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Sunday, March 10, 2013

When a Woman says She Wants a Good Man…

Women often lament that they can’t find a “good man”. Many get on news programs and talk shows, complaining and whining about an alleged shortage of eligible men.

What most men don’t understand is that most women are lying through their teeth.

The truth is most women don’t want a good man.

Another truth is that most women lie. And the most dangerous lies they tell are to themselves. That’s how they convince themselves that the things they say are true. And it’s also how they con men into believing they’re sincere even though they’re being dishonest.

When women say they want a good man they don’t actually mean they want a man of honor, integrity and character. Whenever women run into this man, a Real Man they head for the hills.

Why? Because a true man of character, a Real Man has standards. He will require the women he involves himself with meet a standard of excellence. He will demand that she step up her game and support him in the relationship and pull her own weight. And most importantly, he will hold her accountable for her actions and her behavior.

When women bemoan the fact that they can’t find a good man, they’re not looking for a Real man. No, they’re just trying to bait the hook for more suckers to take advantage of. Guys who will run up to her eager to show her how “good” they are.

It’s something they’ll never be able to prove.

What most men don’t understand is when a woman says she wants a good man, what she really wants is a SIMP, a weak submissive man with fat wallet, no values, and no standards. Someone she can turn the tables on. Someone she can get leverage over. Someone she can control.

The statement that there are “no good men out there” is a con. It’s a way to trick men into the Paradox argument. And in the paradox argument a man can never win.

Because a man is trying to meet the woman’s standard of “good”. And her standard of what a good man is something that’s constantly changing.

Real men know trying to meet a woman’s standard of “good” is ridiculous. They know it’s not their job to make someone happy. That they can’t please someone else.

Especially someone who has no idea of what Real men and Real Women are.

The women who complain about looking for a “good” man and not being able to find one usually are dysfunctional. They come from single parent homes, broken homes, or homes that are filled with abuse, violence and chaos.

These women have never had anything to measure a man by outside of the exaggerated images of Madison Avenue and Hollywood.

They’ve never seen a Real man in action or seen True Manhood modeled for them. So they have no idea of what character traits to look for in a Real man that are the good qualities of a man that are marriage material.

So why do they want a SIMP? Easy. A Simp has no standards. He buys into the fantasies of Madison Avenue and Hollywood regarding women. He’s so mesmerized by superficial things like looks and hair that he glosses over more important things like character and integrity. He’s the kind of guy who will settle for less. He won’t ask her to pull her own weight. And he’ll never ask her to take any form of responsibility for her behavior or actions.

Because in his eyes all women are sweet, innocent, pure and can do absolutely no wrong.

Simps will tolerate all sorts of disrespect and abuse. Which is why women see them as good. Good for them to get away with their bad behavior.

Brothers, understand there is no such thing as a “good” man. Every human being has “good” and bad in them. When a woman says she wants a “good” man she’s just up to no good. The whining about not finding a good man is just a way for her to trick thirsty Simps into falling into her paradox trap. Don’t fall for the game.


  1. That was another great detailed written post Shawn, I love what your doing dropping serious knowledge on the ways of these weak minded simps,manginas and trick decieving women. Ive been taking heed on applying that knowledge on avoiding the characteristics of the captain save a hoe, thirsty ass simp and mangina. Thanks again for dropping insight on everything under the sun regarding the brothas.

  2. Thanks for reading Michael. I write these blogs to help brothers become better men and help them get themselves right. If the man leads, the women will follow.

    This summer I'll be publishing an eBook on Manginas and all their traits.

  3. Ive been following your blogs sometime last year around september and will continue following and support what you are doing. With continuing following great insight I am going to continue on avoid those shameless pitfalls of those weakminded traits. Thanks again Shawn for what you are doing. Corresponding from California.