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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jaden Smith Needs and his Momma Both Need to Shut The Fuck Up

Here we go again.

Jaden Smith, the spawn of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith recently told kids to drop out of high school because school is useless brainwashes children. And his Momma backed him up.

Jaden Smith and his Momma need to shut the fuck up. Seriously, the entire Smith family need to drink a big ass bottle of SIT YO ASS DOWN.

I fear for the Black youth who listen to this nonsense. It's bad enough we got Lil' Wayne's Momma talkiing about how he benefitted from not finishing High school, now we got Jada Pinkett justifying her son's opinion about dropping out of school.  All this does is legitimize dropping out of High school as an option for Black youth  the same way Halle Berry legitimized the image of the Black Jezebel in 2002.

Listen to this stupid shit this woman says:

We continually forget that life is about discovering ourselves and our purpose. We spend so much time criticising one another for the decisions or inevitable pitfalls along the way that we forget that making mistakes, falling, failing and getting up again is exactly what life is about. Instead we try to use criticism as a way to pretend that we don’t fall, we don’t make mistakes or struggle, we pretend we have it ALL together, when we don’t. None of us have it all together. At some point I hope we all get to what’s real and surrender to the fact that we are all in the same boat, discovering and trying to figure out this thing called life so we might as well support each other along the way.

Just remember, you’re good, no matter what anyone else says. You are right where you need to be today. Keep living. The answers will come and be patient with yourself and others while we all…discover.

This is the most incoherent bunch of Babble I have ever read. This woman is so full of herself I wonder how she gets a head that big out of her ass every morning. Criticism helps us see the MISTAKES WE MAKE and OFFER US A SOLUTION FOR THEM. It’s people trying to teach us from EXPERIENCE so we don’t MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES THEY DID.

At 15, Jaden Smith knows everything.

I used to think this way when I was his age. Thought I knew everything because I could ride a bus and a train someplace and back home again.

Then LIFE kicked me in the ass at 16 on an N train on  November 12,1989.

Unfortunately, because Jaden is surrounded by enablers like his mother and father who justify his retarded ideas he’ll never learn those valuable life lessons I did until he runs afoul of the LAPD or he knocks up some chick and makes her a baby mama. Maybe when the Judge in Child support court is demanding $20,000 a month from Mr.Smith to give to some gold-digging hoe or he’s in the Iron college offering Brutus Milano cookies and Little Debbie snack cakes to keep him from violating his booty hole, He’ll come to understand the value of a good education.

Jada Pinkett is confident her children won’t grow up to be spoiled and troubled. She’s so into her own world that she has no idea how dysfunctional they are right now.

Jaden Smith is right on course to become the next Trayvon Martin. Or the Next Emmitt Till. Will and Jada are NOT preparing this boy to go out in the real world. That’s dangerous for a Black boy growing up to become a Black Man.

A Black boy needs to understand how to navigate the racist world of AmeriKKKA so he can not fall into many of the pitfalls set up to take him out such as Law Enforcement, the criminal justice system, and the nazi child support system. And two of the most important tools he needs for navigating life in this country is a High school diploma and a college degree.

Someone needs to school Jaden on the value of a good education. No one who drops out of school becomes more intelligent. There were a bunch of brothas I went to school with in Park West High School who dropped out of school for dope money back in the late 1980s. They thought they were so smart slinging them crack rocks to get money to trick on sneakers, leather Troop jackets, and light skinned big but heifers.
And where are they now? Pushing daisies or in the Prison system.

Jaden needs to look at his Dad. Then He needs to compare his Dad to the contemporaries of his day Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. Neither of whom finished High school.

Where are they now? Six feet under. While his dad who finished High school went on to have that successful movie career and a family.

Again, Jaden Smith is headed down the road of Trayvon Martin and Emmit Till. Miseducated by his parents into thinking that he’s special and “good” and that the world will see how great he is.

This is how a MANGINA is made.

The way Jaden Smith is being raised is detrimental to him as a Black male. He is NOT special. In White Supremacist AmeriKKKa, he's just like every other Black boy out here: A NIGGER.

Jaden needs to understand that the world isn’t favorable to Black men, and life gets that much harder for Black males who don’t have a High school diploma. Brothers who drop out of high school to “discover themselves” like Jaden thinks he’s doing wind up working at Applebees’ frying up chicken tenders or at Ralphs bagging groceries for $8 an hour.

An employer doesn’t care to help you discover your purpose without a High school diploma or a college degree. That’s how life works. People without high school diplomas in real life struggle and their lives fall apart as they try to figure out how they’re gonna make $1500 worth of rent, $100 worth of utilities and S400 worth of groceries on that Applebee’s or Ralphs job that pays $8 an hour. And as they discover how fucked up their lives are at 35 they realize they should have kept their ass in school at 15 20 years ago.

If that criticism sounds harsh, then so be it. It’s the cold honest truth. I’d tell Jaden Smith and his momma that straight to their faces if I saw them.

Someone needs to show Jaden Smith that first episode of the Cosby Show when Cliff taught Theo about Money and the real world. I still apply the lessons I learned from that episode to my life to this day.

Brothers and sisters, if you’re in school don’t listen to the nonsense of Mr. Jaden Smith. At 15 he shows me he knows NOTHING and his imbecilic Mama knows LESS by co-signing his nonsense. Stay in school and get your high school diploma. Then go onto college and get your degree.

 Education has been a tool of empowerment for Black people for generations. People like Benjamin Banneker, Phyllis Wheately and the slaves when they became emancipated. It’s how Black people founded a middle class after slavery and how they built a strong community during Jim Crow. It’s what I use today to build myself and my writing career up today. The value of a good education has been the cornerstone of building up a strong Black family and a strong Black community.

Seriously, Jaden Smith and his momma need to shut the fuck up. In fact the entire Smith family just needs to shut the fuck up and sit their asses down. With Negroes like this in our community no wonder the race is going BACKWARD and not FORWARD.


  1. Quit talking out of harass they are nice people

  2. Quit talking out of harass they are nice people

  3. You don't know anything u just want to kill the vibe

  4. Are you that kid? Someone get their computer privileges again?

    You do know this is an old blog.

    And Jaden needs to understand how what he says can be taken out of context by people his age. Him saying something as irresponsible about school can influence a generation of kids to not go to school. Sure he has money, but these kids out here can mess up their lives listening to him.