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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shawn James is NOT Copying Tariq Nasheed!

Okay I got a comment from someone saying I copy Tariq Nasheed. And that I call myself a writer.

I see the insult in between the lines of the comment. This is someone trying to minimize the work of this blog by saying I’m just like someone else. Someone is jealous of Shawn’s intelligence and the knowledge he’s trying to share.

And jealousy is a female trait. So whoever this is needs to check themselves if they’re male. Because their Mangina is showing.

By this idiot’s logic I guess Tom Leykis, The Iceman, The Advise Show and Tommy Sotomayor are also copying Tariq Nasheed.

And I also guess guys on YouTube like Dan Freeman, 5723Michael, Thugtician, RealManAllen, Barbarossa, GameMentor, Heavenlytruth11, akwesi100, BigBKELTheGREAT, Stardusk, GeneralBacklash5Star, SuperBlackDragonRage, MrSuperboy222 and a dozen other men are also copying Tariq Nasheed too.

And I guess women like JiaIreland, Madame Ree, and Colonel of Wisdom are also copying Tariq Nasheed on YouTube.

Or maybe it’s just like minds think alike.

Whoever this is needs to unplug themselves from the matrix. And stop trying to hate on me. There’s been a Men’s movement going on for the past few years now. This is bigger than me.

Here’s the deal: Shawn doesn’t need to copy Tariq Nasheed.

I’ve been writing hard no nonsense articles since I started my first blog in 2006. And I’ve been writing about Men’s issues since 2007 or so, but focusing on other topics as well. All one has to do is go back in the history of this blog and read about the topics I’ve posted on like Montana Fishburne and Black men in dresses- Entertainment or Emasculation? to see that my content is original and all mine.

And growing up I’ve had a lot of experiences where I learned valuable life lessons. Lessons I feel I could share with the audience of readers and provide teachable moments from.

When I wrote that blog about avoiding the Trick Bag at the Workplace, it’s because I ran into that experience on the job at City College Science Library five years ago when my co-worker tried to put me in the Trick Bag.

And When I write a blog telling blog telling brothers to be on the lookout for Washed Up Black women it’s because I’ve run into a dozen of them on my jobs at City College, Americorps* at STRIVE, 13 years ago, or on the street in my south Bronx neighborhood.

Hell, I’ve seen them on TV. What was Lynn Searcy on Girlfriends? A washed up broke ass Black Chick reinventing herself as a Boho. And What is Persia White, the actress who played Lynn Searcy? Just check her background and find out that life imitates art.

Maybe instead of looking to take a swipe at a brotha, maybe you should take the time to LEARN something from Real men like myself who know better. Who have experienced these situations FIRST HAND growing up. Who have made these mistakes and want you to LEARN from our life lessons.

With these blogs, all I’m trying to do is impart some wisdom on all the men out there Just like Tariq Nasheed and all the brothas on YouTube are trying to do.

And for me this isn’t a dick measuring contest. Having talked to brothers on YouTube Twitter, and Facebook, we’re not competing with each other. We all have one goal: Making better men out of the next generation.

And how we do that is by sharing information.

I see what’s out here when it comes to Black manhood. A second generation of Boys are growing up without their fathers. And without the guidance of a Real Man, they’re growing up to become soft, effeminate, and WEAK thinking they were made to please women instead of understanding women were made by God to support them. .

And on the course we’re on with Single mothers raising boys in their emasculating, woman pleasing dysfunctional way of thinking, Black men will be 90 percent Homosexual by the next two generations. And the Black race EXTINCT in 50 to 100 years.

All while the Simps and Manginas twiddle their thumbs. Or act like there isn’t a crisis going on regarding manhood and masculinity. Because they think pandering to women will get them more pussy.

Not understanding that women outnumber me n 4 to 1. I learned that way back in 1991 by reading the newspaper. Way back before Tariq Nasheed even self-published his first book The Art of Mackin.

That’s right. Shawn has been a man going his own way before it was called MGTOW. Because MGTOW to me is just a man going God’s way.

I’ve been writing more about Men’s issues recently because God told me to. He sees His leaders, men becoming more and more marginalized in a Matriarchal society that’s bordering on anarchy. And He sees society led by women becoming more and more chaotic and dysfunctional with each passing day. If I or any of the men I’ve mentioned can wake up men or women and get them to understand how men and women in America are outside the order of God, then I’ve done my job.

If anything I’ve written in this blog offends you, it’s because it’s making you think. And being the sheeple that you are, you hate to use that head of yours for anything but a hatrack. You don’t need any asprin for that headache, once you get used to using your brain for thinking, the pain will subside.

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