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Monday, March 18, 2013

Avoiding the Trick Bag at the Workplace

When I was working at the a College Library back in 2008, one of my co-workers approached me about overtime. She walked up to me saying “Shawn, I can’t work all these hours.” in a cutesy tone.

My instincts told me something was wrong by the way she approached me about the overtime. And I was on the money. A few years later as I was getting schooled on game, I realized this chick was trying to put me in the trick bag.

What is the trick bag? “It’s a place where women try to set guys up for a disaster. Guys who try to help these women think they’re doing some good deed for this woman, but they have no idea it’s going to eventually lead to them getting jammed up on the job.

What dudes in the trick bag don’t know are that this woman doesn’t like them. And she’s looking for a way to flip the game on them and get them fired.

Me being smart about the situation, I didn’t budge from my position. I told my co-worker I couldn’t work overtime. Why? Because I knew it was a trap. 90 days into a new job I knew something was up by the way she asked me that question in such a flirtatious manner. I was smart enough to know ain’t no woman I barely knew was gonna approach me like that out of nowhere. We weren’t friends for her to come at me all cutesy.

Now in the later weeks she tried to have co-worker friends of hers from other departments come at me with shaming language talking about how I’d be disrupting her life. But I saw through the bullshit and stayed firm to my position. I knew it was a set-up. And If I deferred I’d be the one to lose my position not only as an employee in the workplace, but as a man.

Having worked on several other jobs, I knew the difference between professionalism and someone running a game on me. If this woman were professional she would have approached me differently. She would have come at me talking about how things related to the company. Not in some cutesy tone trying to be flirtatious.

I knew when she said “I can’t work all these hours,” She was trying to bait me into donning my cape and playing Captain-Save-A-Hoe. And If I had reacted that way, she would have seen me as a weak man she could easily manipulate and control. Someone she could drop into the Trick Bag.

Instead she got pissed off when I said no. And I just didn’t give a shit.

Guys who are Simps and Tricks are the type to respond to bait language like this with an offer of help. They have no idea that they’re being baited into a dangerous situation by a predatory female.

Chicks who put dudes in the Trick bag at work are looking for a way to set them up to get fired. Usually these women are mediocre workers like hoodrats with minimal talent and no real skills outside of their big breasts or loud mouths. These chicks feel threatened by any man who has talent and potential they know will eventually surpass them in the workplace. And they know if this guy gets ahead of them, they’ll be the one that’ll be fired and replaced with someone with some actual talent and skills.

So whenever they see an intelligent hardworking educated man in the workplace who has his shit together they’re looking for a way to eliminate the competition in the workplace. So they try to use their feminine wiles to con an unsuspecting dude into getting involved with her on a personal level at work.

The hope is that a dude will cross his personal and professional boundaries and get stupid enough with her to make some sort of comment she’ll find “offensive” or make a sexual advance on them so they’ll say they were sexually harassed. Then they’ll run off to their supervisors painting a man as the villain and themselves as the victim.

And the Manginas in management and Human Resources will take their story for truth. Which leads to a man getting fired.

Now many a Simp or a Trick will fall for the games of a woman trying to put them in a trick bag. And they’ll lose their job. But Real Men like myself see through the bullshit and know something is up. Again, women who step to a man in cutesy and playful ways trying to play “sweet and innocent” aren’t these women in peril that need to be rescued out of a jam. They’re looking for a way to get leverage over a man in the workplace and find a way to eliminate the competition.

A Real Man maintains professional distance with women in the workplace. He keeps it all about work with co-workers, especially female ones. While most of the women he works with will be professional, a Real Man knows there are some he needs to keep his distance from. And these are women at work are looking for a way to get a guy jammed up on a sexual harassment charge so they can get paid on a lawsuit or keep themselves in a dead-end job.

A Real man listens to what a woman says and watches her actions. And whenever a woman tries to cross that imaginary line, he checks her. Because he knows any woman who tries to cross that line is usually someone who is trying to put a dude in the Trick Bag and destroy his way of making a living for himself.

Brothers, you have to keep your eyes open when it comes to women in the workplace. Not every pretty face you come up on the job is friendly. Some of these women are smiling in your face and are working on a way to take your place. Catch the knife before they use it to stab you in the back. Don’t let these women put you in the Trick Bag.


  1. Once again Shawn you drop another straightforward blog regarding the ills of the decieving tactics these women play. I appreciate you dropping smart jewels of wisdom under the sun to us brothas. Thanks again Shawn.

  2. Tariq Nasheed has taught tour well

  3. Tariq Nasheed taught me nothing. Learned all this growing up. Maybe instead of criticizing you should sit down and LEARN something.

  4. women in general are manipulative

    they do things that are like really disgusting

    like as a man if i don't like you i don't like you.. we both know it and we coexist

    women on the other hand, act nice and draw you in then they do something really mean and when you say "why did you do that!?" they find a way to make it seem like they didn't do anything and you just imagined it

    this is why i keep women at arm's length as well

    they just aren't what they seem

    they seem nice and professional but they are quietly psychotic a lot of times

    this is not me bashing women either, i am just speaking from experience