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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Donald Sterling and the Co-dependent Negro

Donald Sterling and The Negro Partners In Crime

In a previous blog last year I discussed how racism created a co-dependent relationship between Blacks and Whites. And the Donald Sterling Scandal illustrates the dysfunction between the races.

For all the talk about change over the last six years with our first Black President, Most Negroes showed how enslaved they still are with this Donald Sterling scandal. From the so-called Civil Rights leaders to Negro on the street to even V.Stiviano, the woman who decided to be Sterling’s bed wench, the Negro community has shown the world how backwards it truly is.

From what I’m seeing the Negro is co-dependent on White Supremacy. And rich Whites like Donald Sterling are co-dependent on Dysfunctional Negroes. Both work hand in hand to keep AmeriKKKa in a state of perpetual dysfunction with their Shuck n’ jive blame n’ shame game where everyone is a victim.  

Instead of calls to take direct action such as Black group economics, we get Civil Rights leaders such as the NAACP making apologies to Donald Sterling and trying find ways to give him a lifetime achievement award. Instead of Black people voting with their wallets and not buying NBA merchandise, and not watching these damn games we have coons making excuses for Donald Sterling so they can have an excuse to wear those new Jordans this summer so they can Simp and trick on some big butt heifers in the neighborhood. And instead of Black women denouncing V.Stiviano for her whorish behavior, we have women praising this side piece as a hero.

And instead of White people being utterly and completely embarrassed by Donald Sterling’s egregious behavior, we get the press trying to turn him into a victim. He has cancer…Big whoop. But he’s healthy enough to continue cheating on his wife with a whore half his age.

From what I’ve seen, no one Black or White wants to change. Both sides want to remain in their state of dysfunction. And they want to remain in their state of dysfunction so they can have the same free pass to get away with their own bad behavior in the future.

From this Donald Sterling incident I’m starting to see why no one takes the Negro seriously. When the rubber hits the road The Negro is All TALK and NO ACTION.

And the Negro takes no action because they’re too afraid of offending their White Slave masters. Yes, the Negro is still on a Plantation. And instead of picking cotton he dribbles a basketball, runs with a football or sings and dances onstage. And the women don’t wash clothes, they just work in an office.

The modern-day Negro is a JOKE. He doesn’t have the backbone or the BALLS to stand up and make a statement like his ancestors. He’s a docile, submissive coward who lives to do two things in life:

Buckdance and coon for his White masters,


Try to cut down the Black man beside him so he can appear to be great in the eyes of White people who don’t care about him.

And his white bosses like Donald Sterling are just as dysfunctional. If it weren’t for the Negroes working at their slave plantations, these men would have driven themselves into poverty living far beyond their means. If they weren’t wasting their money on expensive toys like cars and homes, they’d be tricking their money off on side pieces like V.Stiviano.

The truth is Donald Sterling is just as pathetic as the Negroes who work on the NBA plantation with him. Just when his team gets some success in decades he doesn’t rise to the occasion. He falls into the sewer with the rest of the vermin like V.Stiviano.

The saddest part of this whole mess is that no one understands how BAD America looks to the rest of the world with this scandal. America is supposed to be a superpower. But this shuck n’ jive Blame n’ shame co-dependent game between Negroes and Whites is making the country look like a cesspool of imbeciles. People incapable of leading themselves out of bed let alone run multi-national corporations. An embarrassment to the country and the world. We want to take the mote out of the Ukraine’s eyes, but can’t see the plank in our own. Clean up America’s sewer before you wash out the rest of the world’s.

For the first time in my life I’m utterly disgusted with Black America. Watching the actions of the NAACP I can honestly say our leaders are not fit to lead. They truly are a conclave of minstrels who will buckdance and coon for whatever White man will throw them a crumb from the table.

And I can honestly say our people are at their weakest state since slavery. A bunch of cowards too afraid to flex their economic muscle and use their $1.1 trillion dollars in spending power towards building their own economy.

Why won’t the Negro build his own economy? Because he’s too scared of losing.

And that’s why no one respects the Negro. He doesn’t want to take the time to do the hard work. He doesn’t want to fail. He doesn’t want to try again. He doesn’t want to push As long as he can find a job at one of Mr. Charlie’s companies where there will be someone to do his work for him he has someone to blame when things go wrong. And as long as his White Slave master gives him that chance to work for him he has someone to blame for his own shortcomings. It’s a harmonious relationship where no one EVER takes responsibility for their individual actions and makes efforts to change for the better.

I dare to say The Negro is too busy living on their knees to die on their feet. Too afraid of offending his white corporate slave masters to stand up and show the world why that the Black man needs to be taken seriously. If a White man does not approve of it, the Negro won’t support it. Which is why the Negro is afraid of participating in Group Economics with Black-owned businesses.

Even though the Emancipation Proclomation was signed over a century ago, nothing has changed since 1865. The Negro is still a slave and White people still need his labor to give themselves a false sense of superiority. It’s a co-dependent relationship that keeps America falling further and further to the bottom as countries like China, India and Russia rise higher and higher to the top. Why doesn’t Vladimir Putin respect America? Take a look at Donald Sterling.


  1. You are wrong on one point. The Negro is not too afraid start business.

    They don't do it nor do they support their own because they have no self respect.

    But its hard to have self respect when you dont control your own image right ???

    I mean how far are you going to go if every Sunday they are whootin and hollarin to their White Daddy Blond Hair Blue Eye Jesus ???

  2. After the Sterling thing came out, I was counting on my hand the number of days it would take for some Black to come out and say ....."Mr. Sterling is not a racist....."

    It took about 48 hours. Why do Blacks have such an instinctual reaction to serve and protect Whites ?????

    Floyd Mayweather and Charles Barkley.


    Tariq Nasheed (brother who directed Hidden Colors) hits it on the nail.