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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not all Sex is good Sex

Not all Sex is good sex.

Most Real men like Shawn know this fact. Most foreign men know this fact.

But in America men are raised to believe that all sex is good. And they’re socialized to believe they should take whatever pussy that’s offered to them from women and appreciate it.

No matter how beat up it is. No matter how worn out it is. No matter how dirty and diseased it is. And no matter what type of woman it’s attached to.

Thanks to the false teachings of Madison Avenue and Hollywood, many men think that a woman’s vagina is a rare and precious commodity more valuable than gold and diamonds. And because they believe this lie, whenever any woman offers them a chance to have sex with them, they believe they have to take it.

Instead of saying no.

Again, not all sex is good sex. Because sex with the wrong woman can ruin a man’s life.

How can bad sex ruin a man’s life? Bad sex can ruin a man’s life by taking away his personal power. When a man says yes to bad sex, all he’s doing is sending a message to a woman that her vagina is worth more than intangibles like his dignity and his self-respect.
When a man says yes to bad sex all he’s doing is telling a woman that she can use her pussy as a tool manipulate and control him. The man who takes bad sex from a woman gives her the leverage and the upper hand in the relationship. That’s power she’ll make sure a man never takes back over himself.

Men, it’s okay to say no to bad sex. I dare to say it’s better for a man to masturbate than put his penis in the vagina connected to the wrong woman.

Most men need to understand being born with a vagina between her legs doesn’t give woman license to be a horrible human being from the neck up. No man should have to tolerate all sorts of disrespect and abuse just to get that rare chance to have sex with her.

Most American men don’t understand that that they can do better than sticking their dick in any old vagina. That they can have better sex. And that things are actually in his favor when it comes to choosing a woman for a sexual partner.

The man who controls his dick can get more pussy from a dozen women than the man who is being controlled by his dick by one woman. A man who has his personal power and intangibles intact will attract the attention of the women around him because he radiates more confidence.

What most American men don’t understand is that women outnumber men in the United States. In fact there are four women for every one man on average. In some areas there are seven to ten women for every one man!

So a man doesn’t have to settle for less when it comes to sex.

There are numerous opportunities for a man to have sex every day. Only he doesn’t capitalize on them. Why? Because he doesn’t see them. And because he’s afraid of hearing the word no.

Because most men are afraid of getting rejected by other women, they often stay in a toxic relationship with a dysfunctional woman settling for bad sex. Begging that one woman for an opportunity to have sex. Giving her leverage and power in the relationship. Allowing themselves to be controlled by her vagina.

Not understanding that either which way he loses. And that it’s better to be alone hearing no from a hundred women than begging and pleading the one he knows to say yes to him. The time he wastes begging her for sex with her is about the same he’d take to ask that hundred women.

Sure a man may get a lot of heat for turning a woman down when she offers him pussy. He may have to deal with shaming language and ad-hominem insults like being called gay in the short term but in the long term he gets his peace of mind. He keeps his personal power.

Plus he gets the opportunity to pursue other women. Women who are more compatible with him. Women who would be willing to give him good sex. Again, there are more than a dozen opportunities to meet women every day. All a man has to do is start taking advantage of those opportunities to have a happier, healthier, sex life. A chance to have good sex with women who will be willing to share themselves freely with him. Women who will want him as much as he wants her. Women who will enjoy sharing the positive energy of a great sexual experience.

Men, you deserve a sexual experience where you can not only a physical connection, but a spiritual, mental and emotional one too. Don’t settle for less when it comes to sex.


  1. serious question: do you ever address your homosexuality on this blog??

  2. Wow. Someone is immature.

    I'm a heterosexual Black man with a love for women. And I'm more comfortable with my sexuality as a man than you are.

    Why don't we address your homosexuality? It looks like you're projecting.

  3. I am a proud homosexual...please release yourself from the glass closet u are hiding in.

  4. Sorry, I only get boners from looking at chicks. Not into the dick dude...