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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All About a new eBook

All About a new eBook

Hey Amazon customers,

Due to a snafu involving Smashwords not removing All About Nikki- Three Episodes from the Fabulous First Season from the Apple ibookstore I was forced to take the book out of print on Kindle a few days ago. I know the eBook was very popular with many readers and I hope to have it back on sale in June on all online retailers when the Kindle exclusive contract ends for the summer YA eBook series.

All About Nikki-Three Episodes from the Fabulous First Season was supposed to be KDP Select Exclusive. And that means I can’t sell the book in other e-reading venues like apple’s ibookstore.

I thought the eBook was pulled from those venues way back in October. But Someone at Apple didn’t get Smashwords notice to take the book off sale.

But don’t fret. For the meantime I’ll be offering a New All About Nikki eBook on Amazon AllAbout Nikki-Four Episodes From the Fabulous First Season. This Kindle exclusive edition will feature episodes 4-7 of All About Nikki’s Fabulous first Season. The eBook will be FREE April 7, 2012, for anyone who wants a copy and 99 cents after that. Anyone who read episodes 1-3 of All About Nikki over last summer and last holiday season can immediately jump into the new episodes.

Or you can just buy All About Nikki-The Fabulous First Season. This eBook contains all 13 episodes of the Fabulous First Season of All About Nikki. And it’s only 99 cents, the same price as Three Episodes from the Fabulous First Season. So you get more for the same price.

I encourage readers to buy the All about Nikki-The Fabulous First Season eBook because it’s a fantastic bargain. For the low price of 99 cents you can get an entire season of a teen sitcom! That’s the price of ONE episode of a TV show on Apple!

Or opt for the paperback, which costs about the price of a DVD boxset. The All About Nikki Paperback features all the scripts in the eBook, but formatted to WGA standards and bonus material. (I’m urging readers to opt for the paperback because I’ve been unemployed for three going on four years and I need the money to pay my bills!)

Plus the paperback is pretty and stylish. You’ll look cool reading it on the train or on the plane.

On another note, Barnes & Noble customers will have the chance to buy All AboutMarilyn again. I was forced to take the book out of circulation on Pubit! and Smashwords due to poor sales, but after several promotional periods where it wound up #1 in screenplays and performing arts on Kindle, I’ll be offering it back at B&N to test the Nook waters again. The acclaimed screenplay eBook will be going back on sale Thursday for 99 cents.  It would have been tomorrow, but I want to play it safe with the KDP select issues.

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  1. Okay, I can take a hint:) My order is in. I'm a devoted fan, and before this I wasn't much on YA books, but these are different. I add my voice to yours in urging readers to treat themselves to great treats in these YA's.