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Saturday, July 12, 2014


They’re everywhere. Standing in front of corner stores begging for change. Standing in train stations asking people to swipe them in. Standing in train stations looking to sell swipes. Standing at the bus stop looking to hitch a ride through the back door. Standing outside of fast-food restaurants asking people to buy them Chicken McNuggets or shrimp fried rice. Standing at the entrance of a Target or Wal-Mart pushing CD’s of their half-assed homemade rap acts and begging people to buy their songs.  

Who are these creatures? Dusty Negroes.

What is a Dusty Negro? A Dusty Negro is an adult Black male with no education, no prospects, and no future. He is a lazy shiftless trifilin individual who merely seeks to live off of decent working class brothers and sisters. A living breathing modern day 21st Century representation of the COON stereotype.

The Dusty Negro is easy to identify. He’s the guy with no job but carrying a $500 iPhone, a $250 pair of LeBron or Air Jordan Sneakers on, and all the latest fashions. He’s the guy who runs around in a car with the radio blasting or walking around with his shirt off walking pit bulls trying to look like a badass. In most cases He’s a grown up child with no idea on how to become a MAN because he has no father in his life or male figures in his neighborhood to show him how what MANHOOD is or how to function in life as a MAN.

Like zombies, the Dusty Negro roam the streets of inner-city neighborhoods scavenging food, money or whatever they can from hardworking people. Leeching off an existence from friends and family who have jobs, the Dusty Negro is a human parasite that spends its time wasting the time and space of others.

Usually the Dusty Negro can be found couch of a single Mother, aunt or his girlfriend playing XBOX or PlayStation all day. Or he’s in front of a relatives’ big-screen TV with the stereo pumping to the max. Or sitting in front of a computer watching porn and YouTube Videos of girls twerkin. Or he’s on Facebook making thirsty comments to women who make ass model pictures.

The Dusty Negro is an adult man stuck in a state of arrested development. Thanks to his upbringing in a single mother household and her constant enabling and excuse making he has no idea on how to navigate life in the real world as a MAN.

The Dusty Negro has no adult social skills. He has no work ethic. He has no sense of discipline, patience or self-control. Thanks to his single mother, The Dusty Negro believes that the world is supposed to revolve around him and ONLY HIM.

And whatever silly thing he wants to do he believes he’s supposed to be able to do. So if he wants to sit in front of a PlayStation console all day he can. Because Beating Madden 2014 or whatever video game they’re playing is more important than looking for a job.

While most Dusty Negroes don’t have a job, they will come out at 10 or 11 AM like clockwork and stand outside of a foreign-owned corner store or some ghetto chicken or pizza place. And while they stand there for hours loitering, exchanging stories, and stealing looks at females who pass by, they’ll beg for change from customers. They’ll say they want money to buy water, a sandwich or a slice of pizza.

But what they really want to buy are Black & Mild cigars, vanilla cigars or strawberry cigars. Then they’ll head over to the neighborhood weed man for nickel bag. And after they buy their nickel bag, they head back into their mama’s house or a staircase to smoke up and get high while they play more video games.

If the inside of your apartment or your house smells like Lysol of Febreeze chances are the Dusty Negro who is living with you has been smoking up and getting high.

Or he’s been sexing up local chicken heads. Febreeze also does a great job of covering up the scent of pussy.

To call the Dusty Negro a bum would be an offense to bums. To call him a loser would be an insult to losers. A person who falls on hard times usually makes an effort to get up off their ass and DO SOMETHING FOR THEMSELVES.

But the Dusty Negro believes he is ABOVE WORK. He feels he is ENTITLED to his existence. He believes people are supposed to GIVE him whatever he wants WHENEVER he wants it. He has no GUILT. He has NO SHAME. He has no DIGNITY or SELF RESPECT. He will stand there in his designer clothes his $200 Air Jordan sneakers with his $500 iPhone in his pocket and his $200 beats headphones around his neck and believe he has a RIGHT to ask you for a quarter or a dollar.

Seriously, what kind of MAN dressed up in the latest with an expensive Phone goes up to someone and ASKS them to buy them Chicken McNuggets? And what kind of MAN stands outside a store all day begging for change to buy a cigar and a bag of weed? And what kind of GROWN MAN over the age of 25 spends all his time playing video games?

A spoiled Bitch-Made™ manchild. Someone who needs to get their ass kicked by life. 

What can we do to fight the invasion of the DUSTY NEGROES? Do what his single mother and all the women in his life won’t do: SAY NO TO THEM. When Dusty Negroes ask for change, don’t give it to them. When they ask for you to swipe them onto the train, pass them by. When they stand outside a train station selling swipes, don’t buy them.

And you single moms can stop buying these shiftless N*ggers video games, designer clothes and all the other assorted crap you get them to pamper and spoil them. Stop letting them live off you. Insist that if they are going to stay in your home they go out and get a job and contribute to the bills. If we all stop enabling these baby boys and making excuses for them, maybe they’ll start growing up to become MEN.

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  1. So this is the equivalent of the White Pseudo-Geek who stays within his parent's basement?