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Monday, May 5, 2014

Donald Sterling, Economics, and The Negro

\I wrote several blogs about this Donald Sterling scandal. And I wasn’t happy with any of them. Seeing how the Black masses and our so-called Black leaders have responded to this scandal by buckadncing, cooning, kowtowing and even making excuses, for a “good white man” like Donald Sterling I’ve come to understand nothing has changed about the sorry state of the Negro.

However, in spite of my disgust and disappointment at the Black masses, and moreso at ourso-called Black leaders I felt I needed to explain the economic shell game being run on the Black community by the wealthy with this alleged scandal. For all the talk of change in the NBA, the flow of money is going to remain the same. And that’s all Black people’s fault.

What’s happening with Donald Sterling is no different than what happened with Paula Deen in 2013 and Don Imus in 2003. Rich White person makes a racist statement, Black community reacts with outrage, threatens to boycott sponsors, protests, marches and make a fuss. And then wealthy people who control the paychecks of the rich person pretend to punish the individual making the racist statement by firing them or in the case of Mr. Sterling, “banning” them for “life”.

In the aftermath of the scandal the Negro masses believe they’ve won. But in actuality they’ve lost. Why? Because the Negro never understands the game is chess, not checkers.

In chess, a player will sacrifice a less powerful piece on the board like a rook or a bishop if it’ll allow them an opportunity to protect more powerful pieces such as the king and queen. Moreover if they can gain a strategic advantage by sacrificing that piece, they’ll use it to checkmate their opponent.

This is the third time I’ve counted in a decade that the Negro has been checkmated by wealthy Whites in corporate AmeriKKKA using the exact same play. As the Negro reacts to Donald Sterling being “banned for life” from the NBA, in the same way they reacted to Don Imus being fired from WABC and Paula Deen being fired from the Food Network they can’t see they’re about to lose the game.

The Negro doesn’t understand that the corporate oligarchies that control the United States will sacrifice a less powerful player like Donald Sterling to keep the economic infrastructure intact and other more powerful players in the game. Sure Donald Sterling is banned for life and is forced to sell his team for $788 million.

But that’s a small sacrifice to keep $1.1 trillion Black dollars flowing out of the Black community into nonblack businesses.

The Negro is so caught up in his and her emotions that they can’t see economics. While the sacrifice of Donald Sterling makes the Negro feel good it does not lead to any serious or significant change. In fact, all it does is ensure the Negro’s spending habits will remain intact.

After being pacified by Donald Sterling’s removal from the NBA, the Negro will continue to support the economic infrastructure of Sterling’s associates with their $1.1. trillion dollars in spending power. Making other White men wealthy by buying the expensive Air Jordan sneakers, basketball jerseys, T-shirts, ballcaps and other NBA licensed merchandise without thinking once about what they spend their dollars on and more importantly who they’re going to. After all, the Civil Rights Dinosaurs of the NAACP and former FBI informants like Al Sharpton have told them everything is okay and they can go back to business as usual financing their very own poverty and unemployment.

Again, sacrificing Donald Sterlings’ $788 milllion dollars saves these other NBA oligarchs and their licensing associates like Phil Knight, President and CEO of Nike, $1.1. trillion Black dollars. It’s a profitable loss. But the Negro can’t understand this. Why? Because the Negro has no critical thinking skills.

And because the Negro just can’t think critically and plan long-term they always lose. Most are satisfied that another White racist has been taken down. But what they don’t understand is that he hasn’t been taken out of the game. Rest assured, like Don Imus and Paula Deen, Donald Sterling or someone in his family will be back in the NBA. And making more money off the Negro than ever.

The saddest part of this whole Donald Sterling situation is that the Negro continues to fall for the same old plays on the chessboard a child could figure out. Unfortunately the Negro continues to think doing the exact same things like protests, marches and making demands of White racists will yield a different result: Economic equality for Black people. The rest of the world calls this kind of thinking insanity, but in the Negro community this kind of crazy makes perfect sense.

The only response Black people need to have to an incident with a Don Imus, Paula Deen, or a Donald Sterling is simple: Participating in Group Economics and spending Black dollars with Black-owned businesses. But the Negro would rather continue to follow the same failed integrationist approaches presented to them by Civil Rights Dinosaurs such as the NAACP and the race hustlers like Al Sharpton. Insisting Black people have a right to go into businesses where they’re not wanted.

Not understanding it’s your hard-earned money. And the merchant has to EARN it if they want it in their till. The sad part of this whole scandal is the Negro still hasn’t learned to value the spending power of their Black dollars. And that’s why no one else values them.

When Donald Sterling said he didn’t want Black people at his games, Black people should have responded by walking away from the NBA over to Black-owned businesses. Instead, the Negro continues to fall for the same game at the chesstable of life taking the vulnerable White bishop off the board not knowing they’re about to be checkmated by the Queen. The times may change, but unfortunately the Negro’s game plan remains five steps behind everyone else when it comes to economics. It is what it is.


  1. I wonder why the funding for getting one of your books a better cover didn't go so well despite all your efforts in doing so.

  2. Let your hero David Caroll tell it donald sterling is not racist. His girlfriend said he's not racist

  3. Ad, I'll discuss my Failed Kickstarter on Wendesday.

    Anonymous: David Carroll is not my hero. We can disagree on this subject. I don't agree all the time with David Carroll, The Iceman or any other You Tuber. As I see it Donald Sterling is a racist running the NBA Slave Plantation and his Bed Wench snitched on him. But my point is the Negros' response wasn't to participate in group economics with Black owned businesses. It was to buckdance, coon and defend their Slave masters Donald and even try to reward him. This is why I cannot take the Negro seriously anymore. He is NOT about Change just the TALK of change. I