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Friday, May 23, 2014

Why No One Takes The Negro Seriously

400 years after the Negro was brought here the Negro still remains at the BOTTOM.

160+ years after The Negro was emancipated from slavery the Negro still remains at the BOTTOM.

50 Years after the Civil Rights movement the Negro still remains at the BOTTOM.

Even with the First Black president in the White House the Negro remains at the BOTTOM. Even worse, he’s falling deeper and deeper into the abyss.

No one takes the Negro seriously. Why? Because he is a JOKER.

For all the Negro’s TALK, the Negro NEVER follows it up with ACTION. Even with all the tools in front of them to build economic and political power, the Negro is still the poorest person in the industrialized world.

And the Negro is poor because the Negro won’t work with his own people. For the Negro everyone else who is Black is an enemy and not an ally. Every other person in the world will set aside their personal issues to work towards a greater goal. But the Negro will allow a business situation to devolve into name calling, arguing and violence instead of taking action to meet the goal.

The Negro will argue you in circles. And the only reason the Negro argues is not to have a constructive discourse, but to shut down any plans for constructive action that would require them to take responsibility for themselves. The Negro figures if they can talk a subject to death can they’ll wear you out and make you walk away wringing your hands and shaking your head in frustration. Then as you walk away they’ll launch into their shaming tactics telling you that you are a racist, an Uncle Tom, a Sellout or other inflammatory language meant to make you feel guilty about seeing the truth about the Negro.

This is the paradox of the Negro. And this is the main reason why no one takes the Negro seriously.

The truth is the Negro needs White Supremacy more than White people do. Without the crutch of White Supremacy to carry him, he has no one to hold accountable for his sorry state. Like the battered wife or the alcoholic wife, he is more co-dependent on White Supremacy and racism than most White people are.

And just like the co-dependent person, they talk about changing things but never make a single step towards actually doing it. Just like that co-dependent wife of that alcoholic they may make superficial moves like calling the police one or two times or moving in with a family member. But within a few months the Negro is right back where he was in the gutter with their Air Jordan sneakers on holding an iphone asking for a handout from a government program.

Action speaks louder than words. And when you watch the actions of the Negro they may talk about change but don’t take action to change their economic, political or social situation. The truth is the Negro is all about maintaining the dysfunctional status quo.

Yes there is racism, but when you consider that the Negro has been here close to 400 years and has not progressed a single step in all that time compared to the rest of the world, it’s embarrassing. In the last 50 years since having “Civil Rights” the Negro has not built a single piece of infrastructure in his or her communities. There are next to no Black-owned businesses, and Negro unemployment remains sky high even during the best economic times such as the late 1990’s.

Currently the Negro is now being passed by third World immigrants such as the Mexicans, Indians, Arabs, Koreans and the Chinese. People who have been here less than 10-20 years in some cases but have built up an infrastructure of wealth, economic and political power while the co-dependent Negro continues to suck on the tits of government programs.

No one takes the Negro seriously because he takes no serious action. Over the last 50 years The Negro has not built up his or her own businesses or protected established ones left to him. Instead of protecting his own iconinc business and cultural institutions the Negro either passively sits back and lets them go out of business or they sell them off to nonblack owners.

Because the White man’s ice is always colder.

The Negro doesn’t want to stand on his own two feet. Why? Because he always knows there will be a Great White Savior™ today he can fall back on if he fails or screws up. Just like the co-dependent battered wife, they know they have the comfort of someone to fall back on if they get tired of standing on their own two feet. For the Negro, having to contend with White Supremacy is better than being forced to solve his or her own problems on their own.

Whenever things get hard, the Negro doesn’t support his own brothers and sisters and help them pull through the crisis. No, they goes back to the government with their paradoxical circular arguments and shaming tactics in the hopes of getting a few crumbs from the table.

Whereas the immigrant such as the Arab, the Korean, the Indian and any other person knows they have no place to ask for a handout when they come to America. If they fall, they die. So they are forced to stand on their own two feet just like our slave ancestors and our grandfathers during reconstruction, Jim Crow and before the Civil Rights Movement.

The main reason the co-dependent Negro doesn’t want anyone Black to help him stand on his own two feet is because it would show the world that it’s actually possible for him to live without the crutch of White Supremacy. This is why the Negro makes every effort to tear down the Black person next to them, especially those trying to rise above his co-dependent way of thinking.

The truth is the Negro doesn’t want to stand on his own two feet. The Negro wants to remain in their co-dependent position. From this position, they can continue to go around in circles with other co-dependent groups of people such as White liberals, conservatives, and hardcore racists playing the Blame N’ Shame game with them and getting crumbs from their table instead of working towards getting a seat there.

This is why the Negro has everyone’s pity. But never earns their respect.

The Negro could’ve had a full plate over a century ago. But the Negro and his co-dependent partners are just too afraid to WORK for it.

When you deal with the Negro you can’t take him or her seriously. For all the talk, there’s next to no action. And it’s action defines character. What defines a person isn’t what they say they’re doing, it’s what they are what they are actually doing.


  1. This only part of the story. What negros that want to build, but are surrounded by negros who refuse to work with him?

    Then there is the negro who gets sabotaged by fellow negros. I can lay out the plan, then other negros want to under cut you and compete with you.

  2. Pretty short sighted view of the negro. A lot of information and factors missing from this piece.

  3. Not a short sighted view of the Negro at all.

    I am well aware of the crab-in-the bucket co-dependent coons and the "special" Negroes who have "arrived" and refuse to work with others.

    They too are part of the problem and are also why no one takes the Negro seriously. Negroes just don't work together towards anything substantial and that's why no one takes them seriously.

    Take the Donald Sterling situation for example. For all the TALK, there was no ACTION from the Negro community. Some even defended this racist.

    I wonder what the Negro would do if he did not have White Liberals to enable him. Would he stand up on his own two feet or would he die?

  4. Some Negreos live off the Government and are middle aged men living off unrealized dreams like those 30-year-old rappers still hawking their mixtapes for a big break.

    Some Negroes talk a big game, but have nothing to show for it.

  5. Do you stand on your own two feet?

  6. True, the middle aged guys who hawk the mixtapes are sad. Talk does nothing. Action gets things done.

    I am standing on my own two feet. Trying to keep my business going while I still look for work. Just get disappointed at Negroes who go out of their way to support Mr. Charlie's businesses but won't support their own.

  7. I disagree with your premise.

    It appears that White America takes the Negro VERY seriously.

    More seriously that the Negro takes himself.

    White America spends billions of dollars a year trying to suppress/control Negroes directly and untold billions through media and opportunity cost trying to keep blacks down, out, and distracted.

    You have it all backwards.

    Donald Sterling had to give up his billion dollar enterprise because he insulted Negroes......

    get it ??

    stop your self loathing.

  8. Er...NO.

    Shelley Sterling used Donald Sterling's racism to gain control over the Sterling family trust. Once he was judged as mentally incompetent she then sold the team to protect her family's wealth and assets from his simpin and trickin with V.Stiviano, his side piece. The Queen (Shelley Sterling) used the Negro (Black community and the Negro bed wench (Stivano) as PAWNS to take down the King(sterling) and checkmated the Black community. White woman laughs all the way to the BANK on the back of Black people.

    No one Takes the Negro seriously because the Negro takes no action that would be considered serious. Most Negroes are JOKERS and all they do is TALK TALK TALK and take no ACTION such as Group economics or supporting each other in business endeavors. Heck most won't help another Black man get a job.