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Saturday, May 18, 2013

“You’re gonna be a rapist”- Mangina Shaming Language To The Extreme

“You’re gonna be a rapist!”

I was told this on two occasions in my life:

When I was 15, and I was in Park West High School and I was being pressured by a Hispanic guy about having sex. When I wouldn’t let him hook me up with a girl he wanted me to talk to because I wasn’t feeling her, he told me I was going to be a rapist.

When I was 23, and I was working in a Food Emporium, I was on a break and getting a good look at Tyra Banks in the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Edition like any Real Man would. And some Spanish delivery guy comes in and says “you’re gonna be a raper!”

25 years after my first experience encountering this shaming language I’ve never raped a woman. Nor have I ever thought of raping a woman.

Nor would I have to. Ever since Junior High school girls have been offering me pussy. Hell, since I was a teenager, they’ve been coming to me talking about sex before I can even ask them their names.  

Perhaps these Manginas were projecting their own desires onto me.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to understand what Shaming Language is. And how Manginas use it like a weapon to attack other men.

Thanks to the dysfunctional way they’re raised, Manginas fear their own masculine energy. And some even fear their own sexuality. And when they see a man expressing a healthy interest in sex, they use shaming language to make those men feel bad about having their sexual feelings or a healthy interest in sex.

There’s nothing that scares a Mangina than a man who is confident and secure in his own masculinity and comfortable about his own sexuality. The man radiates strong masculine energy and strong sexual energy will attract the attention of all the women around him.

And the Mangina is scared shitless about that fact. Because he wants all those women to pay attention to him.

The Mangina fears that if a man is radiating that strong masculine energy and strong sexual energy He’ll have competition for the attention of the women he’s hovering around in his social circles. And he fears that those women start to notice that man, they won’t pay any attention to him. So he has to do something drastic to eliminate that man from the social scene.

When a Mangina tells another man he’s going to be a rapist, it’s a sign that he’s terrified of that man’s sexual energy. In fact he’s so scared that he’s pissing himself. Whenever he sees that man, he’s looking down at his own penis and realizing he just doesn’t measure up to a Real Man.

Rape is not about sex. It is an act of violence about power and control. Sick men rape women. Men with lots of issues regarding the way they were socialized to be around women. Insecure troubled Men like Manginas.

A Real Man is always in total control of his sexuality. He understands his mind controls his body and that his body only acts on his thoughts. He can be in a roomful of naked women and while he may be sexually aroused by the sight of their nude bodies, he won’t act on that sexual urge in a violent manner towards those women.

Because he understands that sex is an expression of love between him and the woman he’s involved with.

When I was told that I was going to be a rapist, I quickly realized that the problem was with men I was speaking to, not me. That they were projecting their own insecurities about their own sexuality onto me. That they were trying to bully me into acting on my sexuality on their terms.

I control the terms of my own sexuality. And I control how I act sexually. By myself and with women.

For me, sex is supposed is one of the most intimate connections two people can have. It’s an act of love that’s supposed to draw people closer to each other. It’s supposed to be fun. I want to feel happiness in her connection with me. I like to see a woman smile when she’s having sex with me. I like to hear her laughter when we’re intimate. I want her to enjoy the pleasure of the sexual experience with me as much as I enjoy it with her.

I don’t want to hear screams when I’m having sex with a woman. I don’t want to hear her crying when I’m having sex with her. I don’t want her to endure pain or be traumatized during a sexual experience with me. I don’t want her to associate violence with sex with me. My penis is not a weapon.

Rape is one of the worst things to happen to a woman. It’s an ugly invasion of a woman’s body meant to humiliate her and make her feel worthless. An act of violence meant to disconnect her spirit from her body. And for a cowardly Mangina to say that a man is going to be a rapist because he’s afraid of competing with him for the attention of a pool of women shows how twisted and sick these males are.

A Real Man has numerous options for relieving his sexual urges including masturbation. He never has to put hands on a woman to take her body away from her by force to get a sexual release. It’s a weak male who uses violence to get sex, and an even weaker one that tells another man that he’s going to be a rapist if he doesn’t act on his sexual urges in a way he finds appropriate.

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  1. And there's this misconception by some people that jerking off is self-sex but it might be closer to "stimulated sex" or "faux sex" as you define sex as more than an act of arousal or of reproduction but also of intimacy between others, something that most people don't know about thanks to popular misconceptions and pornography playing on those.