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Monday, July 14, 2014

New eBooks on Smashwords and Kindle TODAY!


Bad Girl Gone Good! Good Girl throws down! After a desperate D’lilah is defeated by E’steem for fourth time, Lucifer recruits Umbuttra, the She-Beast from the Bowels of Hell to eliminate E’steem once and for all. But if the brutal beast kills E’steem in battle, Lucifer promises to give her D’lilah’s position as the second most powerful she-demon in all Hell. Will D’lilah keep her spot in Hell’s Hierarchy? And will E’steem survive the onslaught of these two unholy terrors?

E’steem: The Beast From The Bowels will be FREE on Smashwords and the network of Smashwords affiliates and is part of the Summer YA eBook campaign. It’s fun reading for readers of all ages!

Also coming to e-readers is:

She still thinks it's her world. 
But she’s learning.

Six months after moving to Los Angeles sixteen-year-old Nikki Desmond is adjusting to life on the west coast. As she starts a new semester at Beverly Hills High School, she’s resolving to make changes to overcome her surly, racist, and rude behavior.
In the Sensational Second Season of this teen sitcom, Nikki tries to navigate the Beverly Hills High social scene as she meets new friends and learns life lessons that will help her grow to become a better person.

This eBook contains

All 15 episodes of the Sensational Second Season of All About Nikki

Screenplay Basics

Awesome cover by Bill Walko!
And Bonus Material!

The second season of the international best-selling eBook series All About Nikki is coming to ALL e-readers and will be available at a bargain price. If the second season sells well enough, I may write a third season. Let me know if you want more Nikki! 

Also pick up Isis: Wrath of the Cybergoddess for your e-reader  for 99 cents! or in Paperback! 

Danger! Three months after her encounter with Isis, Dr. Raheema Sanders transforms herself into the Cybergoddess, a creature with powers far greater than Isis'. Determined to replace the order of gods with an order of science, she plans to kill the goddess and remake the world in her own image. Can Isis, stop this Digital Diva before she implements her mad plan?

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