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Saturday, July 19, 2014

How Thugs Acting White While Keeping it Real

Black folks believe “Acting White” is aspiring to read, get an education, speak with good diction and dressing well. However, they never think to call the Negroes in their communities who emulate White criminals “Acting White.” Negroes who run around wearing T-shirts with images of mobsters like Al Capone, talk about La Cosa Nostra, being Dons and being Mafioso, are making an effort to emulate the behavior of White people, but these individuals are never mocked and shamed for their efforts to “Act White”.

For years rappers like Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z and countless others have run around imitating mobsters. But not a single Negro has ever said they were “Acting White”.

And countless Negroes in inner-city neighborhood have posters of Scarface and The Godfather on their walls. They can recite every single line from these movies. They dress just like the characters from these movies. But not a single Negro has ever said these Negroes were “Acting White.”

These Negroes run around talking about Mafioso and how “gangsta” they are, but not a single Black person ever challenges them on how they’ve forsaken their Black identity for a White one. Not a single Negro calls them an Uncle Tom or a Sellout.

How is this blatant attempt to copy White people acceptable to Black people, but efforts to pursue education like our ancestors such as Booker T. Washington, Ida B. Wells and Mary Mcleod Bethune did not? How did emulating Black behaviors that were part of Black culture for generations turn into a “White” thing to do?

Why are these Negroes who talk about wanting to be like White mobsters and White criminals not called Uncle Toms and sellouts? Clearly they act like sellouts. They betray their Black identity. They aspire to be like White people. If they had the chance to abandon the Black community and be with White people, they’d probably take it.

But in the Black community these Sellout Negroes are considered “Real” Black people. The kind of Negroes other Negroes want to be down with.

Many in the Black community believe it’s okay for a Black person to copy a White Mobster but not okay for a Black person to emulate the behavior of their Black ancestors. It clearly shows how backwards Black people are regarding their identity.

Black people want to be like Italian Mobsters who call them coons, darkies, and spooks. People who if a Negro came into their neighborhoods would chase them out with baseball bats. People who would call them Nigger to their face.

But those same Negroes will say Black man who reads and speaks with good diction and emulates the behavior of their ancestors such as Fredrick Douglass, Booker T. Washington and Malcolm X is “Acting White”. A Black man who participates in Group Economics and makes efforts to improve the quality of life in his community such as Marcus Garvey is a “sellout”.

Insane. Just insane.

Even more insane are the Negroes who will run around with swastika T-shirts and tattoo their arms with Nazi Symbols. Even though the late Adolf Hitler clearly stated he hated Negroes back in World War II. And if he got his way he’d exterminate the mongrel Niggers in his effort to make the earth a perfect place for his Aryan Master Race.

The Negros’ way of thinking is clearly backwards and dysfunctional. I’d say most are so used to Madison Avenue advertisers and Hollywood entertainers defining their Black identity that they’re confused. “Real” Black people want to be like White mobsters and White criminals, but Black people who aspire to follow in the footsteps of their Black ancestors are considered to be “Acting White”.

Sometimes I have to wonder if the Black community is Bizarro World. Because the logic of the Negro is absolutely backwards. Negroes walk away from their own culture so they can embrace the cultures of racists who wouldn’t piss on them.

Again, Insane. Just insane.

What’s most sad about the “Real” Black people who are truly “Acting White” is that they never come to understand they are living embodiments of what sellout truly is. While they can point at Clarence Thomas, OJ Simpson or Halle Berry as a sellout, they can never see people such as Notoious. B.I.G, Jay-Z, Tupac and Lil’ Kim as sellouts too. Nor can they see the sellout who is staring at them in the mirror every day.

It’s sad many Black people will never come to love being Black. And even sadder that they call efforts to embrace true Black culture “Acting White”. These people will never discover the what’s great about being Black. They never get to see what’s beautiful and unique about being Black. And because their whole vision of Black is distorted by a White Supremacist perception of color they never come to see what’s great about their culture. 


  1. I wonder if it works in reverse too: Whites "Acting Black"?

    ...nah, probably beaten out of them by bats and belts a long time ago.