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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why the Mangina is the enemy of Real Men Everywhere.

The most dangerous kind of SIMP is the Mangina. Manginas are men who agree with women and brown nose-to them to get in their pants. Because most Manginas are raised by single mothers, they often learn to think like a lady. This makes them dangerous when they interact in the social circles of men. Utilizing the numerous deceitful and unethical tactics they learned from women they try to undermine or eliminate other men from the dating scene.

Here are some of the reasons why the Mangina is the enemy of Men everywhere:

Manginas always put women first. Manginas often put women in leadership roles. However, it’s all part of an insidious plan to get into their pants. Manginas often brown nose to women in the hopes that by appearing to be “enlightened” he’ll be their ideal mate. And that by being their ideal mate they’ll choose them over other men.

Manginas always agree with women A mangina has an opinion- That of the women around him. Manginas think that by agreeing with women that women will like them. The irony is that by agreeing with women all the time they lose face in front of them. No woman respects a man without the testicles or the backbone to express his own opinion.

Manginas enable an entitlement mindset in women. By advocating for women so much, a Mangina enables women to believe that they are victims of men in society. Moreover, he makes women think that they are entitled preferential treatment for being born with a vagina.

Manginas put women on pedestals.  Manginas see women as soft delicate creatures who have to be worshipped like goddesses and queens. In a Manginas’s world women are absolutely perfect and can do absolutely NO WRONG. This gives women swelled heads and make them think they are always right when they are wrong.

Manginas refuse to see women as human beings with flaws. Moreover, they don’t understand that women are resilient creatures who can withstand things like failure, loss and pain.

A Mangina hates being a man. Being raised by bitter single mothers, A Mangina is programmed from day one to think all men are monsters. So he tries to be the opposite of his “evil” father and every other man who harmed his mother. What he doesn’t know that by not trying to be like his father is simply self-hatred.

Manginas often harbor resentment towards other men. Because they’re Bitch-Made™ Manginas have inferiority complexes when in the company of other men. These insecurities make them envy men who are secure and confident enough in their manhood and believe enough in themselves to go for their dreams.

Manginas think they are better than other men. Thanks to the Bitch-Made™ socialization he got in childhood, a Mangina thinks that by being raised to be the opposite of his “evil” father he is superior to other men and is absolutely perfect. In a Mangina’s eyes he is the “ideal” mate for a woman because he has learned to not be like his father from his mother. They think because of their “enlightened” mindset that women will see them as the perfect catch.

A Mangina is insecure in the circles of other men. Because a Mangina is Bitch-Made™ He feels uncomfortable in the presence of other men. It’s not common for a mangina to avoid other men in places like locker rooms, bars or other places men congregate. Mangina’s don’t see other men as friends but as the enemy.

A Mangina is a gossip. Usually when men talk, what’s said stays between those two men or that group of men. But a Mangina is the kind of man who puts other men’s business in the street. When he gets some juicy gossip, he blabs it everywhere. And in most cases he uses it to his advantage to eliminate male competition in his quest to win the woman of his dreams.

Manginas are notorious for being petty and passive aggressive. While most men can respect another man, a Mangina can’t appreciate other men. Much like the females he was raised by, he’s often but afraid to express that resentment to someone directly. Because they’re spineless, Manginas won’t say something to another man face-to-face. No, they’ll do it in cowardly ways like making snide comments to women behind a man’s back or mocking them passive aggressive ways.

A Mangina is a liar. A Mangina rarely ever tells the truth. His Single Mom taught him from birth that lying gets him whatever he wants. Watching her manipulate and lie to men, he’s learned to use this tactic in his master plan to get whatever he wants.

Manginas think they are entitled to relationships with women. Most Bitch-Made™ Manginas think they are the perfect man for a woman.  Unfortunately, they don’t get much action. This frustrates them because they’ve been told by their Single mothers that they’re absolutely perfect for women and most women should want them. Thanks to this lie told to them by mom, most Manginas think that they’re entitled to the woman of their dreams. Moreover, they make them think that women are just supposed to throw themselves at them because they are good and perfect. Then they enter the real world and wind up experiencing a rude awakening when most women pass him over.

What most Manginas don’t understand is that no one is entitled to a relationship with anyone else. Moreover, if a man wants a relationship with a woman, he has to go out and get it. Dating is active not passive, and if someone wants to pursue someone, they have to state their intentions.

A Mangina is jealous of another man’s relationships with women. While Real men will be proud of seeing a man having a relationship with a woman and be happy for him, the Mangina will often be resentful of the happiness he sees transpiring in front of him. In the Manginas eyes he is the only man who should be happy with a woman.

A Mangina is a sneaky son of a bitch who always goes behind other men’s backs. Real men discuss things face-to-face. A Mangina always goes behind other men’s backs. Worse, when he gossips about men, he takes the information he gets to other men, like his enemies.

Manginas are notorious backstabbers. When dealing with a Mangina, always look out for the knife in his hand or in his hip pocket. Manginas are known for earning a man’s trust and then using their own information against them to either persuade a woman to betray her boyfriend or to take a man’s job or business contacts.

Sometimes they’ll suggest a guy do something like cheat on his girl and then when the guy does it he goes off and tells the girlfriend so he can get a shot at her. In other cases he’ll suggest a guy go off and do something illegal at work, then flip him over to the boss to get the guy’s job.

Manginas try to eliminate the competition. Manginas gossip with men and women. But the goal of amassing that information is to use it against the men he befriends so he can pursue the women he wants. Like a MeanGirl™ a Mangina thinks that manipulation and lies are justified in his quest to win the object of his affection.

Manginas use a variety of unethical tactics to get men out of the picture of a woman they want to pursue.

Manginas Love to Play Matchmaker. A Mangina is the kind of guy who has his ear to the grapevine. Because he’s best friends with many women he knows when those women are interested in a dude. If he’s interested in that same woman, he’ll try to eliminate his competition by trying to “hook up” the unsuspecting man with another woman.

Guys who know better understand that no man is going to help them make a love connection with a quality woman when he could have that woman himself.

However, less seasoned men can’t see through this Trojan Horse™ attack and think the Mangina is acting in their best interests.

Usually he sets the unsuspecting man up with a woman with an ugly personality and even uglier character. He hopes that if the guy has a bad date with said woman that word will get back to the object of his affection and she’ll be turned off and stop pursuing him. That makes him look more like a prize to the women he wants to get with.

Manginas pander to women by pretending to be their best friend. Manginas think by coming through the back-door they have a shot at a relationship. They think that by being a friend to a woman first they can become a lover later on. It’s a plan that usually backfires when they wind up in the friend zone permanently. Because Manginas lack the testicles to state clearly what they want from a woman, they wind up frustrated watching as the woman of his dreams pursues other men.

What Manginas don’t understand is that while a Man is a woman’s best friend, it’s his honesty and integrity from day one that draws a woman close to him. By clearly stating what he wants from a woman in the beginning, he shows that he is a man who is confident enough to go for what he wants. And it’s that confidence that women find attractive about him.  

Manginas love to turn men against other men. To separate a man from his friends, Manginas play like “Mean Girls”. They’ll dig up dirt on said man and spread salacious rumors on him. He hopes this will make the man who he’s jealous of appear weak in their presence and make other men disassociate from him. And while he’s discrediting said man, he’s making himself out to be a great hero and a best friend to the group. In the cases of extremely weak males, the Mangina will take the role of leader of the group.

Manginas are cowards. Manginas don’t have the backbone to step to a woman face-to-face and state their true intentions. No, these guys are the kind to hover around a woman playing their “Friend” in the hopes of getting with the woman of their dreams.

They’re also the kinds of guys who sneak around their friends backs and take their jobs or steal away their business contacts. These spineless jellyfish slither around poisoning the lives of all those around him and slip away to the next group of victims.

Manginas can dish it out but can’t take it. Manginas love to do all types of underhanded tactics to undermine men and women, but when they get their hand caught in the cookie jar, they turn into blubbering babies. It’s not common for a Mangina to run away when confronted by Real men. And it’s even more common for them to turn on the waterworks and start crying when the truth is revealed about them to women.

Manginas can’t take rejection. A Real Man may hurt for a while about rejection, but he will get over it and move on. A Mangina on the other hand can’t handle anyone saying no to him. When he gets rejected he goes CRAZY. Watching a Mangina lose his temper is akin to watching a woman during her period. He’s surly moody and will explode at someone for absolutely no reason. Sometimes he’s prone to violence. In extreme cases he bleeds from the crotch.

Manginas are victims. Real Men chalk up whatever losses they have in life. But a Mangina believes himself to be the victim of EVERYONE. Everything in his life happened due to someone else, and he’s never responsible for any of his actions.

Manginas are miserable and want others to join him in his company. Because a mangina can’t have happiness in their lives due to the lies told to him by his single mom and the entitlement issues she gave him, he tries to sabotage happy people. He usually does this utilizing numerous tactics such as gossiping, rumor mongering and emotional and mental manipulation.  

Manginas aren’t happy with themselves and they want others to join them in their misery. So they cause drama in other people’s lives so they’ll appear inferior as compared to his place of pseudo superiority.

Watch out for Manginas. They look like men and talk like men, but they act like women. That’s what makes these predators extremely dangerous. These cowards work behind the scenes getting your information and using it against you in the dating scene and on the job. However, Most Manginas have a pattern of behavior that’s easy to spot. Once you identify it, avoid these losers like the plague. All they bring to the lives of the people around them is drama and stress. You don’t need their misery so avoid their company. 


  1. Any "nice guy" needs to read this right now and learn that pandering to women will lead to nowhere.

  2. Wow, the fuck. Some of this article is practically me. Help me!

  3. As some 6'6" good looking guy, the amount of job sabotaging, social backstabbing, an all around relentless assault by pussy begging insecure manginas I have put up with in my life was enough to drive me absolutely blood thirsty for revenge against such simps.

    If I'm on a date with a hot chick, I get relentless assaults from manginas trying to steal her, even thou they would NEVER try approaching the women I'm with if she was alone, it's like the fact she's all buttered up & eager with sex for me, all they smell is "sex" an they come running like a fucking dog who got a whiff of BarBQ. It's like they think if a women is about to spread her legs for a guy, if they can knock that guy out the way they can just take his place an shove their dicks in.

    One time at Canadian Tire, there was this 14 year old girl who was HEAVILY flirting with me, I knew she was ultimately cawk teasing me, but she was a really hot young thing, thin, perky tits, pretty face, etc so I just played along with it an moved along, one time I petted her on the head jokingly an she started to jump an trying to "love bite" my hand while giggling & stuff. Suddenly this BIG FAT DOPEY SNAGGLE TOOTH MOTHAFUCKAH from behind me waiting in line started up in panic mode asking me "how much do you weigh, how much do you eat" with a fucked up look on his face like literally trying to "upstage me" by focusing on the ONLY thing he can beat me at, by weighing more than me. This mangina dipshit's brain just Turned right the fuck off, all he processed was "this guys gonna get the hot chicks pussy, SEX, I SMELL SEX, Gottah get the sex, sex is available, go get it, ARRRRROOOOOOOOO!!!!! arf arf"

    All western men are like this, the vast majority of them are just as fat, stupid, an all around nasty. However these dumb fucks are kept in Female Harems as "bill payers" while women fuck more worthy men. Our town pubs are INFESTED with single women surrounded by Rig Pig dopes pandering to her while trying to upstage one another for her approval............while paying all the bills that come when I walk in the door an they see her looking at me with a big smile on her face.........they fucking lose it

    "what do you do'
    "how much do you make".

    One favorite constant tactic they use is the "who's dah better man" shit, usually like all bitch manginas stuck in the "pay but not play" arena they start asking me how much money I make or what do I do for a living.

    If that does not work they try to instigate violence, basically shit talking you hoping to get you to react violently, then they literally convince themselves that they are the white knight saving the damsel in distress from a nasty unworthy violent rapist creepy loser like yourself. No matter what you say to them they'll try to "warp" it into putting you in the "black knight" role then attack you in the most sneaky/dirty fashion imaginable. When shit does get thrown down rest assured that all bets are off, if a mangina is with other manginas they'll all jump you at once, they'll kick you when your down, attack from behind, kick you in the nuts, etc, anything & everything is permitted because in their minds you are the dragon to be slayed an the princess to be rescued.

    I love it when they say "o, your unemployed huh, HAHAHA" while looking all smug about it. YAH KINDA HARD TO KEEP A JOB WHEN every time I'm working some lil INSECURE RUNT does everything he can to get me fired, like giving me false instructions so I would mess up, or an endless variety of lies & bullying.

    1. Remember youre not alone with this bro!


  4. Thats one of the best articles I have read in a while, I actually wanted to post something like this myself, but there it was!! This is the truth out there folks. People are like this I can tell you for sure. Thanks for posting the ugly truth, greetings from Norway / the last Soviet State.

    And to the post: August 10, 2012 11:37:00 PM PDT

    This is even better than the article itself. I have these experiences myself, even if I try to avoid them when I see the possibility of a mangina getting a "mangina point".

    Sometimes this world freaks me out, because I can`t really believe what shit people are willing to do, because their single mothers (or just evil feminist mothers) has told them that they are the "perfect little boy".

    Man, I thought I was the only one seeing and experiencing this, good that others are waking up too. Keeps me going!!

    As a note, I recommmend being celibate, at least until you find the right girl for you.

    If you want real proof, try it for yourself folks. Its totally free, gets your manhood back.

    I suspect that these manginas are the worst wankers out there.

  5. Like those fruitcake maleginas that are in the government, law enforcement, and the court system? Yeah, they're definitely a normal man's worst nightmare.

  6. Another type of simp/mangina is a married man. Married men tend to think they're better than single men, putting them down and crying to convince them to get married.

    I always say misery loves company.

  7. Trust me, I cannot thank you enough for this article.
    And I want to assure everyone who reads this, that it every word of this article is PURE GOLD.

    Please, I urge you to post more articles like this

  8. Guys, I have a Manginas eBook on Amazon for 99 cents:

    and for free on smashwords:
    The eBook goes more in depth about Manginas and details ALL the reasons why these guys are the enemy of Real Men all over the world.

  9. Hugo Schwyzer is a mangina.

  10. damn. I am guilty of more than half the things written in this article. I grew up seeing my dad treat my mom like shit, and even though my mom had married to my now step-father she has remained the primary driving force in my life I felt more free whenever she wasn't around since my step-dad allowed me (allowed is relative, actually it was easier to manoeuvre around him) to get away with most things that she would kick up a big stink for. Also I grew up being the "house boy" once I used to be part of sports, the choir and stuff and she stopped me from continuing them so now I'm a lazy couch potato in the recovery stages. I know my mom was being her usual protective self but looking back on my life I realize she's held me back from alot of things and the fact that I attended an all-boys school during my formative years I was around alot of mangina-type guys and to beat them, most times I employed mangina tactics as well. Looking at this article I kinda feel ashamed of myself cause I'm a generally nice guy but whenever I told a girl how I really felt I got rejected numerous times so I'm stuck perpetually in the friend-zone. Also I'm not really that competitive but I'm more comfortable around women than I am around most men..... But still I don't stick bull-shit from either one so there you have I think everyone of us has a bit of mangina in us.

  11. Hm, I actually feel sorry for so-called "manginas" on two counts. The first is their women friends don't really like such men - one day the women will gang up and backstab such a man when he gets too pushy i.e. expecting a relationship. Secondly, manginas are alienated from the same sex. It must be so horribly lonely, as women aren't always available as friends ...

  12. A few more ideas after rereading the article. First up, I have never ever witnessed a straight guy play matchmaker. lol. A gay man might play matchmaker for his female friend (out of affection for said female, since the gay guy obviously can't wed her himself). However, straight guys playing matchmaker? That beggars belief. (At least in Australia - it's unheard of!)

    Are manginas cowards? Yes, I can relate to that one. My parents are divorced. My mother had an affair with my dad's business partner and this business partner didn't just steal another man's woman - he stole dad's file of business numbers/contacts etc. Betraying a man sexually is one thing. But betraying a man financially/in business is worse!

    I don't know if married men believe they're "superior" (in reference to one of the comments). The married men I've met always seemed so sad and beaten down ...

  13. Here in the U.S. when I was a teenager and a young man I've run into several straight guys who tried to play matchmaker for me. Talking about how they were gonna hook me up with a woman.

    It signaled a red flag in me back then. It happens a lot here in the U.S.

    The Mangina is a sneaky bastard who will take everything from another man if given a chance. That's why I'm getting the word out about this scum and his tactics and strategies. The quicker you identify a mangina the faster you can get him out of your life.

  14. Thank you for this article and the ebook. It "enlightened" me to something so obvious that I overlooked it. I would suggest that the Manginas are borderline gay, feminised to such a degree but would never go gay. There are a lot of good comments here too.