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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Thetas Now Available Exclusively On Kindle! Read the FIRST CHAPTER HERE!

My  Seventh Novel and tenth book, The Thetas is now Avaliable exclusively on Kindle for the Summer! This positive Young Adult Novel will inspire and entertain you!

Nineteen-year-old rich socialite Colleen Anderson has just completed her sophomore year at New York University. On the last day of the semester she receives a mysterious letter on fancy salmon colored stationery with only three Greek letters on it. It’s a letter that will change her life and redefine the woman she’ll become.

Chapter 1

What do I want to do with my life?
I’ve been asked that question a lot these past couple of weeks. I can’t say I have an answer just yet. I’ve just been trying to get through the semester.
Two years into my undergrad stint here at New York University and I still haven’t picked a major. I’ve been having too much fun exploring African–American history and women’s studies in between calculus, economics, and core classes. And as much as I enjoy learning about the history of Black womanhood, I know I’ve got to get serious about what I want to do with the rest of my life sooner rather than later–
My train of thought is broken as the elevator stops on the third floor. I head down the Berber carpeted corridor into a madhouse. With the spring semester over, everyone is packing up and going home for the summer. Kids are boxing up their stuff and carting it out of here as far as Japan. I only need to get my backpack and I’m outta here.
I crack open the door to suite #3C to find my former roommate Meghan stuffing her duffle bag with the remainder of her belongings. The tall slender blonde peach–skinned girl dressed in an orange T–shirt and faded out jeans catches my eyes and smiles at me as I enter our former living space.
“Hey Colleen, I thought the movers cleared you out of here last night.” Meghan greets.
“They left my backpack.” I say grabbing the leather book bag off the chair next to my former desk.
Meghan reaches over to grab an envelope on her desk. “Oh– this came for you.” Hand delivered personally.” She says handing me an envelope.
I examine the salmon colored envelope. The stationery is really fancy cotton paper with a pebbled texture. No return address, just three one Greek letter on the front inside of a gold leaf border. If my sixth grade understanding of the Grecian alphabet is right, this letter is Theta.
“I didn’t know you were pledging.” Meghan inquires.
I didn’t know I was pledging either. “I don’t even remember a Theta house on the NYU campus.” I reply. “I never saw this symbol up on the signup sheets on any of the boards.”
“With all those women’s studies and women’s history classes you’re taking you don’t seem like the Sorority type.”
I’m not. Personally I find sororities sexist and demeaning. The female equivalent of an all–boys club that helps keep things separate and unequal. But I’ll give Meg the official Colleen Anderson answer for everything college related. “It’s not my thing, but I’ve got to keep my options open. Can you tell me who gave you this?”
Meghan searches her memory. “Er…These two black girls. All I can remember about them is they were really dressed up. I mean really put together. Designer suits, heels. Gucci bags and Church hats. Their clothes look like they cost a year’s worth of tuition here.”
Conjuring up an image in my head of these girls I’m imagining the type of well–spoken sophisticates who emphasize their –ings and –angs when they speak. Chocolate covered Barbie dolls. What would they want with me?
“I never thought sororities recruited people. I thought you had to sign up.”
“I thought you had to sign up too.” I say. “Not that I would.”
“So what are you doing for the summer?” Meghan inquires.
“I don’t know Meg I, might just take it easy. All the work I put in this year, all I want to do is sleep.”
“Knowing you, you’re probably gonna head up to Martha’s Vineyard or something and lay in the sun. Isn’t that what families like yours do during the summer?”
We were having such a great conversation. Then she had to bring in the stereotypes. I’ll let it slide because she’s a little more enlightened than some of the other White people I’ve experienced on campus. “I might just stay here in the city Meg. There’s so much to do here.”
“Man, I wish I was rich like you are. I’d get an apartment right here in The Village and go see everything. Unfortunately, I’ve got get back to a summer job in North Carolina.”
“What are you going to be doing?”
“Learning the ins and outs of telecommunications in a customer service environment.”
“You’re working in a call center.”
“Experience is experience. And $10 an hour is pretty good money compared to what I was making here on workstudy.”
I extend my hand. “Good Luck Meg.” Hope I see you next year.”
“It’s been nice sharing a room with you Colleen.” Meghan says shaking my hand. “Maybe we can do it again next year.”
“I definitely would love to do it again Meg.”
I sling my backpack over my shoulder and head out of my former dorm. The sooner I get back to the penthouse, the sooner I can start solving the mystery of the salmon colored envelope with the Greek letter on it. 

You can buy a copy of The Thetas for your Kindle NOW! 

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