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Thursday, May 24, 2012

June's Summer YA eBook Exclusives

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of Summer. And the Summer reading season.

To kick off the summer reading season I’m offering a new series of FREE YA eBook exclusives on Smashwords for teen and tween readers.

June’s YA EBook titles are:

A guide explaining why men shouldn't spend lots of money on women when they're dating. Also discusses the tactics Simps use they use and why they all fail in courting the opposite sex.

This guide was written to help tween and teen boys and young men understand what Simpin is and how it prevents them from having good relationships with women.


The International best-selling Smash hit is back with all new episodes!  

Six months after moving to Los Angeles sixteen-year-old Nikki Desmond is adjusting to life on the west coast. As she starts a new semester at Beverly Hills High School, she’s resolving to make changes to overcome her surly racist and rude behavior. In the screenplays of the first three episodes of the Sensational Second Season of this teen sitcom, Nikki tries to navigate the Beverly Hills High social scene with a combination of tough love, humor and life lessons. 

All these titles are FREE on Smashwords for the entire summer. However, if readers want to support me in my writing endeavors they can pay 99cents for them on Kindle or Nook. 

More new titles next month! 

1 comment:

  1. You're doing it up right, Shawn, and I wish you all success. Lay on your subject of why men don't need finance to get romance. This is one facet of our life that we need to dump. Women make about the same as men. Why in the world should men be expected to pay all the freight. Love and respect each other and let love be free and from the heart.

    If you ca strike a blow for just this one thing, you will have done invaluble work and I, for one, commend you.