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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The Summer Young Adult eBook exclusive series will be back for 2012. I’m hoping that the promotion gets more tweens and teens reading over the summer than last year.

The summer series will start this June instead of May. After finaly finishing the first draft of Book #7 (Also Young Adult/tween fiction) I’m kind of backed up and I need room to do final edits on some eBooks and finally write others. Yeah, it’s that hectic for me. I’ll get to that Temptation of John Haynes Sequel one day!

The selection will be a bit more diverse. In addition to fiction, there will be non-fiction, more teleplay books and even a feature-length screenplay! Genres will vary from action-adventure, to comedy and African-American fantasy (If I can write it in time!)

I’m still working out the list. But I can guarantee there will be a new All About Nikki eBook this year. I really want to release two eBooks a month, but it’ll depend on when I have stuff ready.

Like last year, all of the eBooks will be free on Smashwords. They’ll also be available on and Barnes & Noble for just 99 cents if you want to pony up some coin to support me and my writing. .

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