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Monday, March 5, 2012

Thoughts on The Halle Berry Baby Mama Drama

I originally planned a blog about the Halle Berry custody battle for Monday’s blog. I didn’t like it. So I scrapped it. The whole situation involving Halle Berry, her ex Gabriel Aubry and the fight they’re having over custody of her daughter Nahla…just sickens me to my stomach.

I never thought I’d see South Bronx Baby Mama Drama ever come to Hollywood.

But here it is. Pure unadulterated Niggerdom in HD for all the world to see.

Halle Berry is fighting for custody of her daughter. And she’s fighting dirty. Like a project chick with razor blades hidden under her toungue.

She wants her ex Gabriel Aubry’s blood and won’t stop until she sees him nailed to a wall skinned alive. Then she’ll castrate him and eat his testicles like raw oysters right before his eyes. Yeah, she hates her baby daddy that much.

But Mr. Gabriel Aubry has skeletons in his closet too. According to some sources, this could be a cash grab for spousal support and child support.

Whatever issues she and her ex have, I don’t care. I just wish they would stop airing their dirty laundry in public. Because it’s embarrassing to watch the first Black actress to win a Best Actress Oscar behaving like a hoodrat straight out of my South Bronx neighborhood. Here is one of our prominent Black women and she’s just acting straight GHETTO.

I’d like think a 45-year old woman would have the emotional maturity to keep things amicable for the sake of her daughter in this type of crisis. It’d be the dignified thing to do. A true display of character. But Halle Berry has such tunnel vision in her quest to malign her ex before the cameras that she doesn’t see how she’s further ruining the already tarnished image of the Black Woman in the public eye.

Halle’s crazy behavior is being broadcast all over the world. Yes, Black America’s Academy Award winning Best Actress is being shown as a vindictive foul mouthed baby mama who seeks to make her baby daddy pay for being no good and trifling.

No different from the Baby Mamas who go to family court in the inner-city denouncing Pookie Jaheem, and Ray-Ray in their quest to get paid back child support.

No different from the thugettes who attacked Rayon McIntosh at McDonald’s a few months ago.

No different from the women who fight and act crazy and post videos of it on sites like World Star Hip Hop.

If this is how one of our best Black women is shown behaving in public then the image of the Black woman all over the world is in serious trouble.

It’s a sad day when one of the top black women in the world is acting just like hoochies and hoodrats from the gutter.

Doesn’t anyone understand the reflexive properties of Institutional Racism? When one of us acts a fool in public, it reflects badly on ALL OF US.

And the way Halle Berry is reflecting badly on ALL BLACK WOMEN.

Seriously Sistas, is this how you want to be seen in the public eye? Is this what you want the world to see you as? A neck snapping foul-mouthed Sapphire who is so emasculating that no man can have anything to do with you?

Seriously, look at the subtext of the Halle Berry custody situation. Berry, one of the most beautiful Black women in the world is being presented in the media as a Sapphire, an emasculating domineering bitch who seeks to browbeat every man into submission.

And this is the same Halle Berry who has had TWO FAILED marriages. Eric Benet, Berry’s second ex-husband calls her “Halle Scary”.

And now Gabriel Aubry, a White man is being shown as the latest victim of her emasculation. The statement being written between the lines about sistas is that a Black woman is so rude, belligerent, arrogant, violent, and hostile that not  even a White man, presumed to be the most dominant and supreme man in the world can have a relationship with her.

Reinforcing the worldwide notion that the Black American Woman are the LEAST desirable of ALL women.

Black women you can all thank Halle Berry for giving Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa’s research the concrete example needed to prove his scientific theory is now fact. That the Black woman are the LEAST desirable of ALL women.

Sistas do you wonder why seventy percent of you are single? It’s because of examples of a nasty attitude like the one Halle Berry is presenting in the public eye.

Sistas you need to check this woman. And you need to check her NOW. Because her bad behavior reflects badly on YOU. Every day Halle Berry continues on using ghetto tactics in her custody battle and broadcasts them in the media further defames the image of the Black woman all over the world.

Why am I asking Other Sistas to check Halle Berry? Because it won’t have an impact unless it comes from YOU. When a woman tells another woman she’s not acting right, it puts her ON NOTICE that she’s being WATCHED by other women who are EMBARRASSED and DISGUSTED by her behavior.

Moreover, it puts it on notice that there are other Black women will not stand for such low-class behavior from each other. The reason why so many Black women act out like Halle Berry does right now is because sistas support each other in this bad behavior. They egg each other on and encourage each other to act out in public.

Sistas, you need to tell Halle Berry to stop with this nonsense. You need to tell her to take a page from dignified ladies like Michelle Obama, the late Coretta Scott King and Betty Shabazz. They understood they were role models for other Black women and were representatives of how Black women would be seen all over the world. They set a standard for manners and etiquette. I wish more sisters today would follow their example and behave with more dignity and grace instead of acting like the racist stereotypes that present the worst picture of us. 


  1. Shaking my head. You really nailed the rabbit's hide to the fence on that one, Shawn. I have often felt sympathetic to Halle for her two failed marriages and now, this debacle.

    I wanted you to be wrong about this, but, unfortunately, you're dead right and dead to rights in criticizing such behavior. With great privilege goes great responsibility, and Halle is intelligent enough to know this. The race will survive and so will Halle, but what about Nahla who has to grow up enshrouded in such vitriol from the beginning of her life.

    I can only be happy that you wrote this one, and hope -- and know -- that many will listen and think twice before pursuing this same course. I had long felt that Halle shouldl examine her own psyche and find out why she chose men who sooner or later rejected her. She has to reject herself first, notwithstanding her great talent and greater beauty.

    Wake up, Halle, and wake up American Black women. Too much is at stake not to begin looking inward at ourselves, stop hurting our children by fighting their fathers, and wake up and live!

    Kudos to your for this one, Shawn, as usual!

  2. Justice was,EGO driven,and became consumed with jealousy. Benet cheated and was also insecure
    like Justice, and BOTH, sued Halle for alimony to take away her power, because that, is what, money is, power. Halle lost nothing she did not need in the crazy, flaws, and personal problems men bring to relationships that contribute to their demise. She left Aubry and moved on and they is why he is so vindictive. Insecure men who do
    NOT stay in their lane are usually
    bitter. People trash Halle out of their NEED to take her down a notch or two to boost their own self-esteem.

  3. Please loose the N word. I did like your comment until you used that word. I like the pot calling the kettle black, when you speak of being ghetto then you use that word.

  4. Halle should have never married David, " EGO as big as the baseball fields he played on", Justice and Eric "fraud" Benet who cheated on Halle before they even married. She has never had a real marriage and her ex-hubands never loved her. You can NOT love a woman you are jealous of and emotionally abusive towards. Gabriel, "Mr NOT Saint" Aubry only got ignorant,vindictive after Halle left him, read: moved on .Halle deserves love and happiness and perhaps this is what Olivier Martinez wants to give her and her daughter.

  5. Great post, I agree 100%.
    Now anonymous, Olivier Martinez has a long history of cheating on his girlfriends. Let us not forget Sarai Givati while his then fiancée Kylie Minogue was fighting breast cancer. The moment I heard Halle hooked up with him, I shuddered. I would never let this man near my daughter.
    Gabriel Aubry had plenty of money before he met Halle and I have not seen any proof that he wants hers. I do not know the man but as far as acting a fool, he has not at least in public. Has he shown frustration? Yes, a custody battle is difficult and frustration. I have been through one.
    Halle Berry needs to take responsibility for her choices. It does not matter what happened in the relationship (according to Halle) she keeps choosing the same type of man. When Olivier acts a fool, trust me he will soon, she will be crying poor little me.
    The definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I can say this because I did it for fifteen years and two marriages. Finally a friend sat me do and made me look at what I was doing. A year of therapy and I am married to an incredible man who loves and respects me, all because a friend made me see the truth. I was the problem.

  6. Not losing the N word When I see an act of Niggerdom, I call it like I see it. Halle Berry is acting like a South Bronx ghetto Baby Mama.That's niggerdom plain and simple.

    It's sad to watch one of our prominent Black women acting like a hoodrat. A 45-year-old woman should know better than to behave like this. This sista should have some class and dignity.

  7. Her face look ugly and mean. I guess her husband and her boyfriend very scare of her

  8. Shawn,

    Black women had this reputation long before Halle Berry's drama. Halle Berry represents Halle Berry. She does not represent black women. Halle is an icon, a product and a carefully crafted image. Most black women, famous or not famous, are not. Therefore, Halle represents herself. Here are the reasons why:

    1.Halle can get in mainstream movies that most other black actresses can not, even if they are more talented.

    2. Halle gets on magazine covers and constantly referred to as most beautiful, even though there are other black actresses who are just as beautiful.

    3. Halle got away with a hit and run pretty much.

    Even though Halle is black when push comes to shove, she is seen as "not quite like us."

    I don't for one second believe that her behavior reflects on black women. It reflects on her. Halle Berry is mixed. This could be the subconscious reason as why black women don't see it as their responsibility to check Halle's behavior. I would cringe if it was someone like Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Anika Noni Rose or Kerry Washington behaving like this, but Halle, I don't care because when I look at her I don't see someone who represents my image as a black woman. She is half-white anyway.

    I do agree with much of what you said though, Shawn. Halle is not exactly seen as one of the classiest actresses, beautiful yes, but classy no. She did a superb job of crafting her image early on to get people believe that she was this innocent victim, but the truth is now coming out. And to be able to fool people and keep that innocent reputation for so long, I call her genius.

  9. Halle misguided fool who thinks the POTUS is there to solve her personal problems.