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Monday, May 27, 2013

Why Shawn doesn’t like taking the bus.

 Back in the 1980s, when I was a kid, taking the bus was something I didn’t mind doing. Even though all I saw on most of my trips were burnt down buildings and abandoned lots here in the South Bronx most adults still acted in a civil manner. You could usually get from point A to point B without incident.

Nowadays it’s one of the things I dread doing in gentrified New York City.

Why? I never know what to expect when taking a bus here in New York City. On an everyday trip Negroes and Hoodrats can be found arguing on the bus, fighting on the bus and farebeating by jumping on the bus through the back door. Hell, I’ve even seen people even take drugs on the bus.

There are certain bus routes I now try to avoid these days due to all of the ignorant and downright dangerous behavior transpiring on them. I’d rather walk than take a ride on the Bx15, the Bx32 or even the BX1 or BX2 bus routes because of the chances of some ghetto ass ignant Negro or Hoodrat starting some drama or acting out are usually extremely high.

Again, sometimes it’s just more peaceful for me to just walk to where I’m going. If I have to take certain routes I do my best to find an alternate route or just avoid public transportation period.

And the phenomenon of Black people acting out on the bus isn’t just exclusive here to New York. On YouTube Videos I’ve seen Negroes and Hoodrats acting out on the bus in Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta Houston, Memphis, and as far away as Los Angeles.

Somewhere Rosa Parks looks down from Heaven and shakes her head in disgust at her people.

Sixty years ago Negroes had to ride the back of the bus under Jim Crow. Sometimes they paid and didn’t even get to ride. A White racist bus driver would pull off as soon as they walked to the back to board. And there was nothing they could do about it but pick up their bags and walk all the way home.

But today now that Black people have the right to ride on any part of the bus that we want, we’re loud, ignorant, and obnoxious during our bus trips. We’re fighting, arguing, and smoking weed and taking heroin. I’ve witnessed Three generations of Black women (Grandmother, mother and daughter) farebeat by getting on the bus through the back door. Spitting in the face of all those everyday people who participated in the Civil Rights movement and fought so that Black people could have the dignity of being able to do something as simple as ride a bus in peace and get from point A to Point B without incident.

Brothers and Sisters, Too many people marched, fought, and died so you could have the right to ride public transportation. When you’re getting loud and disrupting people’s rides, arguing with other passengers and getting into fights with them, you dishonor their memory and their legacy. People like Rosa Parks didn’t go to jail so women like Sha’dia Lane could get in fights with Bus drivers like Artis Hughes. Stop acting like a bunch of ignorant niggers on public transportation and show them some respect. 

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