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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why I Believe George Zimmerman is a Sociopath

George Zimmerman is more than a racist.

George Zimmerman is a sociopath.

Only America doesn’t see it.

Most Americans Black or White are too busy being polarized by race and politics to take an objective look at Zimmerman and see the dangerous predator he is.

Sociopaths are often extremely difficult to identify. The insidious ways that they manipulate and abuse individuals and communities are often undetectable to the average person. Usually it takes a psychiatric professional to reveal them and their danger to society.

There is a clear sociopathic pattern to George Zimmerman’s behavior. An examination of the facts will detail how depraved he is.

George Zimmerman sought to control the Florida gated community he lived in. Using a veneer of safety and community he imposed himself as Neighborhood Watch Captain.

On the surface it seemed like he was doing a noble thing protecting the community. But sociopaths often do things that appear good on the outside but are have more sinister ulterior motives behind them.

Zimmerman took advantage of people’s good nature by presenting himself as someone concerned with the neighborhoods safety. But it was a power grab so he could control the residents of that gated community.

By imposing himself as the Neighborhood Watch Captain, Zimmerman showed little empathy or regard for others. A person concerned about protecting the community usually involves the community and considers the feelings of others. They usually let things come to a vote and allow others to help.

However, by asserting his authority over that Florida gated community Zimmerman clearly showed his soiciopathic need for power and control. Like most sociopaths he took power without regard for the other residents’ consideration.

In his position of pseudo authority, Zimmerman saw himself as the law. Moreover, he saw himself above the law. A one-man judge, jury and executioner.

A person concerned with community would have no need to carry a firearm doing these duties. But Zimmerman believing himself to be above the law needed a weapon to enforce his authority.

On the surface, George Zimmerman pretended to support law enforcement in his neighborhood watch. But in reality he felt contempt for law enforcement and the threat of their interference in ruling his fiefdom.

This contempt was expressed passive-aggressive way Zimmerman made over 50 911 calls while on his neighborhood watch. On the surface it looked like he was deeply concerned for his community. But in actuality he was attempting to weaken the resolve of law enforcement so they wouldn’t take calls to that part of the community seriously. This way he could have more control over the residents.

Like most sociopaths, George Zimmerman has no regard for law enforcement. In the past he has assaulted police officers, a clear sign of his indifference and disregard of authority or anyone that doesn’t fit within his locus of control.

And in the case of Trayvon Martin, he disregarded a 911 operator who told him not to engage him. A normal person of sound mind concerned with the safety of others in the community would have supported law enforcement and not engaged an alleged suspicious person.

Like most sociopaths, Zimmerman is impulsive. His decision to disregard the 911 operator and engage Maritn was something done with very little thought for consequences of Trayvon or others. Remember, this man was carrying a loaded firearm, and he could have harmed others, not just Trayvon if the situation had escalated.

What most don’t understand is that Sociopaths are very controlling. On the night of the murder, Zimmerman never saw Trayvon before. So he perceived him as an intruder to the fifedom he was ruling and controlling.

When he disregarded the 911 operators request for him to stand down he justified in his mind that the laws of the State of Florida did not fit his brand of justice. With this justification for his wrongdoing he set out to pass judgment on Trayvon Martin.

By disregarding the 911 operator, Zimmerman set out to make a statement with the murder of Trayvon Martin to his community. One that he was the law of that gated community. And that anyone who opposed his law would meet the same fate as the “fucking coon” Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman’s actions clearly showed his sociopathic pattern of behavior. That he perceived himself person above the policies police department. A person above the laws of State of Florida. A tyrant.

However, upon being confronted by the police, He then sought to justify the murder with the “Stand Your Ground” Law making efforts to twist the law to fit into his warped interpretation of the facts. Sociopaths often try to manipulate the facts to justify their acts of wrongdoing. Moreover, they are charming enough to convince others that their wrong position is actually right.

Unfortunately, many are too blinded by race and politics to see how this sociopath is using these issues to manipulate them by polarizing them. It’s a deflection so he can evade punishment for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

What most Americans don’t understand is sociopaths love to play on people’s emotions. They love to get reactions out of people. It’s how they manipulate and control others. It allows them to appear sane when they’re the ones who are actually making people crazy. It’s how they sneak away and find new victims to abuse someplace else.

Which is what will happen if George Zimmerman is allowed to walk away without punishment. He’ll find a new group of victims to take advantage of and control. A new place where he’ll eventually kill again. If this sociopath isn’t imprisoned NOW, some other unfortunate citizen who doesn’t fit into George Zimmerman’s twisted world may become his next victim.

Many of the residents of that Florida community and throughout America are caught up in the emotional smokescreen of race and politics. They don’t understand the insidious nature of a sociopath. They have no idea how these predators use our goodwill to take advantage of us. How they lie. How they justify their malicious actions. How they deflect, shame, and play the victim. How they’ll do anything to win at any cost. How they have no empathy or regard for others. How they have no regard for human life.

When America thinks of sociopaths they think of serial killers and mass murderers like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer. They don’t understand that these predators can be right under our noses. How they can be ordinary people like George Zimmerman who pretend to have our best interests at heart. How they twist our goodwill for their benefit and use that relationship harm to us.

America needs to look past the smokescreen of race and politics and dig deeper into the Trayvon Martin Case. George Zimmerman is a sociopath and he’s manipulating the puppet strings of the country to get away with murder.


  1. No one could write it better, Shawn. Bravo! Kudos! And we all owe you a debt of gratitude for unmasking George Zimmerman, Watch captain and yes, I feel you call it correctly, sociopath, with no little of the psychopath thrown in.

    Please make this copy available to anyone who is interested in truth. This man's behavior is beyond the pale. How much more do we need to read about his vicious behavior to see that he is, indeed, a sociopath. He's one of the few people whose face mirrors this.

    Sullen, childish, sulking, "I double dog dare you" is the expression he so grandly wears for all to see. He is a walking threat and in his case, God has made it possible for us to plainly see this. Other sociopaths are much smoother, but not George. That's why I, too, believe that this person is a sociopath and should be dealt with as one.

    I hope you will write further on this matter, because it cries to high Heaven to have light thrown on it. How many more Tryvon Martins do we have to have lying in the streets, lives snuffed out, God-given promise destroyed, because a monster like Zimmerman needed to assuage his pathetic sense of helplessness and despair with a mask of bravado and spurious manliness?

  2. Mr James,
    I thought that Zimmerman was a Sociopath for a couple of weeks now. When I googled it, I just knew that no one else felt the same way. I have a daughter that is a sociopath and this really sounds like a situation that she could find herself in, and she would behave the same exact way. Very well thought out article and VERY well put together. Thank you. We really need to get the word out to the public of how dangerous sociopaths are. This is a mental illness that is not recognized by the general public because of the sociopaths mindset. However if this was made known, I think that the majority of people will find that they have come into the presence of sociopaths all of their lives.

  3. I couldn't agree more with your assessment. When my husband and I watched the video of Mr. Zimmerman in the police station, pausing to wipe his feet upon entry, my husaband said "that guys a sociopath."

  4. I absolutely agree! He's a very dangerous person. I'm willing to bet he is not the only one in his family with axis II diagnosis. I don't believe this is anything about race but a guy with personality disorder the other issues are a big diversion from the master manipulator you said. Thanks for your article!

  5. You'll notice he does strange things with his eyes while being addressed by the judge today. He has ticks.

  6. you nailed him...I feel the same way. Sociopaths are generally so believable to most people and they are charming and smart. That's why they get away with murder. I am a white female over 50 and thought this from the start. I think he had a scenerio planned out way back and then it happened for him...down to time, the words on the phone...a kid in a hoodie...there is no way that I believe a kid walking alone, in the rain after dark would be looking for a chance to break in or for that matter trouble. I also heard the comment that his mother made about it being an accident...she meant an accidental meeting...but it was the meetig that GZ he gets away with this he will have to leave the country and he will kill again.....keep writing..

  7. Thank you for this post! I too have felt that Mr. Zimmerman is a sociopath. When he worked as security at a party GZ attacked a woman. He was also charged with beating his girlfriend.

    If someone were to do some serious digging I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Mr. Zimmerman had raped someone. If he hadn't been arrested he probably would go on to harm more people.

  8. Mr James Please keep the word out about Zimmerman. he is a classic sociopath and extremely dangerous to society. He is exhibiting typical sociopathic behaviour by actually turning his murdered victim into the aggressor.
    Keep the word out so the public and ultimitely the court of law will see through his lies and manipulation. Lets not this murderer of our child go free.

  9. I know this is an old post, but nailed Zimmerman. I think his brother is one too. Something is not right in that family.

    Robert, Jr. just gives me the creeps. George only showed signs of "emotion" when the now SWAT team member/officer/former Marine that gave aid to Trayvon the night of the shooting testified to his credentials. You almost could see Zimmerman wanting to morph into that officer...thinking of "power". (the officer is a good guy, everything Zimmerman will never be, because Zimmerman doesn't have a clue about balance/fairness/hard work) Zimmerman wants power, glory and attention.

  10. I so agree with you! The racism is a smokescreen. George Zimmerman is a sociopath.

    He planned this. I even believe all the calls were fake. He never once saw anyone, Black or other wise when he called 311. Also, he's just starting with Black males as a test. Unfortunately, Black lives aren't valued that high in society. Zimmerman probably thought no one would care. It just so happened in this day and age he was wrong. The jury must not send him the message that he can get a way wit this!

    He will kill again if he gets off.

    1. Shawn you absolutely nailed it. I've been watching this trial for the past week and sociopath is the word that continuously comes to mind when I watch Zimmerman; which is why I googled his name coupled with that term and came across your blog. Its sad that he may get away with murder if nobody else picks up on the fact they he is more than likely a mentally disturbed individual.

  11. Mr. James, I agree with what you have to say. However, I would like to see it written better. At least one cited definition of "sociopath" early in your words would strengthen your argument, for example, and repetition of points could be reduced giving your writing greater power. Just wanting to offer my comment, not cutting you down by any means, I value your point. Trayvon continues to be abused even though he's dead.

  12. I have no intentions of revising the piece. It stands as it is.

  13. Great post! I have been saying this since last year when it happened. He is like Scott Peterson the guy that killed his pregnant wife to get rid of her so he could have an affair with a hot blonde in California. He was so calm and calculating with the media and search party. He played the part. Disgusting. Zim Shady and his whole family like others on here have stated are wackadoo. Daddy Zim is like Joran Vandersloots dad...always getting his sociopathic malcontent son out of scrapes with the law. I pray he will get his just desserts with the verdict. The family member that accused him of molestation was vilified by the Zim family. Tsunami wave of Karma for this bunch no doubt.

  14. I haven't watched any of the Zimmerman trial. Tonight was the first night I saw him. I immediately thought "sociopath" purely by his look. I read more into the trial and his actions, which to me were sociopathic. Then I googled and found this and a multitude of writings on Zimmerman being a soiciopath. Thank You. Dom

  15. I haven't watched any of the Zimmerman trial. Tonight was the first night I saw him. I immediately thought "sociopath" purely by his look. I read more into the trial and his actions, which to me were sociopathic. Then I googled and found this and a multitude of writings on Zimmerman being a soiciopath. Thank You. Dom

  16. Zimmeron is a fat sloppy ugly racist sicopath,and his wife is dum,hes a sicopath,which mean he has no empathy or conscious so he really dont want ya fat ass either,he using u for money,i think he fuc ya neighbor who got robbed,once he get bored and get wat he want he will leave u,,a sicopath have to take advantage or hurt someone to feel good,ur his victim dummy.he mightve killed trayvon,but trayvon fought for his life and beat his fat ass,which make zimmeron a pussy ha ha ha bitch

  17. I totally agree with you. You can hear the deception in his voice... the first time I heard him talk was when he was telling an investigator the story of how Martin "attacked" him... he said something like "... and this is when I started yelling 'help me, help me!' because he was on top of me and i couldn't move!" Right then, I was like yeah, he's lying. He is playing the victim. I don't want to say I'm psychic or anything, but I am very intuitive (many other people are too, like everyone on this post who can see that he's a sociopath) and my family is infested with sociopaths. I also ended up dating one. When I heard the actual tape of the shooting, I started crying because I KNEW that it was Trayvon's voice yelling "help me." it was CLEARLY child's/teen's voice. :(
    Plus, you can just look at Zimmerman's eery eyes and see that he's a cold human being that lacks empathy. His eyes are black and dead. Creepy.

  18. Beautifully done!

    As social structures begin to loose coherence the sociopath/psychopath comes to the fore and history goes psychotic. It is the beginning of the end of this world eating monolithic hierarchy of wealth. In a way the psychopath/sociopath is a friend of the dying culture in the same way that pneumonia is said to be the friend of the incurably old. They eat out the structures of oppression by turning them to personal, and highly destructive, ends. Something died in Germany with the death of Hitler. It doesn't justify the terrors of war, but a side effect is often the exposure and destruction of these parasites. Besides, in low doses they serve the purpose of exposing weaknesses in society that need to be addressed. Competitive/dominator culture guarantees that, after a sufficient number of generations, any social structure incorporating those values, individualism, materialism and coercive dominance, will be taken down by it's own sociopaths. A society can dominate the world yet loose its own soul - as has been repeatedly demonstrated throughout history. It has come to a head now because we now must deal with a world spanning system of oppression led by sociopath/psychopaths that threatens the survival of our species. Consider it a sort of intelligence test for the species. Are we smart enough to avert our own self destruction? Tune in and follow events we will. Do what we can as well, but often that now consists of just standing there as witness.


  19. I haven't followed the story and know almost none of the facts, but the little that I've heard makes no sense, which is the hallmark of a made up story.

    I googled George Zimmerman and sociopath and ended up here.

    Two thoughts. First joining the neighborhood watch is not about control it's about aligning himself with the opposite belief as a way of hiding. It also allows him access and information.

    Second, he's not going to kill someone in this way again. He'll need to hide himself.

    At the moment he's enjoying the turmoil that he's thrown the country in, and will get even more satisfaction if it leads to another death - one of a protestor or police officer. From now on he will use pawns.

  20. It looks like I'm not the only one to google "George Zimmerman sociopath". You hit the nail right on the head, Shawn.

  21. Isn't anonymous splitting hairs. Sociopaths are controlling and GZ would gain control being a member of the watch as previous stated others would think it's because he cares. Fantastic Shawn James, you hit the nail on the head. Love your style of writing. Please write more.

  22. I couldn't agree more, and have said this all along. I mean, he displayed virtually no emotion after shooting Trayvon Martin, and during police questioning. If you had shot someone and truly feared for your life, you would be crapping in your pants. Yet Zimmerman was affectless throughout. I said this months ago -- this is not a common criminal, this is someone who is mentally ill. He should be in a prison psychiatric wing. Why the prosecution didn't pick up on this and jump all over it is a mystery. Same with Casey Anthony -- you don't try these types as though they are common criminals. They are sociopaths, and should be treated in the criminal justice system as such.

  23. "He should be in a prison psychiatric wing."

    Nice sentiment but seems innocent of the factual realities of prison and psychiatric imprisonment in this country at this time. George and his ilk can be expected to continue to live large. Murderous thugs, in and out of uniform, are highly valued by the tiny aristocratic elite that control us. This sort of person is the backbone of oppressive rule.

    He is basically a death squad of one just as the KKK before him were death squads, operating with the support of official rule. He is serving the interests of illegitimate rule, and as such people have served down through history, is a valuable element of the success of depravity. Thugs are us.

    It is always easier to see these things in other peoples countries. This AM on Democracy Now a new documentary about the genocide of the good in Indonesia sponsored and organized by US interests and carried out by groups of obviously deranged criminals who were and remain a tool of oppressive rule in Indonesia. That regime, born in the flood of over a million innocents, remains firmly allied with the oppressive rule here. One likes to think that one is immune if only by virtue of obscurity, but that is a delusion.

    What goes around comes around. We are all Trayvon now awaiting our fate at the hands of useful psychopaths.

    We live in a country that has directly or indirectly, as in the case of Indonesia, has massacred countless millions of innocents. Innocence, as has been the case for the last few thousand years of sociopathic rampage, is a capital crime.

    That could change overnight if we were not afraid.


  24. This is indeed a gr8 and honest post! I do think race was a factor, but GZ did target him based on historical crimes in the neighborhood(trying to give him the benefit of the doubt). I do feel like his family is off & when I see most of them on TV(biases aside), I grow troubled in my spirit...herego something isn't right with them...I tend to have strong perception & intuition at times & agree he's a sociopath and have other mental challenges..His brother indicates a similar vibe, not necessarily mentally, but something...PPl have been blindsided by a racial divide and propaganda that attempt to justify the heinous thing that GZ did, but I was saying the same thing about GZ tasting death's stain and now that he tasted, he'll need to quench that thirst again by ANY means necessary. I wish more ppl would look at GZ for what he displays... I'm praying for us all for more wisdom, understanding, love, care, discernment, and scruples....

  25. This was such a great article! Thank you so much Mr James! I wish I had come across this article much sooner. You hit the nail on the head so beautifully. I was watching an old movie yesterday called family of sins with kirstie Allie and it hit me! George Zimmerman is a sociopath!. In the movie everyone adored kirstie and her husband (know as the gecks)they were foster parents taking in an abundant amount of children just out the goodness of their hearts (supposdly) but what they were really doing was much more vile and sinister. They forced the children into stealing, they imprisoned a woman for 18 yrs, they starved and abused the kids . But from the outside looking in they were a pillar in the community! They had ties and good relationships to the police and mayor. They manipulated everyone! On the outside so sweet and helpful, but on the inside they were abusers and manipulators. This is clearly George, certain people see him as helpful, concerned, a do gooder who's only wants is to ensure the safety of others and himself in the community. It's far worst, he manipulates and plays the victim. His old old co worker once said George would harass him then when he finally complained, George would act as a victim leaving the co worker to wonder if maybe its in his head! His cousin who was sexually assaulted for years by George stated the same manipulating and intimidating tactics he'd bestow upon her. I do believe race was ine of the mitigating factors, but I truly believe he's a sociopath above all else!

  26. I am willing to bet it will be just a matter of time when this man runs up on the wrong somebody. A somebody who isn't a teenager walking home in the rain carrying a bag of candy.

    Zimmerman just can't stay out of the limelight, and it's quite evident he shows no remorse for killing this kid.

    A normal person would avoid the publicity Zimmerman seeks to the point of manufacturing the "rescue" of a distressed motorist within days of his acquittal.

    He truly lacks insight and judgment. And eventually, he will pay for it. In spades.

  27. Best article I have ever read!! Bravo! Today's arrest of Zimmerman proves "One MOre Time" that he is indeed a sociopath. When will America get cases like this right and get justice served.

    -A White Woman for Justice

  28. I recently got out of a relationship with a sociopath/psycho. As you pointed out GZ fits the profile to the tee! I just saw him on the news as he has now been arrested for assault. Surprise? Not! He has the eyes of a sociopath! Reptilian, soul-less eyes! Wake up America! X

  29. Now that the trial has been over for over 4 months and Zimmerman has been wrongly acquitted, he has continued to show his true colors as a sociopath. He had an altercation with his soon-to-be former wife, in which he broke the phone she was using to record it, and he assaulted his father-in-law. Just recently, he was arrested for pointing a gun at his girlfriend. That's on top of being stopped for speeding. Typical of sociopaths, he thinks he's above the law. The people rabidly defending him in spite of his obvious flaws are just as deeply flawed themselves.

  30. Shawn,

    George Zimmerman is a sociopath. You're right about that. His actions (past and present) have shown and continue to show us the truth about him - he's a dangerous person who should be locked up. Thank you for "outing" him, stating the fact that the man is a sociopath, having an incurable mental disorder.

  31. Amen, brother, Amen,

    From the moment I saw Zimmerman on the news, I spotted a sociopath. He reeked. He was totally without conscience…He showed no remorse from the moment he went to the jailhouse. You see that in the video’s.

    I knew he was guilty of lying from the start and as you looked into his cold, predator eyes, you knew he pulled that trigger in cold blooded murder.

    I can’t wait until he gets what is coming to him, not my words, but Karma’s…….

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