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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Black Woman's Christianity is Filled With Hypocrisy

Black women love Church.

Black women love Jesus.

Black women love to quote scriptures from the Bible.

Black women love to follow the Bible…until they get to the parts they don’t like.

Like those Chapters in Genesis and Corinthians regarding the roles of men and women.

Quote those scriptures to her in Genesis about males being in charge, or the scriptures in Corinthians about submission and the order God established where Man is the head of the family and all of a sudden these church-going Christian women turn against the God they praise in church with so much fervor and passion.

That’s when I realized that Most Black women are full of shit when it comes to Christianity.

They state they believe in Jesus but they don’t really want a relationship with God. For over 50 years they’ve been following a pseudo-religion made up by pimp preachers that pander to their emotions to get at their wallet.

In reality, all most Black women want is to do medicate themselves with religion. They want to hear the music, feel the emotions in the Church on Sunday.

But they don’t want to apply any of God’s principles to their lives for the other six days of the week. Do things like loving their neighbors like themselves and loving the God with all their heart soul and their minds. Do the two things that would truly enable them to grow in Christ.

From what I read in the Bible God says that it’s doers of the Word that have an impact on others. That action speaks louder than words.

But Most Black women do things that show their lack of faith in God. Their actions speak loudly about how little faith they trust in Him.

Things like not following the lead of their men. Like committing acts of sin like fornication and adultery. Coveting material things and lying and stealing to get them.

And the irony is that their lack of faith destroys the works in their lives. It tarnishes their testimonies in the eyes of non-believers. It tarnishes their testimonies in the eyes of their children.

But tell this to them and they’ll insist that they’re saints. Absolutely perfect.

When the Bible says we’re all born in sin and shaped in iniquity. That our righteousness is like a filthy rag to Christ.

But I’ve heard many Black women proudly say he’s their Jesus. It shows how selfish, narcissistic and arrogant they are regarding a relationship with God.

Sorry, Jesus doesn’t belong to any of us. We don’t get to claim him like a piece of property. He sacrificed His life so that all of us would be redeemed. He gave us the gift of salvation out of love.  

When Black women Say that he’s their Jesus it shows how much denial Black women are in regarding their relationship with God. It shows how they follow a dysfunctional twisted interpretation of religion, not true Christianity.

In the Psalms it says The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. As members of the body of Christ, He owns us. We don’t own him.

The twisted interpretation of Christianity Black women follow is filled with false teachings. It’s a religion based on fear, shame, humiliation, control, and intimidation rooted in the terrorism of Jim Crow and slavery. It’s the religion of a fascist pulpit utilized by bullies and zealots who need to threaten others with the eternal damnation of Hell in order to control the masses of the Black community.

I’m sorry but that’s not what God is about.

God is Love.

A God who loves His people doesn’t need to bully. He doesn’t need to threaten. Nor does He need to shame or humiliate people to force them to follow his will. He knows His people and He knows that they will have the faith to trust in Him and follow his will because they love him, not because they’re afraid of him. His followers do things because they want to do them, not because they have to do them.

Unfortunately, Many Black women don’t understand this. They imbibe the false beliefs of a pseudo-Christianity that entertains them instead of one that enriches them. Worse, they pass this false religion onto their children who grow up feeling guilty and ashamed, lost and confused, victimized and taken advantage of predators in the Church and society.

Black Women need to move away from the false teachings of organized religion and read the Word of God. Moreover, they need to follow the Word of God and start applying it to their lives every day and not just Sunday. If Sisters practiced what they preached, then God could start healing the Black community. 

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