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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shawn takes a CUNY Office Assistant to School- A Lesson in White Supremacy & Racism in the Workplace

Okay there’s this dude who has twice come to my page talking about how CUNY doesn’t discriminate against Black men because he got a job as a Cuny Office Assistant. How he’s making $33,000 a year after working there for five years, and how he doesn’t have a degree.

Big whoop.

He tells me I’m bitter.

He knows nothing about institutional racism and White Supremacy.

I’ma take this chump to school.

He dismisses my experiences with the City University of New York as a fluke. Now he got the same score I did on the Civil service exam, but because HE got a job at the first hiring pool he went to, there’s no racism or discrimination at the City University of New York against Black men.

So my experiences didn’t happen because HE got a job at that first hiring pool.

What a dumbass.

Obviously, this is a young kid who doesn’t know anything. Who hasn’t experienced life. Who probably got hooked up with the COA job by a family member or a friend.

Or he got extremely lucky.

Because you need and AOS or AAS degree and two years of experience to even qualify for the position of CUNY office Assistant.

This dude thinks because HE got a job there is no discrimination at CUNY against Black men. Because He has a job at CUNY other Black men should be able to get one too.

Seriously, stupid niggers like this make me mad.

Narrow-minded niggers like this take their position in life for granted. They have no understanding of how institutional racism and White Supremacy keep Black men out of the American workplace. These are the kinds of clueless sellouts who in five to ten years will tell other Black men they need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Not understanding that it’s hard to pull yourself up when a White man has a boot on your neck and a Black woman has a knee in your back.

And she’s about to hand him the knife to cut your throat.

Just because you have that $33,000 a year CUNY office Assistant job today does not mean you will have it tomorrow.

What this dude doesn’t understand is the same Black women and White men who keep me from getting a job at CUNY are trying to get him out of his job. Yeah, they plotting against you dude.

All you have to do is disagree with their politics on that worksite and they’ll make every effort to get you fired.

Disagree with those Black women and White Supremacists and you’ll find out that permanent position you’ve enjoyed for the past five years ain’t so permanent.

Trust me, those racists you work with at CUNY will FIND a loophole in some company policy to put yo ass out on the street. And there won’t be shit you’ll be able to do about it.

Cause them Union Shop Stewards (Usually Black females) will tell you that they can’t help you.

Yeah, them same Black women you work with are loyal to the White Supremacist Professors and department heads they work for.

But you’re so comfortable in your little $33,000 a year job that you can’t see the knives and the noose those Black women and White men are holding behind their backs.

This dude is so oblivious to the subtle politics transpiring around him he can’t see the racism and discrimination that goes on every day at CUNY. If he ever looked around a CUNY campus he’d see how Black men are the minority in there outside of the janitors and the security guards. Sure they let a few Uncle Toms, Simps, Manginas, and other Bitch-Made™ men like himself have a job here and there, but they are the exception not the rule at CUNY.

And just like this dude they are only there because they agree to a certain type of politics. Politics that make them loyal to the institutions of the Black Matriarchy and White Supremacy.

Not because they meet the professional qualifications for the job.

If this dude would crack open a history book or take some African-American studies classes he’d understand that Black Males are the least desired people in the workplace. And this has NOTHING to do with education, work ethic or productivity.

White Supremacists don’t want Black men in their workplace. It makes them uncomfortable. It makes them feel inferior. It makes them realize that they aren’t special and they will actually have to COMPETE to survive in the world instead of taking their positions in life as White men for granted.

White Supremacists don’t give a fuck about what a Black Man has to offer in terms of skills. All they want at their jobs are people who are loyal to preserving the institutions of White Supremacy and the Black Matriarchy.

Under the White Supremacist corporate hierarchy, White men are placed in executive positions, White men, Asian men and Hispanic men and Black women in middle management and management positions, Black women and women of color in administrative positions, and Black men were placed in low-level security, mailroom, and janitorial positions.

That was the racial hierarchy for jobs in every business in the United States for the past 50 years. And there has NEVER been a place in the corporate hierarchy for Black men except the very bottom.

And the Black men who had those jobs have been systematically replaced by Hispanics, Russians, Poles, Slavs, Ukranians and other Eastern Europeans over the past ten years.

So the Black man’s place in that corporate structure is quickly disappearing.

But this dude is so comfortable in his little CUNY Office Assistant position. Because HE is making $33,000 a year HE can’t see the bigger picture of how White Supremacy keeps other Black men from getting work through CUNY Civil Service.

Nor does he see how it will eventually put him out of a job if he just as much crosses the wrong White man or Black woman.

And I’m the bitter one.

For telling the truth.

All I’m doing in these blogs is trying to wake up brothers and sisters and school them about CUNY’s racist hiring policies towards Black men. I’m trying to get people to understand the insidious pattern and practices that the City University of New York uses to keep Black men from getting an entry level position such as CUNY Office Assistant.

Just because a company lets one or two brothers or hires a bunch of Black women in doesn’t mean it’s providing equal opportunity for everyone. These discriminatory hiring policies, patterns and practices are so insidiously woven within the institution’s policy and culture in unwritten rules that aren’t visible to the naked eye. It often takes a person who is objective and observant to notice them. 

So to that brotha with that COA Job: I hope I open your eyes and school you on some things.