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Friday, September 6, 2013

How to Deal with Corporate AmeriKKKan Hood Rats in the Workplace

The Corporate American Hood Rat can wreak havoc on the career of co-workers, especially Black men. However, there is a way for managers to protect themselves from this workplace vermin and keep them from poisoning the office with their poor work ethic and unprofessional attitude.

How can a business protect itself from the Corporate AmeriKKKan Hood Rat? Follow these simple steps:

Be very direct. A manager in the workplace has to be very direct with a Hood Rat.  When working with this female he has to keep everything work related. All communications and assignments of tasks must be straightforward and presented to her in linear fashion. If a manager tries to be flexible with these women and show them some kindness, it’s going to be interpreted as weaknesses by a Hood Rat. And if they sense weakness they’ll use that opportunity to take control of a workplace.

Deal with her on the COMPANY's TERMS. One of the big mistakes a manager makes with dealing with Hood Rats is playing the game of "Let's Make a Deal". When a boss does this it's GAME OVER. The Boss has given the Hood Rat leverage and control over their business. What most bosses don't know is The Hood Rat will always make sure that the deal made will always benefit her, not the business. This is why you always deal with Hood Rat employees directly in a straightforward fashion.

A smart manager and co-workers always insists a Hood Rat deal with them on the company's terms. They make them follow the company line in all business dealings and communications.

Establish a clear line of authority. When dealing with a Hood Rat a manager must establish a clear line of authority. They must let them know they are the boss and they do not put up with any nonsense in a workplace. The faster a manager establishes a clear line of authority the faster a Hood Rat will quit. Hood Rats hate structure and rules and are looking for a workplace with lax rules where they can get away with bad behavior.

Keep your professional distance.  If you are in the workplace maintain your professional distance at all times with a Hood Rat. Keep all your interpersonal communications work related. What a Hood Rat loves to do in the workplace is get people to get personally involved with her so she can manipulate their emotions. The main goal of a Hood Rat in the workplace is to get unsuspecting people in her Trick Bag so she can use them as tools to get herself ahead. A Hood Rats will use people like this: She’ll have one co-worker to write her reports, Another to fill out her forms, and another to make phone calls. Then she’ll take the credit for all their work while doing nothing at all. Keep your distance from this manipulative predator; let her be exposed for the mediocre worker she actually is!

Explain all workplace rules to her clearly. A Manager must cover their ass when dealing with a Hood Rat. explain every company policy to her within the first five days of her reporting for work. The faster a manager explains all the company policies to her the faster he can establish boundaries in the workplace. If possible, have her read the company hand book from cover to cover and then sign a document stating all the rules. This establishes a paper trail if this troublemaker ever gets out of line in the workplace. Getting things in WRITING is PARAMOUNT when dealing with a Hood Rat. She loves to play the game of he said/She said where the lines are blurred and there is no way to objectively deal with her with facts.

Establish boundaries.  The Hood Rat comes from a place of chaos. In her home and personal life there are no rules or regulations. And when they come into a workplace, they try to take it over and establish the chaos they have at home in the office. To nip this dysfunctional behavior in the bud, a good manager establishes boundaries with her immediately. This structure helps a manager maintain the order needed to supervise their business and employees.

When dealing with a Hood Rat a manager insists that they dress professionally, keep their desk clear of personal items, keep the volume down when playing Mp3s, ipods, not use business equipment and business items for personal use, and not make personal calls when on company time.

Be Consistent. When dealing with a Hood Rat a manager has to enforce the workplace rules the same way every day when dealing with them. There is NO FLEXIBILITY in dealing with a Hood Rat! If given a chance they will take advantage of a situation and the people in a workplace. A manager must consistently maintain the boundaries they establish and continuously reinforce the rules with them if they want to maintain an orderly and productive workplace.

For example if a Hood Rat comes in late every day, manager must consistently write her up each time she does it. No oral warnings, no admonishments. The behavior has to be dealt with the same way every time in order to establish with her that there is a penalty for this action and that she is not above the business.

Insist on  reviewing their work every other day if not every day. A Hood Rat’s main objective in the workplace is not to produce quality work. No, her main goal in the workplace is to find workplace Simps who and get them to trick on her. She cons co-workers into doing her work for her and then takes the credit for it. And she cons bosses into getting into sexual relationships with her so she can get leverage over them so she can keep a job where she gets paid for doing nothing. Don't fall for her games, hold this woman accountable for her actions!

To keep her focused on her projects, don’t ask her what she’s doing. Ask her to SHOW you what she’s doing. Ask for documents, files, and e-mails. Insist on a paper trail. This woman cannot be trusted and will usurp a managers' authority and disrupt a workplace.

Follow through with disciplinary action. One of the biggest mistakes Managers make in dealing with Hood Rats is not following through with disciplinary action. This lack of reinforcement is why they get away with so much unprofessional behavior. Again, a manager must remain consistent in enforcing the rules when dealing with a Hood Rat. She must understand that there is a clear line of authority in a workplace and that this line of authority will deal with her accordingly if she tries to challenge them.

For example, if a Hood Rat comes into work late every day for weeks on end, a manager can have no mercy on her. He cannot just write her up, he cannot just orally warn her. No, He must terminate her and clearly document this as the reason for her termination. This is the only way to send a message to her that the policies of the business will not be violated by her and that she is not more important than the business.

Maintain thorough records. When dealing with a Hood Rat, a manager must always keep thorough records. Any time she acts out of line he must keep WRITTEN documentation of that behavior. It’s best that he have witnesses to corroborate and substantiate that behavior.

The main reason for maintaining these records is to protect the company from a Hood Rat in case of a wrongful termination lawsuit or a sexual harassment lawsuit. Hood Rats love to sue companies when caught in wrongdoing and these records establish a paper trail of her bad behavior. WRITE every infraction down from the first time she came in late to the time when she curses out a co-worker.

Keep socialization to a minimum with a Hood Rat. One of a Hood Rat’s main objectives in the workplace is to befriend people. But she doesn’t do this because she likes people, she does this so she can test the boundaries in the workplace. She wants to see what dirt she can dig up on other co-workers so she can use it as leverage to get away with her own bad behavior. Shut her down by keeping all fraternizing related to business.

Explain to co-workers that all fraternizing needs to be kept to a minimum with this woman and explain to them that if they do get involved with her, they are putting their own jobs at risk. The Hood Rat loves to cross boundaries in the workplace and get co-workers to do things like date her. Then when things go wrong head over to Human Resources and say she was sexually harassed in the hopes of scoring a payday from a company.

Watch out for Deflection Tactics. When called on her bad behavior, A Hood Rat loves to point out at others and say “Bob’s doing it” and apply her shaming language. And as the manager goes to Admonish Bob, she gets away to act badly for another day. Don’t fall for this bait!

When she talks about Bob, bring it back to her and let her know you are addressing her, not Bob. She is the one out of line and she is the one that needs to follow the rules of the workplace. If you fall for her deflections, you are going to lose control of your business and your office. Again, be direct and consistent in dealing with a Hood Rat, deflections are one of the three tools she uses to knock authority figures like Managers out with!

Watch out for her Diversions. Hood Rats like to divert attention from their mediocre work record by showing co-workers pictures of their children, or showing off their toys and trinkets like cell phones. Whenever asked about their work on a project they’ll start talking about their clothes, a party or if they’re being called on their lack of work on a project, their kids and how they’re doing in school. Keep her focused on what you’re asking her about.

Watch out for her Deceptions. A Hood Rat’s third trick in the workplace is to con others into doing her work for her. When given a task, a Hood Rat will try to pass her work onto an unsuspecting co-worker, usually a clueless male. This SIMP thinking he’s getting brownie points with her will do all her work and she’ll take all the credit and collect a paycheck for doing nothing. And if things go wrong, she then throws said male co-worker under the bus by saying he took over her project and this is the reason why things are wrong.

This is why a manager must maintain a clear line of authority with a Hood Rat. Every other day, a manager must insist on seeing their work, and ask about where they are on it. Do not accept a Hood Rat’s excuses, this is how she keeps from completing projects on time! Call her to the carpet and INSIST that she do the work that she was assigned!

Watch out for her Shaming Tactics. If diversion and deflection do not work, The Hood Rat will start attacking a manager with Shaming Tactics. This is a defensive attack used to turn herself in a victim. In this emotional attack she’ll start crying extra salty tears and saying things like she’s overwhelmed, how she has so much to do when she gets home and telling sad stories about her troubled home life. If she’s really jammed up she’ll start talking about her kids. Some will even blame them for her poor work on the job.Some will even recruit other co-workers to start making excuses for her.

Don’t fall for the bullshit.  Hold her accountable for her actions.

This woman knew what you required her to do when you hired her. Explain to her that she was hired to do a job and she is responsible for all the duties required of that position. If these personal obligations are too much for her, then she can go back home to deal with them. You hired her to do a job and you pay her to do a job for you. Don’t accept anything less from her that you wouldn’t accept from other employees!

Document all bad behavior. Hood Rats love the game of he said/She said because most Manginas will sympathize with her and go along with her emotional tirades of extra salty tears. Most Men go after a Hood Rat with an Oral argument and lose.

However, a Hood Rat cannot fight a paper trail. Because paper trails show irrefutable written evidence of their behavior. A good Manager makes sure to document all of a Hood Rat’s unprofessional behavior with written documented disciplinary action from day one. With these records on file with HR and corroborating witness statements from co-workers, Human Resources has no choice but to see the mounted evidence against this unprofessional female and terminate her employment.

Clearly explain what she is being disciplined for. When dealing with a Hood Rat in a disciplinary scenario explain clearly what infraction she violated and why she is being disciplined for it. Present documentation of the infraction with witness statements.  Go over clearly with her the punishment whether it be a write-up, suspension or termination. Make sure to take witnesses with you and have THEM corroborate that you are disciplining this employee. Never Confront a Hood Rat one-on-one. This woman will use any situation to create a He said/She said scenario where she’ll turn herself into a victim. Keep all interactions with her in group settings so she cannot gain leverage.

Watch your language and tone when communicating with a Hood Rat.  A Hood Rat’s deadliest offensive and defensive weapon is her mouth. And when she’s not getting her way, she loves to launch into profanity –laced tirades. But she’s not upset. She’s trying to manipulate others into reacting to her.

What she’s trying to do is get the manager, especially a male boss or co-worker she’s targeting with her tirade to lose control over his emotions. If a boss loses control over his emotions and starts yelling back at her she gains control over the workplace. And if the boss starts cursing back at her she has evidence she can use against him with Human Resources or in court.

A Manager has to watch what he says when discussing business with a Hood Rat. These women will take
what a boss says and use it against them. The best way to combat these troublemakers is to use language that doesn’t identify them. If a manager is disciplining them, keep all verbal communications focused on the action, not the person. Hood Rats love to make things personal so they can bring in their arsenal of shaming language threats and turn a situation where people believe she is the victim.

Remain Calm when she acts out. The Hood Rat likes to make a lot of noise when upset. She’s a yeller and a big talker. But most of it is HOT AIR. Most people make the mistake of reacting to her threats and yelling. That gives her the evidence she needs to go to the Manginas in Human Resources to say what someone else said to her or threatened to do to her.

What most Brothers don’t know is that the Hood Rat’s loud mouth is part of a strategy she uses to manipulate people. She yells, screams and makes threats to get an emotional response out of the people around her. The fastest way to shut her down is to NOT say a word. Remain silent. Remain calm. If you can, record her verbal tirade and then take it to HR as a sign of HER unprofessionalism.

Brothers, Hood Rats in the work place are an unfortunate part of life. And they can make a workplace a living Hell if you play their games. But once you learn the methods to their madness you can navigate a clear path around their ratchet and unprofessional behavior. Remember, this woman usually has nothing to lose. Don’t let her cause you to lose all the hard work you put into getting that nine-to-five job or business you built from the ground up!


  1. I once asked a Hood Rat colleague why she goofed-off all day (personal phone calls, cigarette breaks, complaining to co-workers about anything and everything, etc.) and achieved nothing. She said, "Why should I work hard if I'm not going to get promoted." My response: "Maybe you'd get promoted if you worked harder."

  2. You forgot a very important rule and boundary -- no children in the office.

    I'm not talking about Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, which happens once per year and is rather sweet. I'm also not referring to an occasional visit by the children; kids like to see where Mom works, and it's nice if she wants to introduce her children to her colleagues.

    I'm talking about employees who don't arrange for daycare, babysitters, or after-school programs and, instead, bring their kids to the job. This is extremely disruptive and unfair to co-workers, and Hood Rat will ignore her work while spending time with her children. An office isn't a daycare center, but a Hood Rat, if left unchecked, will turn it into one.

  3. Yeah, I've seen that on many of the jobs I've been on. The Hood rat makes the job an extension of her home. This is why you have to set boundaries with them. Or better yet just don't hire them.

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