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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Manginas at work

When men go to work things get done. But when Manginas go to work, chaos ensues.
The Mangina is by nature dysfunctional. And when he comes into the workplace he brings all of his baggage to the office. Employees often have to walk on eggshells having to move around his numerous personal emotional suitcases.

A workplace with a Mangina in charge is often a tense place. Workers under his supervision often have no morale, and most dread coming to work every day. Turnover is high in Mangina run workplaces as workers start their jobs enthusiastic but resign a few months later demoralized by his numerous hidden contracts, lies, excuses, deflections, shaming tactics, and blame games as he makes them take responsibility for his ineffective and incompetent leadership.

In most businesses the buck stops with the boss. He or she usually takes responsibility for whatever happens good or bad. But in a business run by a Mangina it stops with…No one. A business managed by a Mangina is like a rudderless ship. Floating around lost with no direction and no focus on a course to crash and burn wherever it hits.

Manginas hate conflict. And to avoid conflict, whenever they’re given any form of responsibility they abdicate power. Usually to his assistant which is usually a female co-worker. This poor woman is often burdened with the unfair responsibility of having to make all the decisions for this coward. When things go wrong in the workplace he just blames her.

And when things go wrong with his supervisors, he plays the blame game too. Refusing to take responsibility for any of his own mistakes he always blames a co-worker or a subordinate. And usually to sate his bruised ego regarding his own mediocre work ethic and ineffectiveness he usually quits his job. If he’s a manager, he often fires some poor fellow who works for him. Because females in his eyes can do no wrong. Even if they’re driving a business out of business.

Thanks to his abdication of power and refusal to deal with conflict, productivity in workplaces run by a Mangina often grinds to a halt. As employees from different departments have to navigate around his emotional baggage and mood swings it becomes next to impossible to get the simplest tasks done.

Because he hates being confronted by others, Manginas often create an unofficial bureaucratic hierarchy or
hierarchies to shield himself from having to take any responsibility for anything whatsoever. He’s the kind of coward to give an administrative assistant the title of editor or assistant manager and delegate all of his responsibilities onto her. And then when things go wrong, blame them for all the mistakes. When they confront him telling them they’re just an assistant and not a seasoned manager he fires them saying it’s all their fault. When he was the one responsible for the mess in the first place by placing an inexperienced person in charge of work he was supposed to do.

The Mangina is the kind of person to hide in an office all day and avoid all social interaction with his co-workers. He comes in extra early to avoid saying good morning to others. And leaves late to avoid saying good night.

Any workplace communication he needs to do is usually done by the female assistant he puts in charge. He usually sends this woman to do his dirty work and parrot the orders he wants delegated to co-workers. In some ways this woman is like the single mother who raised him, a caretaker who smoothes over all his workplace problems and keeps him from dealing with the responsibilities delegated to him.

Mangina managers can never go face-to face with anyone in the workplace. They hide behind rules and regulations. They hide behind co-workers. They even hide behind other managers. And when that doesn’t work, they call out sick. In some extreme cases they just resign their positions. For them dealing with conflict is worse than death.

And that’s what makes Manginas highly ineffective employees. Their fear of confronting issues in the workplace is what prevents problems from being solved. In some positions, that indecisiveness is downright dangerous. Jobs in fields like law enforcement, emergency services, and healthcare require people who can make decisions quickly. Moreover, they require people with the integrity and courage to stand by their actions. Having a leader who abdicates power and avoids conflict like a Mangina can get someone killed in these fields.

Conflict is a part of any workplace. And there’s no way to avoid it. As people disagree, they come to a consensus on how to solve problems. The compromises they make eventually leads to them making decisions that benefit all the employees there. Avoiding these decisions only leads to exacerbating the problems and making them worse. Jobs require a Man at work, not a Mangina avoiding it.

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