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Monday, July 28, 2014

Could Group Economics Have Saved Eric Garner’s Life?

Last week Eric Garner was buried. And the plan by Civil Rights leaders such as Al Sharpton is to march, protest and rally to get him justice.

Here’s what I have to say to that tired old approach to Civil Rights: No Justice, Man Please.

Black folks have been marching, rallying and protesting Since Emmitt Till. And not a single White person has ever been convicted in 50 years in any of these high-profile cases.

Let’s look at the track record of Al Sharpton, the Civil Rights dinosaurs and their march, protest, and rally approach to getting justice in AmeriKKKa for Black people over the last decade or so in the cases of :

Patrick Dorismond
Amadou Diallo
Sean Bell
Oscar Grant
Trayvon Martin

In each case All Not Guilty verdicts. Some didn’t even get to trial. How’s that march, protest and rally approach to getting justice working out?

Doesn’t look like it’s working too well for Black folks.

The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. I’d have to say any Black person who believes any cop or EMT is going to jail for Eric Garner’s death is certifiable.

Black folks, we don’t need any more marches. We don’t need any more rallies. We need Group Economics.

America is a business. And businesses follow the money. What good is a march, a protest or a rally if the flow of money remains the same after that march, protest, or rally?

No one White or nonblack cares about a Black man killed by a White Cop because it has no impact on their money. At the end of the day those same Negroes coming out to protest will be wearing dressed up in the latest American Apparel hoodies, True Religion Jeans, brand New Air Jordans and carrying iPhones to tape that rally along with a bag of skittles and Arizona ice tea.

At the end of the day still making White men rich. And making the statement they aren’t serious about change. All those businesspeople see are a bunch of Negroes so addicted to their consumer pacifiers they aren’t willing to make any sacrifices or commitments to getting the justice they want.

The big problem is Black folks TALK a good game, but don’t have the character or resolve take any ACTION that nonblack people see that FORCES them to take Black people seriously.

The only way to get justice in America is to show legislators, businesspeople and just plain old ordinary white and nonblack folks the money. And the only way to show them the power of the Black dollar is through Group Economics.

How does Group Economics change things for Black People? When Black dollars are spent with Black-owned businesses, it enables those business owners to hire other Black people. Over time the wealth accumulated by those businesses allows them to influence businesspeople and politicians and create political agenda and a platform they can take to legislators. And with that influence they can get policies not only written but create a culture where they’re enforced to prevent things like racial profiling and police brutality.

If Eric Garner had a JOB at a Black-owned business he wouldn’t have been on the street. If there were Black businesses in his community he’d have a place to work. He’d have the support of a collaborative of Black businessmen. He wouldn’t have been an individual on the street in a white and foreign owned shopping district and a target for police, he’d be part of a group which would have the economic and political power to protect him.

Black people are some of the biggest consumers on the planet. And 97 percent of their $3.3 trillion dollars of spending power in cash and credit goes to nonblack businesses. This is the main reason NO ONE takes protests, rallies or marches seriously. Most of those business owners know at the end of the rally Black folks will be headed back uptown to those same White and nonblack businesses to hand their money to the very people who are oppressing them.

The Black community is the only community in the WORLD that STARVES its own businesses and FEEDS businesses where dysfunctional discriminatory behaviors such as racial profiling are the norm. Most Black folks just don’t have the critical thinking skills to understand if they want a behavior to change regarding Black people in nonblack and White communities, you have to stop rewarding those nonblack and White people for participating in those behaviors in the Black community. Every time a Black person goes shopping in a store with nonblack business owners, especially those who participate in racist policies such as bag checks and racial profiling all Black people do is send a clear message to those owners there that the racist policies they participate in every day are perfectly fine.

The only way to stop police brutality, racial profiling job discrimination and other abuses of Black people is to participate in Group Economics. People don’t listen to rallies. They don’t listen to protests. They don’t care about marches. They follow the dollars. The world needs to see Black dollars flowing to Black owned businesses, and active efforts to cut off the flow of them to White and nonblack businesses.

When Black people cut off the flow of dollars to White and nonblack people to protest racial profiling, police brutality and other racist policies they send a powerful message to both Whites and nonblacks such as Hispanics Asians, Indians and Arabs that they will NOT tolerate being mistreated in any way shape or form. And when they see Black people making active efforts to build a community with its own economy, these groups will stop taking Black people for granted and stop using the Black community as a stepping stone to achieving the American dream.

America runs on money. And the message needs to be sent that if any group of people doesn’t value Black people they don’t deserve a Black dollar. If a Black people cannot be guaranteed safety in a nonblack business district, then Black people should make every effort to avoid shopping there.

I say it’s time Black people started watching where they spent their money. It’s time we showed nonblack people where $3.3 trillion dollars of the money they earn comes from. And instead of spending them with Whites and nonblacks and making them rich it’s time Black people took that money and invested it into Black-owned businesses so we can enrich ourselves.

Black folks the time for marching, rallying and protesting is OVER. It’s time for a new plan and a new approach to Civil Rights. Instead of protesting with picket signs and T-shirts with slogans, protest with your dollars. Economic power is the only way to get political power. Start participating in Group Economics and work towards building a stronger Black community.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree, but blacks in america aren't exactly showing signs of waking up unfortunately (I hope they do, though).

  2. Group Economics is the new snake oil, being sold to the gullible. The answer to your questions in hell no.

  3. Don't see how it's snake oil. Worked for black people before Jim Crow.

    That's how we got Rosewood and Black Wall Street.

    And it worked for Italians, Jews, Greeks, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, the Chinese and just about every other minority in this country. Hispanics practically CONTROL the Bronx now because they only spend with each other.

    The Black community is the only place where we spend with EVERYONE but ourselves. We make OTHERS rich at our expense. Everyone exploits the Black dollar and uses the Black community as a stepping stone to the middle class. It's time we got up so and get people off our backs.

    It's the only community where have groups of Black men standing on the street with no Job's OKAY.

    Would Eric Garner been on the street if he had a Job at a black owned business? Probably not. Would racist or stupid cops been out in force patrolling a Black community with a majority of Black-owned businesses? Probably not. Because Black people would have the economic and political power to make sure those kinds of cops would NOT be in their community.

  4. Covinaman, you sound suspect. Why would any form of self-help be bad?

  5. And what are YOU doing? Besides complaining about what Blacks AREN'T doing? I can tell you one thing, the folks that are doing something aren't sitting around blogging about it. Blogging is not action.

  6. Dude, blogging is part of my publishing BUSINESS. A Business where I'm trying to build the capital so I can HIRE other Black people.

    My mission is to control the Black image the way John H. Johnson and Gordon Parks did so that we don't have an alternative to the non-
    stop negative coon, whore and buffon images currently in American media.

    The Blog is how I sell my writing and reach readers.

    That is the action I'm taking. This blog is to get Black people to take a NEW course of action. Protesting and Marching is NOT going to Get Eric Garner justice. it's not going to save another black man from police brutality.

    Group Economics is how we protect men like Eric Garner from bad cops. People follow money and listen to those who have MONEY. No one listens to Black people because we don't show the power of our dollars to the rest of the world.

    Your Straw man circular argument does not work here.

  7. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CORRECT!!! Money IS power...I've always believed that those who marched for our civil rights, as wonderful as they were, had it all wrong. Instead of fighting for social equality(something that will NEVER happen) they should have fought for economic equality. I can't change your perception of me, but i can acquire my own dollars so my dependence on you(the world leaders) or your aid, is minimal at best.