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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thoughts on The Trayvon Martin Case

I haven’t written anything about the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin because I wanted to get the facts on the case. Now that I have the facts on the case I feel I can write about it objectively. 

Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old kid watching the NBA All-Star game at his father’s house. During the halftime show he went to the store to get an Iced Tea and a bag of Skittles. 

Unfortunately, Trayvon Martin didn’t make it home. 

All because a man named George Zimmerman a self-imposed neighborhood Watch captain thought he was suspicious. 

All because he wore a hoodie.
But it was Zimmerman who committed a crime. First by racially profiling Trayvon Martin, second by murdering him.
That showed Motive.
Being a sociopath, George Zimmerman follows his own laws. He lives in his own world where he imposes his will on all those around him. He’s a threat to anyone he interacts with.
Until their children went too far and did something so egregious that they had to be put away for the safety of all society.
Peter Braunstien got away with numerous sexual assaults and other deviant sexual acts against women until he decided to pose as a firefighter and raped a White Woman on Halloween a few years ago and the story appeared in the press. It was only then he was locked away for 25 years.
Michael Miele was a known sexual deviant with a history of sexual violence. But his father was a New York City MTA executive kept who kept using his connections to bury a series of crimes including exposing himself, and numerous sexual assaults on women. He kept escalating his sexual perversion up to the point where he murdered Laura Garza and disposed of her body in the woods. Unfortunately, it was only then the justice system finally locked this maniac up for 23 years.
In all these cases White people kept sweeping their children’s crimes and troubled pasts under the rug until they did something so heinous and egregious that their wealth and connections couldn’t get them out of it.
And now America has another known time bomb walking the streets known as George Zimmerman they REFUSE to do something about because he has rich connections and White Privilege.

When did George Zimmerman commit murder? He committed murder when he left his home. When the 911 operator told him NOT to engage he was breaking the law. 911 is part of LAW ENFORCEMENT. When LAW ENFORCEMENT tells someone NOT to ENGAGE they’re not supposed to engage. Neighborhood Watch means WATCH. To SUPPORT LAW ENFORCEMENT.

All people who participate in Neighborhood watch do is WATCH and call 911. Then they let LAW ENFORCEMENT do their jobs. 

But Zimmerman left his home. He wanted to confront and engage the suspicious person.

A motive further reinforced by the weather that night. It was raining. A person of sound mind would NOT RISK THEIR LONG-TERM HEALTH to leave their home to walk in the rain to engage a suspicious person.

When the 911 operator told George Zimmerman NOT to ENGAGE Trayvon Martin he had an OPPORTUNITY TO STOP.

However, by continuing to pursue Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman showed his INTENT to kill. This INTENT to kill was reinforced with MALICE OF FORETHOUGHT by Zimmerman carrying a weapon with him while on patrol for neighborhood watch.

Again, Neighborhood WATCH means WATCH and REPORT, not engage. And not engage while carrying a LOADED FIREARM.

The question America need to ask is: Why does a person need a PISTOL to participate in neighborhood WATCH activities? Mr. Zimmerman isn’t a member of LAW ENFORCEMENT.

There was no need for him to have a LOADED WEAPON with him to perform neighborhood watch duties. At the most he’d need a cell phone or a walkie-talkie.

By disregarding the 911 operators request to not engage the suspicious person, leaving his home and following Trayvon Martin with that LOADED FIREARM George Zimmerman showed MALICE OF FORETHOUGHT. His intent was to ENGAGE SOMEONE and KILL THEM.

This man had SIX BLOCKS to disengage his pursuit. He had six blocks to think about his actions. He had a reasonable time to calm down. He had sufficient TIME to WALK AWAY and let LAW ENFORCEMENT ARRIVE and do their JOBS and investigate the suspicious person he allegedly saw. 

If he clearly supported LAW ENFORCEMENT as a part of the neighborhood watch like many who say he was following the “Stand your Ground Law” state, he would have NEVER ENGAGED Trayvon. Again, he would have did as the 911 operator INSTRUCTED HIM AND WAITED FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT to ARRIVE and pointed him out to them.

But George Zimmerman decided to take the law in his own hands. He decided to follow Trayvon Martin for SIX BLOCKS, confront him, get in a fight with him that led to his broken nose and Trayvon’s death. 

Again Trayvon’s death could have been avoided if George Zimmerman did what the 911 operator told him to do and NOT ENGAGE Trayvon. If he had listened to LAW ENFORCEMENT like a neighborhood watch captain does, and supported the POLICE Trayvon would be ALIVE. 

There are those in the State of Florida who would say George Zimmerman was justified under the auspices of the “stand your ground law.”

Sorry the law doesn’t apply here. Even the writer of the law stated this.

Citizens “stand their ground” on THEIR OWN property. If the person leaves that property andenters a public space such as a city street it becomes a CRIME.

And if an individual is LEAVING and an individual impedes their egress while carrying a weapon such as a firearm it becomes A CRIMINAL ACT.

George Zimmerman was BLOCKS away from his home. He followed Trayvon on PUBLIC city streets and confronted him while carrying a LOADED FIREARM. 

George Zimmerman committed FIRST DEGREE MURDER. A crime punishable by the DEATH PENALTY under the State of Florida. 


His actions that night showed malice of forethought. Intent. Motive. Opportunity. Time. He’s a murderer plain and simple. The facts in this case line up better than the OJ Simpson case did almost twenty years ago.

George Zimmerman is a menace to society that has a history of being a danger to others. Before the murder of Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman was a known troublemaker who assaulted police officers, one time with a weapon. Again, this man has attacked LAW ENFORCEMENT. So he is not someone looking out for the safety of his community.

He’s a monster in the mold of Jeffrey Dahmer. Only one more dangerous because he uses the façade of community and safety to cover for his own sociopathic behavior. He’s a man who waves the flag but believes he is above the laws of our Constitution. If he were in politics he’d be Adolf Hitler. 

Zimmerman’s racism is just the surface of his depravity. Clearly he showed how dangerous he is in the past by attacking law enforcement. And now by murdering Trayvon Martin. 

Unfortunately, because shallow people only see the surface nobility of his actions (community, family and patriotism) they can’t see the sickness (power and control) behind his sociopathic behavior.

And because his father is a retired judge, White people keep sweeping the menace of his sociopathic behavior under the rug and acting like there isn’t a problem.

Unfortunately, White America’s denial about George Zimmerman could kill your son or daughter. No one is safe from a sociopath like George Zimmerman as long as he’s allowed to walk the streets.

Plain and simple George Zimmerman is a menace to society. If he gets away with killing Trayvon Martin, he will kill again. His danger cannot be unchecked by WE THE PEOPLE.

This kind of sociopath seeks to impose their will on people in a community. They think the world revolves around them, and only them. Anyone who seeks to disagree with them or their view will eventually wind up like Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman must be locked away before he harms others with his tyrannical behavior. Again, this is a man who has assaulted LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. If that doesn’t show his DANGER to ALL, what doesn’t? 

This man must be brought to justice. He must be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law.

Unfortunately, because White America is in such denial about its racism it doesn’t understand how dangerous George Zimmerman is. Blind to his threat, they grant him the same White Privilege Peter Braunstien, Levi Aron  in Brooklyn and Michael Miele  received. 

In those cases those three White Males got away with committing crimes for YEARS because their fathers were rich white men with heavy connections. They used their White Privilege to make their children’s crimes quietly go away.

Levi Aron was the  son of a rich Hasidic Jewish man Many in the community knew he was mentally illfor YEARS. But it wasn’t until he killed and dismembered an eight year old Leiby Kletzky that they decided to do something about him.

Ignorant White Americans think they can handle him. They think they can control him. I’m sorry White people but this is a WAKE UP CALL. BRING THIS SOCIOPATH TO JUSTICE. IMPRISON HIM SO HE CANNOT HARM ANOTHER HUMAN BEING EVER AGAIN. EITHER PUT HIM IN STATE PRISON OR THE SUPERMAX. 

America, will it take a rape or a murder of someone WHITE for America to do something about George Zimmerman? Will George Zimmerman have to kill someone WHITE and RICH for someone in the AMERICAN justice system to do something about him? When will America finally understand that men like Zimmerman are a dangerous to society as a WHOLE not just people of color?

Or Will America just wait for someone else to die?

White America needs to realize that George Zimmerman is a danger to ALL OF AMERICA. As long as he’s allowed to go free, he’s a threat to the entire society of WE THE PEOPLE. The needs of this individual from the privileged few cannot be allowed to trump the rights of the many. 


  1. Thanks, Shawn, for one of the best writeups and commentaries we will see on the Tryvon Martin case. I simply believe that even wearing a hoodie, Tryvon's strength and courage came through and this was what got him killed. Black males are not supposed to be strong and fearless. Or so bigoted idiots like Zimmerman and his ilk feel.

    I still feel that Zimmerman envied this kid's willingness to stand up and be counted. Everything in Trayvon's countenance proclaims that he liked himself, that he belonged to the world he lived in. That's why we cry so bitterly about this. We know that our own belief in ourselves and the right to carry ourselves proudly is daily being threatened by beasts like Zimmerman.

    Then, too, we've all heard of people who've killed others roughing themselves up, sometimes doing severe harm to themselves to get off sscot free. In fact, that very thing happened here in Maryland in a 2011 murder case. Please don't discount it.

    It will take God to rectify this killing that cries out to high Heaven. The process has already begun. People like you can lead the way.

    Thanks so much for this one, Shawn!

  2. white america: ignorance about sociopathy, or ignorance about racism?

    in your piece you make ignorance about racism sound like the more prevalent issue here ... i share the same beliefs as you, yet disagree on this point. if americans could wake up to what sociopaths are they could see things in less racial ways, and i believe this would *help* this case.

  3. I just wanted to say, I dont think even George Zimmerman will feel good if they dont do whats right in this case. Today is June 27th 2012, I haved read an update on the case recently. How would you feel if you killed a 17 year old, who did nothing to you. It would haunt you night and day. This is not ok. Something must be done.