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Monday, September 16, 2013

Personal Power and the Intangibles of Manhood

 What is personal power? The power a man has over himself. It’s these intangibles that make up the composition of a man’s character; who he is on the inside.

The internal traits of a man based on his intangibles are what lead him to act. And its his actions that define who he is to the world. When a man understands what his personal power is he can take control of his life.

A Man’s personal power consists of:

Strength- The strength of character to stand up for his beliefs and values. A man with strong character stands in the face of any challenge put front of him. He does not fall or break when push comes to shove. He does not compromise his morals or integrity.

Dignity-Thinking you are worthy of honor and respect. If a man believes he is valuable he will be seen as valuable by others. If a man respects himself, others will respect him.

Self-respect –When a man puts a value on his dignity to realize that there is a boundary he doesn’t cross. A man who has self-respect realizes that he is more valuable than anything or anyone out there and doesn’t act in such a way to lessen his value as a man. Real Men act like they are the prize, and make others work to EARN their respect!

Self-control-The ability to control one’s emotions, thoughts and desires. A man with self-control thinks before he speaks and does not let his emotions dictate how he acts. Yes, he understands he has feelings, but he understands that his thoughts control his actions.

Self-discipline- the ability to control one’s ability to act on one’s emotions, thoughts and desires A man with self-discipline understands his character is defined by his actions. And he controls  his emotions and thoughts so he can act in a way that’s constructive.  

A sense of self-worth the ability to value oneself and understand one’s value to society. When a man understands what makes him valuable, he knows what he brings to the society’s table. And when he knows what  he brings to the table he is considered a valuable asset by the members of his community.

Self-love The ability to value who you are for being who you are. A man who loves himself accepts himself for who he is. He does not change or compromise to please others or to make them happy. He understands he is valuable just for who he is. And he understands that he is so valuable that he will not stay in a place or among people who do not value his presence. A man who loves himself understands his time is to valuable to waste in places where he isn’t wanted among people who don’t want anything to do with him.

Men who love themselves are capable of loving others and having healthy relationships with them. A man with self-love can share his life in a loving relationship.

When a man understands the value of his personal intangibles, he learns to value himself. And when a man values himself he does not put anything or anyone above his own worth.

A Real Man understands that things aren’t valuable unless he establishes a value on them. And even in those cases he doesn’t put that value above himself.

A man who understands how much he is worth does not sacrifice his personal intangibles to please others. A Real Man understands it’s not his job to make anyone else in the world happy. People are responsible for their own happiness. If they don’t like a situation in their lives they have the power to change it.

Too many men today sacrifice their personal power to please others, especially women. Their made to believe that making others happy will make them happy. This is one of the biggest lies men have been told over the last 40 years.

Thanks to this lie, and many men out there have sacrificed their personal power for things that have far less value than they are.

Because they lack the strength of character and the resolve of discipline, most men today don’t understand that they could have the very same things they sacrificed their personal power for if they just exercised a little patience.

A man MUST NEVER sacrifice his personal intangibles for anyone or anything. Because when a man sacrifices his personal intangibles, he sacrifices his personal power. And in doing that he gives power to others over him!

When a man sacrifices his personal power he loses face in the presence of other people. Because when a man does not respect himself, he does not give other men a reason to respect him. Again, a man must see himself as valuable for others to value him.

Men, your personal power is one of the most important parts of you. Don’t sacrifice it for a woman, money a job or anything in this world. The one person you have power over is yourself. You control who you are. And when you understand you control who you are, you can define who you want to become.

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