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Sunday, May 20, 2012

All About Art

I downloaded a few poses from   (WARNING! Artistic Nudity!) to get back into the drawing groove.  I've been roughing out some art to get warmed up to do a new Nikki eBook cover. Here are some of the results: 

Based on Anastaia 004

Rough art inspired by Anastasia 004

Color work on rough art

Nikki Desmond in 90's Chic Tuxedo dress.
 Inspired by Bridget Fonda'sTuxedo Dress in the 1992 classic thriller Single White Female
(Great Movie BTW-recommended)

Tux Dress revision (tried to get better proportions) 

Marilyn at work  sketch based on JenB415

Ink and color of Marilyn at work
NOTE: YA ebook exclusives start Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Shawn, you're doing great with your artwork! Keep it up. I love your style because it's unique :)

  2. Like Savannah, I think your art is unique and you could easily be a male fashionista. But the artistic runs in veins. You're multitalented for sure. Please run more of these. They'really quite interesting and satisfying.