woman he’s arranging a date with for a guy looks like a sure thing. An easy lay.

But in actuality it’s a death trap.

The Trojan Horse is a classic Mangina tactic Bitch-Made™ men used to eliminate male competition from the dating scene. If a man is offering up female friends to men, it’s not because he cares about a guy being alone on Saturday night.

He’s afraid that women are looking at said man and not him.

Seriously, what guy is concerned about the pussy another man is getting? Why is another man concerned about another man’s sex life? And why would he be so worried that you’re still single?

Most guys are usually concerned about two things: Making money and getting women. They could care less about the women another man is getting with.

If you’re alone on Saturday night that’s not another man’s problem.

Guys who offer to play matchmaker for a man often have an ulterior motive behind it. They’ve heard ladies talking about him. And he’s heard them making plans. Plans to make a move on a man.

Contrary to popular belief, if ladies like a guy they will make a move. Some will be sly about it by making sure they’re in the same place as a guy, others will just be bold and introduce themselves.

Usually a woman who is interested in a guy will try to be discreet about introducing herself to him. Before she makes a move she’ll study his routine. Then she’ll make a point to be somewhere along that route so she can get a private moment with him. She’ll share these plans with her best friend and girlfriends.

But Manginas will overhear this information and try to use it to their advantage.

Manginas who see this type of movement among women being planned or chattered about want to stop it. Especially if they want to get with the same ladies.

So they offer to be a guy’s friend. They offer to play matchmaker.

It’s all a trap.

A smart player will see through the Mangina and check his ass at jump street. He knows that no real man is going to offer to hook him up with a chick he could get with himself. Chances are he’s already smashed that and has heard the chatter. He’s going to be in that right place to meet that honey as she makes her move on him.

But the more naïve young buck will fall for the Mangina’s ploys. Thirsty for female attention, he’ll actually think that this guy is acting in his best interest. He’ll think that he cares. He’ll think that he’s going to offer him a chance to get with a hottie.

Poor dude doesn’t know he’s about to get played. And played badly.

The Trojan Horse is a trick used by Manginas with no game. These enemies posing as friends fear competition from other men. So they go behind a guy’s back scheming and plotting to stab their “friends” in the back by offering them a chance at a sure thing.

Usually the chicks a Mangina tries to hook up a guy with are chicks with serious issues. While they may look pretty on the outside, the character flaws will start to show up once a guy gets them talking. That’s when they’ll reveal their anger problems, trust issues, alcoholism, drug problems, bipolar, histories of violence. Some are single mothers. They need someone to hook them up because no one WANTS them.

If a guy gets involved with these wrecks he’ll wind up miserable. Which works to the Mangina’s advantage. Once the gossip gets out on the grapevine about how he’s had a bad date with said troubled female it destroys his credibility with other females.

Making the Mangina look like a superstar to the same females who would have been interested in a dude.

Which is why men should beware men who offer up a chance to hook up with a beautiful woman.

Most real men have no problem meeting women and making connections with them. They don’t need some chump playing matchmaker for them. Nor do they want someone to help them make a love connection. They know if someone is speaking for them they may also be speaking against them.

Which is why a real man will speak for himself.

A real man will approach the women he wants to approach. He’s smart enough to see the signs. And if he’s interested in a woman he’ll make a move. 

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