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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shawn Deconstructs Terry McMillan's Waiting To Exhale

During my early twenties I was given Terry McMillan’s Waiting To Exhale by my sister to read. Also during my younger years I also bought and watched the 1995 movie on VHS. Now the White Supremacist literary world praises this novel for detailing the lives and loves of four single Black career women.

But now that I’m older I see this story as more misandristic feminist bullshit that portrays the Black woman as a victim of Black men. However, in reality she’s the victim of her own poor choices.

I’m going to break down the numerous reasons why these women couldn’t get a man and why they’d would remain single for the rest of their lives. No Real Man wants to Get to Happy with women who are miserable in the company of each other.

Now the primary reason these women were single wasn’t because there wasn’t because of a limited pool of available educated Black men. No, the reasons these four women were single was because of their actions and ratchet behavior.

No Real man would have made Savannah, Gloria, Bernadine or Robin for girlfriend or their wife. Seriously, what man in his right mind would think of bringing a woman like this home to their mothers? What Real Man would want to spend the rest of his life with such arrogant, belligerent, spoiled, entitled, materialistic and greedy women? What real man would want to be in the company of women who were spiritually and mentally lost?

Savannah on the surface was the single successful Black woman who had it all. Big house, nice car, six-figure job. Unfortunately, the only thing she didn’t have was character and integrity.

Savannah loved to tout her list of ever-changing high standards at the men she dated, but ironically had no standards of her own. She had nothing to offer men outside of her degree, her job and her material things and her vagina.

Spiritually she was an empty and hollow woman. And character wise she wasn’t wife material. This was the woman who was laying down with bum guys and having affairs with married men. She was so desperate for a man she settled for a role as a married man’s Side Piece.

Now if a woman will cheat with you, she will cheat on you. And when dudes find out you’re the woman who will cheat with them they lose all respect for you.

You can’t turn a Hoe into a Housewife. And that’s why no decent brotha wanted to marry Savannah.

To Real Men Savannah was pretty, single, and successful, but not marriage material. She lacked the character of a woman who would be good wife. She’s not the type of woman to be loyal or supportive. She’s the kind of woman who is so full of herself she can’t see past her own degrees and accomplishments to help a man build a something that will support both of them.

No, she built that on her own and sees a man as nothing more than another accomplishment on her list of things to do in life.

Savannah is the kind of woman who will run for the door when things get hard, when times get bad. She’s the kind of woman who won’t support a man when he needs her the most. Worse, she the type to rub shit in a man’s face whenever things don’t go right.

Savannah is most likely to wind up alone for the rest of her life or married to some poor Simp she’ll settle for. And while she’s married to this cuckold, she’ll cheat him on again and again in her quest to find “Mr. Right.”

Because no man will ever meet her list of ever-changing unrealistic criteria.

Robin was  a woman who had everything on paper but like Savannah, had nothing to offer in terms of character. Sure she had a college degree and a high-paying job. But again, in terms of character she was empty.

Worse, she had no personality, and no goals for the future. On top of that, she was arrogant and materialistic. She was always demanding that men bring something to offer her but she brought nothing to the table but her VAGINA.

And because all Robin offered was sex to men she never formed a connection with a man that would have allowed her to build a lasting relationship. What airheaded women like Robin don’t understand is that Real Men want more from a woman than just sex. No, we want communication, love, friendship and a deep personal, spiritual and emotional connection with someone.

And if we can’t get that from you we just pump you then dump you.

Thanks to Robin’s lack of personality and the fact that she only offered sex, the only men interested in her thirsty Simps like Michael caught up in looks or married Tricks like Russell who were paying for a little extra pussy on the side.

And because Robin was so eager to give up the sex to cover up for her lack of a personality, all those men saw her as was an easy lay.

Which is what Russell used her for his booty calls when his wife wasn’t available. And why he strung her along for years with promises of a divorce.

Again, if a woman will cheat with you, she will cheat on you. Again, you can’t turn a Hoe into a Housewife.

In the eyes of single eligible, Black men Robin was at best nothing more than a jumpoff for most Alpha males and a short-term fling for the rest of the Simps, Tricks, and Manginas stupid enough to get caught up in her looks. The chick guys can get with when all their other choices aren’t available. Sure, she’s pretty to look at, but she’s not wife material. No Real man wants to wake up to a woman with nothing between her ears and everything between her legs.

And because she knew she wasn’t wife material, this ratchet chick decided to trap Russell with a baby at the end of the story. Her decision to keep the baby wasn’t about being strong and independent. No, it showed how weak and co-dependent she was. She only kept that baby to keep the relationship with Russell going no matter what. The child was nothing more than a pawn to hold on to a man who was never hers to begin with.

 In Bernadine’s story were made to sympathize for her because we’re told her husband was leaving her for a White woman. We’re made to believe she was being abandoned by an cold ladder climbing Uncle Tom.

But Bernadine’s story is probably filled with omissions.

From an objective perspective it looks like she was a domineering shrew who emasculated and humiliated men. And John was just a Mangina who only wanted her to be his arm candy. Once this shallow Bitch-Made™ coward he elevated himself, he decided to “Trade her up” for a White Woman.

But despite John’s lack of balls, Bernadine is your classic drama queen. A classic Calamity Jayne*(Taken from the Iceman Show) she’s always the victim of someone else doing her wrong. This is reflected in how she complained about not being able to start her catering business due to John or the classic rant in the movie where she destroyed John’s property and then sold what was left for just $1 an item just to spite him for leaving her for a White woman.  Everyone was doing Bernie wrong.

But Bernadine NEVER wanted to take responsibility for herself or her actions.

Bernadine, being a drama queen complained and whined and talked about what she wanted to do, but NEVER made an EFFORT to change her situation during the time she was married to John. She probably knew she was married to a Mangina years ago when she had kids by this punk. But instead of being proactive and getting rid of his sorry ass, she stuck around for the money, the house and all the other goodies she was getting from living as his stay-at-home-wife.

That’s Right Bernadine was a classic Gold-digger. Out to get paid for getting laid.

And her entitlement issues are the main reason why she never made a serious effort to start that catering business or an active role towards her own financial security. No, instead of stepping up she went back to her favorite role- THE VICTIM.

Real Men wouldn’t want anything to do with Bernadine. Why? Because she carries a BOATLOAD OF BAGGAGE.

And I’m not talking about the kids. Bernadine’s biggest problem is her narcissism, and her sense of entitlement. She believes men are supposed to do everything for her and that she’s not responsible for her behavior or her actions.

That kind of person grates on a man over time. They’re the kind of woman to do things to a man and never think he has any feelings. That he’s just supposed to be a punching bag for all her verbal and physical abuse.

A woman like Bernadine is the kind to project all her rage from previous relationships onto another man. She’s the kind of chick to start a fight and get a guy locked up on a domestic violence charge when he finishes it.
And her being a divorced mother just adds diarrhea icing to a shit cake. Along with her issues, she’s bringing kids along and this Mangina ex-husband. Once a man hears about Bernadine and her baggage, he realizes he’ll be  doing Pullman Porter duty and cleaning up a MESS if he gets involved with her.

Gloria had a successful business. But her personal life was in shambles.

First off, she was divorced. (BAGGAGE) And she was divorced because her ex-husband was gay. That tells most Real Men like myself that this chick has to be domineering in some way.

Second, she was bogged down with the baggage of a being a single mom to a teenage son. That alone would repulse most men.

On top of it she was obese. Most dudes wouldn’t want to get involved with her not only because of her looking like a hog, but because of her health problems. In the book (a fact OMITTED from the movie) Gloria had a HEART ATTACK. Yeah, most guys want to be in a relationship with a woman with a boatload of health problems while just in her early 40s.

Strike one: Divorced. Strike two: Single mom. Strike Three: Obese. Gloria was out before she hit the plate.

Yeah, she was a business owner. Beauty salons may make a lot of money, but when you’re surrounded by ratchet chicks, chicken heads and other loser women gossiping and putting business in the street, you’re getting filled with negative energy. That negative energy is going to keep you from attracting men to you.

In spite of these things, we’re told Gloria got a man. But I can tell everyone he’s just the SIMP around the corner. A desperate dude who probably was willing to settle for whatever he could get because he had no social skills and did not know his value as a man.

Most Real Men would not only avoid Gloria due to her divorce, her child or her obesity and health problems, but because of all the WORK he’d have to do if he got involved with her.

Any decent brotha would see a woman like Gloria and see a White waiter’s jacket and bow tie in her closet and some green coveralls next to them. Yep, Gloria doesn’t want a man to be a man. She wants him to be the Pullman Porter™ and the GARBAGE MAN who cleans up the mess called her life.

And life is too short to clean up the mess of two other people. Now that SIMP she got may have fallen for the game, but most other men would pass her hefty behind by for the childless woman across the street.

The biggest problem with Waiting to Exhale was that the women in the story weren’t looking for a man to be their partner. No, these single successful Black women were looking for a man to be an accessory to their lives. A Ken doll to sit in their Barbie dream house.  All these chicks thought they had a bigger dick than the men they involved themselves with.

Women who read Waiting to Exhale are made to believe it was the men they were choosing that was the problem. No, it was they way they were socialized to think from birth. These women had no respect for men or valued men. In their eyes men were just another object to scratch off on their list of accomplishments. It’s this dysfunctional feminist way of thinking is the main reason why these women were all SINGLE and will REMAIN SINGLE FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.

Personally, I’m thinking Savannah, Robin, Bernadine and Gloria all came from a Matriarchal mindset. All of these women wanted to LEAD instead of follow.  They thought that their material things made them attractive, but it was those material things that TURNED OFF MEN.

Most men want a partner who will work with them. Someone who will offer them respect and cooperation, not material possessions and vagina. Someone who will help them build a relationship and a family. None of the women in this story offered the internal character traits men want in a wife. A man wants a woman who will enhance his life, not take away from.

Waiting To Exhale is a literary classic. It’s a ground-breaking book that spawned many clones. But Waiting to Exhale is not a literary classic for the reasons the public thinks. Waitng To Exhale is a classic piece of literature because It shows a classic example of how living under matriarchy and feminism has led to a generation of Black women being single and miserable. As long as Black women follow the failed doctrines of feminism they’ll be just as single and miserable as Savannah, Bernadine, Robin and Gloria were in the novel. And that misery will only continue into their old age like these four ladies encountered in Terry Mc Millian’s critically panned follow up to Waiting To Exahale, Getting To (Miserable) Happy.

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