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Friday, August 1, 2014

Why We only See White People In Summer Blockbusters

I was reading an article which stated someone was tired of seeing White people at the movies.

Unfortunately when studios produce movies with Black themes or with predominantly Black casts, The Negro can’t be bothered with showing their asses up at the theater.

Here’s the deal Negro: Entertainment is a business. And in businesspeople FOLLOW THE MONEY. If something sells, producers make more of it. If it doesn’t, they stop producing it.

The reason we don’t see Black movies during the summer blockbuster season is because the Negro can’t be bothered with taking his ashy ass down to the theatre and putting money down on the box-office counter to go see them. After spending all his money on Air Jordans, Black & Milds and other assorted bullshit, he has no money to use to participate in Group Economics.

So he goes and buys a bootleg DVD from a Korean on the street corner. Further financing his own unemployment and poverty.

A summer movie costs anywhere between $40 and $200 million to make. And a studio has to make anywhere between $120 and $600 million to pull a profit on said movie at the box office. The top Black film makes anywhere between $20 and $40 million tops on opening weekend today.

On Black films, The studios don’t see the money. Which is why we don’t see Black movies.

Moreover, the studios just don’t see a property worth investing money in. What gets made into movies today are best-selling books and properties with a strong following that can guarantee butts into seats on opening weekend. When’s the last time a Black book sold a million copies? When is the last time a Black property has shown the ability to open and make the $80 or $90 million most blockbusters make in the opening weekend in the summer?


Black people love their Tyler Perry movies and their rom-coms, and their coon comedies. But that stuff doesn’t make the money in foreign markets. When it comes to Blockbsuters which make the studios the big profits and licensing deals, it’s the fantasy, sci-fi and superhero movies that pull in the big bucks in the U.S. and more importantly the foreign markets.

When have Black people made an effort to make a Black fantasy book series like Isis as BIG as Harry Potter or Twilight? When have Black people made an effort to make a Black superhero like Static popular enough to show they can carry a comic series let alone a movie franchise? When have Black people shown the world their $3.3 trillion dollars in spending power?

Seriously, if Black folks can’t be bothered to bring their black asses to small-budget indie films to show there’s a demand for Black film products, then how can they go and ask a billion dollar movie studio to finance a project for a $100 million dollar big budget movie?

40 years ago when Melvin Van Peebles made Sweetback, Black folks showed up in FORCE to make a statement about how they’d support a Black film. The lines around the block for that film showed Hollywood there was MONEY to be made from Black people and this ushered in the age of Blaxploitation movies.

A few years ago Will Smith made a big-budget fantasy movie After Earth starring himself and his son Jaden. The film got BURIED at the box office. Where was the Negro? Where were his dollars?

Today, For all the Negros’ talk there is little ACTION on their part to Make a Blockbuster Black film happen. Film studios know When it comes to BUSINESS there’s more crap coming out of the Negroes’ mouth than his ass. For all his TALK businesspeople have yet to see his dollar on the table.

And that’s why no one take the Negro or his demand for Black films seriously. The Negro talks a good game, but they never make the commitment to follow through like White comic fans do. The main reason why they get their superhero movies is because they show businesses like movie studios and toy companies their money. And they spend in FORCE. They make an effort to show up at the comic cons. They show up in NUMBERS at the panels. They write letters, send e-mails and they MAKE THEMSELVES KNOWN. And on Opening day for the movie, they are out in FORCE. Showing the studio the MONEY.

You can't ask a movie studio for $100 million dollars if 30 million Black people can't be bothered with spending 99 cents on an eBook or $9-$15 for a paperback. No one sees a financial incentive to invest where there is NO MONEY being SPENT and a RETURN on their investment. 

As a publisher I have written lots of content that could be adapted into a great Black blockbuster. But I have seen the same pattern of TALK for the past decade from the Negro. He’ll or she will say they want some kind of story. Then when people like myself take the time and effort to write, and spend money to get it to the marketplace, the Negro will not show his black ass up when it’s time to BUY the Product.

Leaving us with a bunch of money lost.

And for people like Will Smith a tarnished reputation. While I finance my own books, and take the loss out of my own personal finances, it’s hard for anyone like Will Smith to go to a White studio executive and BEG them to put $50 or $100 million on the table for another Black film project. Once studio executives sees themselves losing money box-office failure, they stop financing those kinds of projects.

Thanks to his apathy and indifference to art and culture, No one in the film business wants to put money on the Negro. Because most studio executives know trying to sell to the Negro is the fastest way to lose money. This is the main reason Black movies get DUMPED in dead periods like February, August and September. No one is going to risk a prime July 4 weekend slot at the theaters on a group of people who never show their asses up at the theater to show their support to a movie.

Because the Negro can’t be bothered with bringing their Black asses to the bookstore to turn a Black YA book franchise into the Harry Potter or Twilight for Black people and they can’t be bothered with showing up to the movie theater for black films this is why we have an all-white summer movie schedule. If the Negro would take some of their $3.3 trillion dollars in spending power and used it into creating the next Black franchise then maybe we’d get a Black summer movie. Until the Negro can understand that they have to apply Group Economics to show businesspeople their Black dollars the rest of the world isn’t going to invest serious money in creating anything for Black people.


  1. White owned studies shouldn't even be a factor. American blacks (I'm not American) should have their own industry, or at least try to build one. White folks shouldn't earn money on black/african centered movies.

  2. True Richard we should have our own industry. But unfortunately Blacks won't practice Group Economics to make that kind of enterprise viable.

    I've seen Ava Duvernay and Salli-Richardson Whitfield try a new distribution model for Black films with I Will Follow. We need more forward thinking Blacks to go in this direction rather than begging others to make movies for them and then not showing up when those films are made.

    I've watched as comic fans have applied group economics and are now getting their movies made.

    Black people have no head for business and they keep waitingfor others to do for them what they need to do for self.

  3. A film/book has to capture my attention in order for me to be willing to pay to read/go see it. If it doesn't, I won't and I don't care if the author or producer/director/actors are Black although relatability on a cultural level does play a role. I saw Pariah not because it was made by/featured Black people but because it looked like it was going to be damn good (and it was). And when Dear White People comes out in October, I will support that too. On the other hand, I love Will Smith but did not go see After Earth because it didn't interest me. I also don't see Black films or read Black books that are heavily steeped in Christian ideology because that's not my thing. I want to support Black art, literature, and film but I want to support GOOD Black art, literature, and film AND that art/literature/film need not revolve around "Blackness". And on top of this, Black people do not all share the same tastes and aesthetics. We should be spending our money on work that we'll ultimately appreciate and not just for the sake of saying we supported Black artists.

  4. That may be how you feel, but entertainmennt is a s BUSINESS. If they don't see the numbers we don't get the films made.

    Black folks have no head for business and they can't Follow the business model. Hollywood is making and distributing FEWER movies. Even white actors are having a hard time finding work. The only films being made are remakes, adaptations of commercial properties such as best-selling novels and superhero movies.

    We haven't had a best-selling Black book since Waiting to Exhale back in 1992 And we haven't had an adaptation of a Best selling Black book since How Stella Got Her Groove back in 1995.

    We don't put any money on the table so no one gives us movies. Simple as that. Yet Black folks whine, shame and complain when there are no movies made? What kind of business is going to make products that don't sell? What kind of business is going to continue trying to reach customers who aren't interested?

    Your individualized way of thinking is one of the reasons Black films don't get made for the summer. It doesn't have to revolve around "Blackness or culture" this is the kind of codewords that White studio executives use to cast a Black role as a WHITE ONE.

  5. I just read a good science-fiction book by Octavia Butler. I wonder why nobody ever thought of bringing her stories to life?

  6. No one thinks of promoting that kind of work as a movie sadly. Lots of good Black fantasy stories out there by Black authors, but there's so much focus on the "hood" we don't see the rest of the black community.