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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why No One Takes The Negro Dollar Seriously

Over the last 40 years The Negro has amassed $3.3 trillion dollars in spending power. $1.1 trillion in cash and another $2.2 trillion in credit. However, most businesses in the world do not take the Negro dollar seriously. Why?

Because the Negro does not value himself.

For all the Negros’ talk, about concepts such as Group Economics and Pro Blackness his actions say he is all for the status quo.

What the Negro does not understand is that business owners don’t listen to talk. They follow the dollars. And when they watch how the Negro spends his dollars they know they have absolutely nothing to worry about when dealing with him.

The Negro is the only person in the world who does not value his dollar. He spends with anyone and everyone who isn’t Black. In fact, he picks nonblack people to spend his money with FIRST. Most nonblack business owners are so confident they can count on a Negro dollar that they spend their business campaigns targeting Hispanic customers in inner-city areas.

To nonblack business owners Negro customers are an afterthought. Just there. Someone to take for granted.

And because the Negro does not value himself or his dollar he is regularly given the poorest quality products and even poorer quality service. Businesses believe they can give a Negro cold fast food, rotten and expired groceries, and pass off knock-off merchandise as genuine. And while he buys these poor quality products these business owners can follow him around, verbally abuse him, and scrutinize his money for its authenticity.

And the saddest part is the Negro will sit there and accept substandard as standard.

 I thought it was 2014, not 1914. But go to any Black shopping district and it’s clear that Jim Crow is still the unwritten law of the land when it comes to the Negro.

Business in America takes the Negro Dollar. But they don’t value it. Why? Because the Negro NEVER GIVES BUSINESS A REASON TO VALUE THEM.

When it comes to business, the Negro is the quietist person in the room. And his silence SPEAKS VOLUMES to Business owners.

Moreover, his lack of action speaks louder than his words. Every time he returns to a nonblack business who verbally abuse him, racially profile him and he is sending a MESSAGE to them that bad customer service is perfectly good business when it comes to the Negro.

Even after the Montgomery Bus Boycott 60 years ago, the Negro still doesn’t understand that the world runs on MONEY. And that business NEED MONEY to survive. Businesses don’t listen to protests. They don’t listen to activists’ speeches. They look at the MONEY. Where the MONEY goes they GO.

And as long as the Negro continues to take his money back to establishments that mistreat him, they have no incientive to RESPECT HIM OR VALUE HIS DOLLAR OR TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY.

Why take a customer seriously if they don’t DEMAND better? Why should a business go out of their way to cater to a customer demographic if said customer makes no EFFORT to INSIST on buying ONLY QUALITY PRODUCTS and will accept SLOP and JUNK from said merchant? And why should a business even take said customer seriously if THEY KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE SLOP and JUNK?

The Negro doesn’t get new products from businesses because he does not value his dollar enough to watch where he SPENDS it. Businesses follow dollars. And when they see the Negro heading back to continue to buy the same old products day in and day out, they have NO INCENTIVE to give the Negro BETTER. Because the Negro does not value his dollar, no one else values it.

Sure, these nonblack people spend the Negros’ dollar. But no one CARES where it comes from. For the nonblack business owner a Negro dollar is no different than a piece of Scottissue. Something to wipe their ass with.

All because the Negro flushes his money down the toilet.

The only person who can make people value the Black dollar is the Negro. Only he doesn’t see its value because he does not value himself.

The Negro is one of the richest groups of people in the world $3.3 trillion dollars in spending power is in his hands. But he still acts like he only has a net worth of $5. The only way to show the world the true value of the Black dollar is to participate in Group Economics and spend it with Black-owned businesses. But until the Black man and the Black woman value themselves to spend it with Black people FIRST, no one else in the world will take the Negro dollar seriously. It is what it is.  

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