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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rob Carmona of STRIVE- Another Black Man Victimized by the Corporate AmeriKKKan Hood Rat

 Recently I read about how Rob Carmona of STRIVE had to pay over $200,000 in punitive and compensatory damages to a Black woman for calling her a nigger on the job in federal court. But this case wasn’t about a Black man calling a Black woman a Nigger. No, it was a case of a Hood Rat manipulating the legal system to get paid.

I worked at STRIVE from 2000 to 2001 as part of the AmeriCorps* VISTA program helping them build the infrastructure to help recruit the homeless into their job-readiness program. And I know Mr. Carmona. He’s a fair guy and he’s a no-nonsense professional. He takes no shit from program participants and he takes less from employees who work for him. The STRIVE job readiness program deals with the hardest of hard cases, the people considered virtually unemployable in the job market. People like ex-offenders, former gang members, single mothers, the homeless and former drug addicts. It’s a tough boot camp like environment where people are direct and very, very hard on people.

They have to be. Most of these people have horrible attitudes and even worse work ethics. Many are manipulators and predators who think the bullshit games they run in the streets can run in the workplace. Part of the STRIVE program is showing these ex-offenders, single moms, former gang members, homeless and drug addicts why their behavior is dysfunctional and how it costs them in the AmeriKKKan job market. Over the course of four weeks there’s a lot of crying and a lot of pain as people are called on their bullshit, but eventually most people learn the life lessons that enable them to keep steady employment two years after they enter the program.

Now Rob Carmona wasn't some manager like the press is telling you. This man was the CEO of STRIVE and on the Board. The man who signs the checks there. The boss of bosses of a national and international  nonprofit with offices in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco, the UK and Israel. A man with tremendous power and authority. 

Usually, Rob doesn’t come down hard on participants or employees. Again, this is an educated Black man who keeps it very professional. If he was calling her a Nigger, this chick had to have done something to deserve it. Her behavior had to be some kind of ratchet for him to check her like that. If he was calling her out, I guarantee you she was acting like a nigger.

Only instead of sucking it up and dealing with it like most program participants and some employees did back in the day, this Hood Rat decided to do what most Ratchet Black women these days do when they can’t get their way: Call in the White boys. And then manipulate these Manginas into using the legal system to break a Black man down into the position of a boy.

What happened to Rob Carmona is the same thing that happened to Artis Hughes when he checked Sha’dia Lane a few months ago, and what happens to many other Black men who get into arguments with Black women across the country. She didn’t like what a Black Man in authority told her and then instead of womaning up, she went and sicced her White boyfriend on them.

Sadly, Rob Carmona’s case and Artis Hughes’ case have clearly set a bad legal precedent for Black men. One that clearly states that Black men have no power to correct the bad behavior of ratchet Black women and they can get away with doing whatever the hell they want in communities of color. It’s a powerful statement that they considered more valuable to White Supremacist AmeriKKKa than Black men.

What happened to Rob Carmona at STRIVE reinforces my argument on why you DON’T hire a Hood Rat. Eventually this bitch will come back and bite the hand that feeds them. Moreover, they will do some stupid shit that will embarrass the hell out of a boss. Unfortunately in the case of STRIVE they’re going to lose big thanks to this Black woman. That $300,000 this Hood Rat will get from that judgment to spend on rims, tires, Tyler Perry DVDs, weaves, hair, nails and other bullshit sundry items won’t go to help a cycle or cycles of program participants get the help they need to become job ready. Those are 15 to 20 brothers and sisters who desperately need this training to get their lives in order and get to work.

What most people don’t know is the STRIVE program is a nonprofit that gets all of its funding from donations and grants. I worked with the Fund Development department at STRIVE over 13 years ago and it’s extremely difficult to get grantmakers and corporations to donate money to a nonprofit during the best economic times like the ones I worked in from 2000 to 2001. I know this lawsuit is going to make it that much harder for them to operate in the future during this economic depression.

I learned a lot of valuable life lessons at STRIVE 13 years ago. I also learned a lot about people and human behavior back then. But I wish someone had told Rob about the treacherous nature of the Hood Rat. How this manipulative predator plays to Black men’s emotions to get them to react to her. How she’ll start shit then as the brother finishes it, she calls in the White males in Law enforcement and the Legal system and plays the victim.

I wish someone had shown Rob the numerous videos of Tommy Sotomayor, The Iceman, Dan Freeman’s, RichScorpio’s, RealManAllen’s or 5723Michael’s classic irrefutable videos on Corporate AmeriKKKan Hood Rats on YouTube or even some of my blogs. The Hood Rat is a predator who doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She’ll throw anyone under the bus to get herself ahead. There’s only one way for a decent brotha like Rob Carmona to protect himself from this modern day Negro Bed Wench, and that’s simply not to hire them at all.

Brothers, watch your back on the job with these Hood Rat Black women. These Corporate AmeriKKKan Hood Rats have nothing to lose and can cost you your career!

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