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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trickin' - How a SIMP Gets Sex

According to the law, prostitution is defined as the exchange of sexual favors for cash, goods or services.

This is the main reason why prostitution is illegal.

But the Simp has helped numerous women find their way around the law and make prostitution perfectly legal.

Thanks to Simps and their money based approaches to relationships, average ordinary women exchange sexual favors for goods and services every day.

How does the Simp get away with prostitution? He just has a relationship with one woman at a time. Because all of his “Dates” are technically in the pursuit of romance he skims the letter of the law.

But he violates the spirit of it.

While a Simp doesn’t directly solicit a woman for sex, many women will offer sexual favors to get him to provide cash and gifts for her. In exchange for a dinner date with a Simp at an expensive restaurant, he may get oral sex. For expensive item such as designer clothes or jewelry women may give him vaginal sex. A trip to an exotic place may get a man both or even anal pleasure.

When these exchanges occurs, the Simp becomes a Trick, paying a woman in exchange for her sexual favors.

Since there is no express contract stating that there was sex in exchange for cash, many women lie to themselves and say they’re not engaging in prostitution. By blurring the lines of their “romantic” relationship, these women deny that they are selling their bodies in exchange for cash and gifts. In their eyes they’re dating one man, not standing on the street corner soliciting johns for tricks.

But it’s the act and the intent by the woman that makes it prostitution. Whether it’s one man or a hundred men, the motive and intent for exchanging the sexual favors are the same.

What makes this relationship prostitution? The unwritten contract agreed on between the Simp and his woman. According to the law a contract is an agreement between two people based on consideration as compensation and is to be executed in a period of time.

It can be argued that the Simp and a woman make an agreement to go on a date. The consideration (the dinner or the gifts) is presented during the date as compensation for the sexual favors. After the compensation is presented the sexual favors are exchanged by the end of the night ending the contract.
It’s this exchange of these goods or services that make the sex between a Simp and a woman prostitution.

It’s not common when women are confronted with this truth and they’ll say they the sex they had with a Simp was consensual. They’ll try to justify that the gifts they got were perfectly legal because there technically was no contract between themselves and the man they were involved with. In their eyes all is fair in love and war.

When a woman reaches this stage of denial she is well on her way to becoming a part-time prostitute. She may have a day job making good money, but whenever she needs something, she negotiates a deal for whatever material item she wants. Then they meet up at a place for dinner. Afterward she performs the sexual act on the Simp in exchange for the promised “gift”.

By exchanging her body for goods some of these women sometimes get a home in a nice neighborhood, furniture, a luxury car and trips to exotic places. Others just get their necessities like light bills, telephone bills paid for and a little extra spending money. A few of the poorer ones just get a chance to get a meal to fill their rumbling stomachs. Some women sell their bodies for as little as a box of Chinese fried rice and four chicken wings.

All of it paid for and perfectly legal because the relationship couldn’t be defined as the prostitution it actually is.

This blurring of the moral and ethical lines Simpin creates make many women think that relationships are all about money and what they can get out of a man. Women stop seeing men as potential life mates to share their time with and start looking at men as marks, suckers to take advantage of. They start sizing men up based on the contents of their wallets instead of the contents of their character.

Worse it makes women think they can put a price tag on their bodies. Some women are so twisted by the ideologies of Simpin they’ve even established a price list in their minds. Oral sex is dinner at a Five-Star restaurant and a Gucci Bag. Vaginal sex is paying a month’s rent, or a pair of Manolos. Three sexual acts are a shopping spree. A boob job means he gets to titfuck her three times a week once the surgery heals. A trip to an exotic place like Cancun or Jamaica means he gets to do anything he wants to her.

Simpin makes women sell themselves short. When they exchange their bodies for material things, they miss out on what’s great about having a relationship with a man. They miss out on the personal connection two people share by discovering they have something in common with each other. They miss out on the close intimate relationship two people have when they take the time to get to know each other. And they miss out on the beauty of sex when two people express their love for each other.

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  1. Shawn, you've really gone into it in plain, unvarnished language no one can misunderstand. We both know this doesn't begin with those you label "Simps" and the women who choose to deal with them. It begins on much, much higher levels and societies at large are shot thru with it.

    Actually, young girls should be warned about this kind of thing. Forewarned is forearmed and there's hardly any such thing anymore as starting too early.

    Thanks Shawn. You've done us all a favor.