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Thursday, August 21, 2014

No Good Deed- Return of the Black Brute to Cinema

I saw the trailer for a new movie called No Good Deed, a film starring Taraji P Henson and Idris Elba. In the first few seconds of this trailer for this film a Black man is shown brutalizing and assaulting a White Woman before he’s sent to jail.

Further along in the trailer, viewers are shown him at the door asking for help then the camera cuts to a phone with the line cut. And no one is at the door. Then the Black male predator springing into violent action.

No good deed goes unpunished in this film. Unfortunately, this so-called thriller punishes the Black community by promoting and perpetuating a destructive stereotype about Black men: The Black Brute.

After watching the trailer I went to IMDB to learn more about this abomination calling itself a film …film The synopsis for this film says an escaped Black male convict terrorizes a Black female homeowner who offers him help.

14 years after Denzel Washington won an Oscar for Best Actor in Training Day, the Black Brute has returned to AmeriKKKan movie screens. And Black folks have no idea how destructive this stereotype is to all our young brothers out here.

Who is the Black Brute? Back in Jim Crow, the Black Brute was the caricatured image a big muscular, violent Black man who terrorized everyone who came into his path. A savage who lived for violence, especially against White women. A violent predator who was a menace to society. Someone we don’t need to see right now on movie screens across the country.

In the aftermath of the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown the last thing the Black community needs is a movie featuring a Black Brute terrorizing people on movie screens across the country. Further perpetuating the idea in people’s minds that Black Brutes are out and about.

And that the world needs to protect itself from them.

Black men have it hard. And movies like No Good Deed make it even harder for Black men and Black boys to go about their lives in American society. With racial tensions at an all-time high the release of this kind of movie presenting a Big Black predator is the last thing we need.

The first clips of the trailer show this Black Brute assaulting a white woman. An attempt to get an emotional response out of White men and White women. An attempt to polarize the audience on a racial level.

The later clips show him terrorizing a Black woman at her home. An attempt to put fear in Black women about their perceptions regarding Black men.

The only thing missing from this film are a noose and a tree.

This movie isn’t entertainment. It’s social engineering. It’s social propaganda meant to put the idea in audiences’ heads that Black men are violent sociopaths who are a danger to all those around them. Like Training Day, Monster’s Ball, Precious, The Help, and The Butler, No Good Deed breathes new life into old stereotypes. Bringing the Black Brute back to the minds of a new generation of Blacks and Whites.

Reinforcing the idea in the minds of sociopaths like George Zimmerman and his enablers that this kind of Black menace exists. And the only way to protect oneself from them is with concealed carried handguns and use them to terrorize Black communities and eliminate their menace from society.

What most Black folks don’t understand is that usually the only way White folks thought they could stop a Black brute was to kill him. And in old pulp novels where the Black Brute was featured the only way to kill the Brute was for a White mob to hang him or to burn him alive. I have a feeling this will be the conclusion of this movie.

The Black man will be put in his place: Six feet under.

Brothers and sisters, you have to be careful about the media you imbibe. These racist stereotypes from Jim Crow and the Antebellum South have been repackaged in brand new boxes for a new generation of viewers. And if you watch too much of this media, you’ll start believing it to be the standard for the behavior of Black people.

Moreover, Black folks have to be careful about controlling the media that’s promoted in their communities. Images of Black Brutes are detrimental to Black men because it shows the world Black men are violent savages and not intelligent responsible and conscientious fathers, husbands, sons and brothers. The images in these kinds of films devalues the life of Black men by saying they’re not human.

Films like No Good Deed promote the idea that a Black man’s life has no value. And the only solution for any nonblack person dealing with any Black man is to execute them like an animal with depraved indifference and extreme prejudice.

The only way to stop this kind of dysfunctional media from being made and promoted is to vote with your wallet. And I’m urging Black people across the United States to not go see No Good Deed when it’s released. Buying a ticket for this movie is just like buying a White man a bullet to kill your brother, husband, son or father. The more we go see movies like this, the more Hollywood will produce. And the more they’ll perpetuate old racist stereotypes about Black people into society.


  1. At a time when Black men(Eric Garner, Michael Brown) are being gunned down by police, nonblack men, and other Black men, Hollywood is promoting that racist movie.

    History is repeating itself.


  2. Disturbing S Baldwin.

    And even more disturbing is that Black folks aren't protesting this movie in force with the same vigor they protest the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. This movie is the kind of propoganda that can get more Black boys killed by cops and nonblacks.

  3. Thank you! I'm glad someone else sees this!

  4. Saw it in the first frame Kevin. When he put his hands on the white woman I said Black Brute

  5. These comments are ridiculous. Every other month a movie comes out with a white male killer, but it isn't okay to have a movie where the killer is black? That's racist...

  6. No, these comments are not ridiculous. It's not okay to have a movie with a Black man killing when the stereotype perpetuated in media since Jim Crow has been of a Black Brute who kills.

    And said stereotype has lead to men like George Zimmerman arming themselves. And said stereotype has led to millions of Black men being racially profiled and killed by police.

    The image in No Good Deed is a Black Brute, a racist stereotype that goes back to reconstruction, a violent Black male savage who kills rapes and brutalizes. Ultimately the only way to stop the brute is through killing him. This stereotype has been a part of literature such as Richard Wright's Native Son and films like Training Day. In the wake of killings such as Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown the last thing Black men need is an image of a Brute onscreen further perpetuating the negative image of Black men.

  7. No guys, didn't hear Fox News though? "Racism is over", right?

  8. Many recent "hollyweird" films have begun to reinforce negative stereotypes of black people. The most abysmal part of this situation is that many black people give their support. Walking around in public as a black male knowing these stereotypes are consumed by the masses really weighs down psychologically. Thanks for being one of if not the only voice to expose this wickedness.

  9. How can i publish your writing on my fb wall? Are you able to attach a fb link to this page? I also thought the movie/trailer is racist. Although i did read another article saying that this is a breakout role for the main actor. But then i thought man would i be pissed if this was about a man of my race. Perpetuating more stereotypes!

  10. I don't believe this stereotypes black males at all.
    The lead actor appears well educated and well spoken. He's just a psycho.

    If it was a typical black male, the owner of the home most likely wouldn't have understood his ebonics and ghetto slang ,looked at the way they dressed, and then would have offered no assistance.

  11. Sophia, the facebook link is at the bottom of the page

    but you can find me at

    Sam, It's not about the actor. Many actors 40 years ago were well spoken and intelligent. But they played stereotype roles such as the Black Brute in films. The perpetuation of the Brute role hurts all Black men in real life. It's the perpetuation of this role that leads to Black men getting racially profiled and killed by police and racists like George Zimmerman.

  12. I see now why so few people watch your YouTube videos and comment on this blog. BEcause you are a hateful paranoid black racist. You view yourself as an eternal victim, and think every film book tv. Show and comic is a conspiracy to get balck people. You're also a fascist attempting to shut down a film you don't like, which is against free speech. Also how dare you accuse the talented amazing taraji p Henson and idris Elba of being sell outs and not caring about their community. YOu don't know anything about them, yet you assume the worst of them which is racist. Who gave you the right to decide who isn't fit to be black. Who made you the king of black people. This 'you're not really black because you say or do something I don't like' has gotten people killed just as much if not more than the black brute stereotype. Also I don't mean to burst the black supremacist bubble you and your fellow black racist dirtbags live in, but black men are not innocent sheep victimized by evil white wolves. There are MANY of them who are violent manipulative sadistic deceitful psychopathicmisogynistic and narcissistic. It is very telling that black racists like you always whine about stereotyping of black people but never about them perpetuating stereotypes. YOur insistence that any negative portrayal of black people onscreen or in writing is racist is itself a racist claim. Go off somewhere and die James. YOu aren't a freelance writer you're a nobody writer. NObody has heard of you! Nobody reads your books! JUst like no one read Baton Rouge shooter Gavin longs books. IDris Elba and Taraji Henson are world famous and renowned and loved. THeir success will continue, while you and the rest of the' everything is racist' evryone's out to get me' evrything is a racist conspiracy to destroy the innocent pure balck folk' will remain relegated to barely read obscure books blogs and videos. ALexis, colins girlfriend is not white she's mexican, you blind idiots. I am a very skilled hacker, and I'm black. I can't decide whether or not to introduce a virus to this blog and your YouTube channel and Facebook page and shut it down or just take my gun and search Bronx New York until I find you and shoot you. But rest assured, I will shut your hateful, paranoid, balck racist, I decide what black people can say or do, mouth once and for all. OH and I LIVE in New York too. NO one protested this film meaning no one cares about your noxious black supremacist opinions. I really hope you write off this threat so you won't be prepared when I fill your head with lead