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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Black Man Has to Stop Worshiping at the Altar of VAGINA

The Black Man’s priorities are out of whack.

Thanks to forty years of Black boys growing up living in single Parent female headed households has led to two generations of Black males who growing up in a dysfunctional way of thinking. Most Black males today don’t think of doing things for themselves. In fact, they don’t even put themselves first. No,a majority of today’s Black males puts a Black woman on a pedestal and bow down to worship at the altar of VAGINA.

In today’s Black culture heavily influenced by feminism, The Black woman is put first and the men live to please her. This is a reversal of God’s natural order of things. God established Man as the leader over the woman. But in the Black community the Black man follows the lead of a Black woman.

Talk to a majority of the Black males today (not the REAL MEN) and the first thing coming out of his mouth is women. He lives to please women. He lives to chase women. His main priority in life is having a girlfriend and access to a steady of supply of vagina.

And to get that steady supply of vagina, he’ll sacrifice his personal intangibles like his dignity and self-respect just to get the attention of a female. Some of these brothers are so bad off they have Pussy on the brain twenty-four-seven. Some of them actually get upset when another man says he doesn’t have a girlfriend. In their warped minds if a man isn’t chasing a woman or trying to please one, there’s something wrong with him.

When in actuality there’s something wrong with this Black male. He has made Vagina his god and has bowed down at the altar of the Black woman offering her tributes to get to the sacred space between her legs. Whenever someone challenges one of his “goddesses” or “Queens” he’s the first to take up sword and shield to protect her at all costs. Many a Black man has sacrificed his own life just to protect the woman and her vagina.

The Black man has inflated the value of Vagina far more than it’s actually worth. And because a majority of Black males worship at the altar of Vagina, instead of the Holy God who created them, his community has gone straight to HELL. Thanks to his obsession with pleasing women he has not focused on doing God’s work. Instead he has focused on buying women clothes, shoes, cars, and other assorted trinkets and making her happy, or they spend inordinate amounts of money buying things and dressing up like a peacock to get a woman’s attention.

The Black woman has become the Black man’s god. And this is a total disruption of God’s natural order.

A God-centered man is focused on doing God’s work. A God-Centered man is focused on pleasing God and puts God first above all else. He’s focused on building things. Leading his community and his family. Protecting them from dangerous outside forces like Madison Avenue, Hollywood and Feminism. And teaching his children the values they’ll need to build their own strong families in the future.

For a God Centered man a woman is his helper and support. He does not live to make a woman happy, she is happy because she’s following his lead and has faith in his ability to lead her and support her.

A lot of brothers today need to get their priorities straight. Black Man, God made you to lead, not to follow. He made men to please Him first, and yourself second. He gave you the skills to create and to build up your communities. He made you stronger than a woman so you could protect her and support her. It is not your nature to chase after a woman; she’s supposed to chase after you! Remember, God made woman to help YOU, not men to help women.

Brothers in the Black community have to tear down the altar of Vagina and stop worshipping the false goddess known as the Black woman. No matter what the White Liberals and the White Feminists tell you in their media, she is not a superwoman. She is not more powerful than you. You have the mental power to overcome this propaganda and be the strong leader God created you to be.


  1. Shawn, this is a great article. However, for you to really go above and beyond with your message, you have to let Christianity go.

    The reason why a lot of us cannot grow spiritually is because we still keep holding on to the oppressor's religion. You know to much to still be a Christian. We are the divine ones that we have been searching for all along.

    Psalms 82:6

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