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Saturday, May 24, 2014

New eBooks on Smashwords Summer YA eBook Series 2014 Kickoff!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and that means….It’s time for The Summer YA eBook Exclusives on Smashwords!

This year the series starts with the devilishly funny all-new E’steem adventure Faerie Tale. A contemporary spin on Sleeping Beauty, this one is chock full of laughs in an action packed African-American fantasy adventure. It’s great reading for tween and teen girls!


Bad girl gone good! Good girl goes Medieval! When legendary sorceress Morgan Le Fay casts a spell on E’steem’s boyfriend John, she journeys to her Castle above the Clouds to save her prince.

As always all the Summer YA eBooks are FREE for you to download to your e-reader, cell phone or your computer! I want kids to keep reading during the summer months because it helps them do better in class when they go to school in the fall!

Next Month will feature an all-new All About Nikki eBook! And look out for All About Nikki-The Sensational Second Season (FINALLY) Coming this July!

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  1. Thanks for the great news. You can check out a great ebook for young people here as well.