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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why Manginas Fail at Romance

What is A Mangina? A Mangina is a man who always agrees with women and worships the ground they walk on. The kind of guy who puts women on pedestals. The kind of guys who let women treat them like doormats.

Moreover he’s the kind of Man who behaves like a woman. Usually the product of single-parent homes these Bitch-Made™ men often inherit the worst traits of female behavior. Like women, Manginas are notorious for being insecure, petty, and jealous. They’re also known for being deceitful and manipulative, using numerous unethical tactics to win the heart of the woman they want.

The main reason why a Mangina will fight for a woman’s causes is not to see equality between the sexes. No, it’s all part of his master plan to score some pussy. He figures if he constantly agrees with a woman and goes along with everything she says, it’ll make him look like a saint in her eyes.

Manginas think that by pandering to women and trying to mold themselves into their ideal mate it’ll increase their chances of getting laid. Some think It’ll get them a girlfriend. Others think It’ll get them married.

It’s a plan that backfires one hundred percent of the time.

Manginas think by being everything a woman wants it’ll make him more appealing to women. Unfortunately, it turns most women off.

A Mangina thinks that by constantly agreeing with women it’ll gain him brownie points with them. He thinks that by being their friend and giving her that ear to hear her problems and that shoulder to cry on she’ll grow to love him. Like Captain-Save-A-Hoe™ He thinks that his good deeds will earn him the favor of a woman. Moreover, he thinks a lover needs to be a friend to a woman first.

And that’s why they’re the friend who stands by as the woman of his dreams has a relationship with someone else.

Manginas have no idea that all their actions actually are turn-offs. Once a man is in the Friend Zone™ He practically is invisible to women as a love interest.

The main reason why the Manginas master plan fails is because it’s just DISHONEST. Manginas often play the role of “best friend” to a woman in the hopes of turning the friendship into romance. And the main reason why their master plan fails is because in his role of best friend and advocate to women he often reveals what a misogynist they are  to the women he’s trying to court.

A Mangina’s constant brown-nosing and pandering to women in his quest to appear like the ideal mate is just a way  to deflect attention from his flaws. In his quest to be perfect and please the woman he desires Manginas often suppresses themselves. That suppression of self becomes a pent-up rage  and resentment that builds inside the Mangina making these guys ticking time bombs.

When he’s rejected by the object of his affection he explodes in a rage the equivalent of a woman on her period. This fit is usally filled with crying, screaming, profanity and a whole lot of emotion. Some even get violent. Hence, the title Mangina. 

Most Manginas fail at romance not just for being dishonest, but because they're too passive. Because they're too afraid to go for what they  wants. Because they're too afraid to stand up for themselves and stand out from the crowd.

No Real Woman wants a man who constantly agrees with her for a mate. That kind of brown-nosing works a nerve after a while. To a woman a man who constantly agrees with her is a man with no backbone, no testicles, and no courage.  Women want men to be bold, courageous and most of all ASSERTIVE enough to express their opinions and express themselves and be themselves. Women want a man who will challenge them, who will stimulate their minds and make them think. They don’t want a spineless wimp who doesn’t have the courage to stand up for himself and go for what he wants.

Brothers Don’t be a Mangina. Man up and grow a pair and live life to the fullest. 

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