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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

George Zimmerman Strikes Again-Can We Please Put This Sociopath in Prison Before He Kills Again?

In previous blogs, I warned that George Zimmerman was a danger to all of American Society. This Monday he proved me right.

George Zimmerman was taken into police custody after allegedly threatening his soon to be ex-wife Shellie Zimmerman and her father in her father’s home with a gun.

In those previous blogs I stated that Zimmerman was a sociopath and that he was using race as a smokescreen to get away with murder. And that America wouldn’t see how dangerous he was until he harmed a White person.

That day has come. Let’s hope America doesn’t blow it again. This man needs to be imprisoned before he can murder again.

White America has egg on its face. Especially the jury that acquitted him of the murder of Trayvon Martin. They had a chance to prevent him from killing someone else. Let’s hope another jury is smart enough not to make that same mistake when they have the opportunity to put this sociopath away.

All the rednecks who donated money to defend Zimmerman and the White conservative pundits on FOX News which touted him as a hero now have to feel STUPID. These fools were so blinded by race they couldn’t see how they were manipulated by a sociopath who only wanted to get away with murder.

But instead of admitting they were wrong, these racists will probably just backpedal and distance themselves from him. Now that he’s threatened White people with his gun they’ll just say he’s Hispanic.

Because it’s easier to demonize a Hispanic person as a criminal than a White man. After all, Latinos are known for having a hot temper and beating on women.

But in the wake of this recent incident, there is no denying that George Zimmerman is a clear and present danger anywhere he goes. He is a sociopath who has no remorse and no sense of guilt. He believes he is above the laws of the United States Constitution. In fact, he believes he is the law and if things don’t go his way he can mete out his own brand of justice with a gun. He would have probably killed his wife and her father in the same cold and callous way he killed Trayvon Martin if he had gotten the chance.

All one has to do is follow George Zimmerman’s pattern of behavior to see that he is a menace to society. This attack on his wife is his SECOND domestic violence incident. Again, this is a man who has assaulted police officers in the past. This man has no regard for the law or the safety of others. He just pretends to protect and serve the community  so he can exploit the kindness of others and manipulate them into doing things his way.

George Zimmerman is a sociopath who follows his own law and his own logic. Less than a week after the verdict acquitting him for the murder of Trayvon Martin he was caught in a car with a loaded handgun in the glove box. He toured a gun factory. He had no sense of sensitivity or remorse for the Martin family or the Black community. In fact, he has never expressed remorse for killing Trayvon Martin.

It’s clear to me that George Zimmerman will kill again. It’s just a matter of time. I just hope it’s not one of your family members who winds up becoming a victim of his violence.

If this incident with his wife doesn’t wake up America to the insanity of George Zimmerman, I don’t know what will. We the People have to put this madman away before he is allowed an opportunity to commit another murder. White America can no longer use race to excuse his violent and antisocial behavior.

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  1. I wish somebody Shawn somebody puts George Zimmerman to sleep.